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What It's Like to Be Called By the Morrigan: Celtic Faery Goddess

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This is a blog post on what it's liked to be called by the Morrigan: Celtic faery goddess! The Morrigan, as she is called, is a triplicity of goddesses that are shapeshifters, warrior goddesses, and dark goddesses of Celtic lore and legend.

I'm going to leave a lot of the lore and legend of the dark goddess Morrigan in the history books for you to do research on. One of the first things I learned about Celtic Goddess Morrigan is that she is comprised of three different goddesses who also happen to have the maiden, mother, and crone (wise woman) roles. Doing historic research is a huge part of working with the Morrigan.

One of the first places you should start is by researching her name. Learn all about the three goddesses that the Morrigan is comprised of. You may find like I did, that some of your first impressions of The Morrigan Goddess are on target.

For example, some people feel connected to the Goddess Morrigan through Anu which is Danu, also known as Dana, the Queen of the leprechauns. They are two goddesses that merged into one identity at some point in the story.

Then, there is Macha, who I've come to know as Goddess Morgan Le Fay. This was after much research and historical insights and references. I'm convinced by now that they are one and the same.

Dark goddess Badb of the Morrigan came to me as a redhaired banshee warrior goddess with pale skin. She kept screaming in the background as I let the goddesses come to me through meditation. They each took turns at the forefront of my mind.

All of this to say that Goddess Badb came to me as herself. I didn't feel a connection with her and another associated goddess. This doesn't mean down the road that couldn't change, but as of right now she wanted me to know her in pure, raw banshee form.

I've been called by The Morrigan and I knew at once this connection would be different from any other goddess I may have worked with previously. For one thing, she's three goddesses in one with a dark triple goddess hidden up her sleeve!

There are many schools of thought on who the Morrigan goddess is in all her many different forms. She makes up a goddess-head. It is considered quite an honor to be called upon by the Celtic war goddess who fought in battle alongside her favorite warriors.

When Goddess Morrigan calls upon you, it means something important is about to happen to you. I've come to know that the Morrigan comes to you when she feels it's time to step into your power and become a sovereign human being. It's time for you to wear your crown when the Morrigan goddess shows up for you.

When Morrigan shows up, it turns out that it's really about you. She will push you outside your comfort zone and encourage you to muster up inner strength. She will turn your world inside and out and shapeshift you into a brand-new being of unlimited potential and love and light.

So, let's talk about what it's like to be called by the Morrigan. How do you know you've been called by her? What are the signs that Goddess Morrigan lays out for you to let you know she is calling on you?

What It's Liked to Be Called By the Morrigan: Celtic Faery Goddess

When Goddess Morrigan showed up in my life, it was a little at a time. There were signs and tension building up to her appearance and then one day, boom! There she was, standing before me, in all her glory.

What can I say, she just kept showing up everywhere! I started seeing the Morrigan name and connotations everywhere I went. I started seeing and speaking about crows a lot, which are her animal totem.

I don't know about you, but crows aren't part of my everyday conversations, yet somehow they'd end up in my stories. I've always considered crows to be a spiritual animal and a totem of death and rebirth and transformation.

For me, it all started with a book. I opened my Kindle, which hadn't been opened for some time, and saw a book called, Pagan Portals - The Morrigan: Meeting the Great Queens on the cover. I knew in that instant what I must do. Not only did I purchase the book (huge fan of Morgan Daimler), but I also began my studies on the world and magic centering around Goddess Morrigan.

I began purchasing more books on the phantom queen so that I could do more research on her. I immediately headed to the forest for a nature walk to clear my head so I could speak with her.

I knew an honest approach would work best with her. I wore my heart on my sleeve that day and told her everything about myself, including my deepest, darkest secrets that I wouldn't want anyone else to know.

In addition to that, I asked her if she would allow me to build a relationship with her and get to know her better. She came to me through the goddess-head that I mentioned at the beginning of this article. She showed me all of the many different sides of herself. She shared her secrets, yet so many things remain a mystery.

Part of working with Morrigan is showing up every single day. I write a letter to the universe almost every morning to The Morrigan. If I have to skip, I will talk to her in my head as I drift off to sleep or save our conversations for a walk in the forest.

Another thing I try to do is show up in spirit and in meditation. She often shows up to hang with me while I'm practicing my yoga poses in the morning and as I end it with a meditation.

I keep asking Goddess Morrigan what she wants from me and how I can be of service to her and so far, her mission for me is to become a sovereign being. She's wanting me to learn how to be brave and courageous enough to step into my power and thus far, it's been a painful experience.

The Morrigan is with me when I wake up in the morning and she stays with me as my head hits the pillow every night. She feels like this quiet, graceful force in my life that watches over me, waiting for the perfect moment to school me.

When the Goddess Morrigan shows up, it can often be a warning sign of death. Remember the crow imagery I spoke of earlier? Crows often foretell death, destruction, and transformation. They are an intermediate connection to the underworld.

In my case, the screaming banshee (Goddess Badb) and the crows were meant to also act as a warning of the upcoming death of my high school best friend Sarah. Last Monday, I found out Sarah had committed suicide the night before.

When you really think about it, it makes sense. Sometimes, life can feel like a battlefield, and Sarah taking her own life was a warning for me to align myself with my passion, meaning, and purpose in life. This is something I've struggled with recently after a tough year of feeling left in the dark about so many things.

The Morrigan brought me a large measure of comfort in Sarah's death. Even though I'm devastated and I feel as though I've lost a piece of my heart, I can see clearly now that she's in a place of peace and tranquility. I can take comfort in knowing that she's finally at peace within herself, though I still wish she was here.

So, it's important to note that when The Morrigan shows up, it's a very big deal! Goddess Morrigan doesn't mess around. She's a dark Celtic goddess who knows what she wants and who she wants to work with.

She's not the type of Goddess to dispense favors left and right unless you keep a regular daily practice with her. Even then, you have to continue building trust with her. She is not a quick solution to your problems, but when she gets through with you, I guarantee your life will be better for it!

The Goddess Morrigan is like the gray area in life. She's not all good or bad. She's somewhere in between, where the enchanted fairies live in foggy bogs and Celtic sunrises. That's where you'll find her essence and spirit.

I asked Goddess Morrigan if she would be okay if I shared my dedication to Sarah here. I already shared it with my newsletter subscribers in my New Moon in Capricorn intuitive reading. Her answer was a resounding yes! Thanks, Goddess Morrigan! xoxo

In Loving Memory of Sarah

I would like to dedicate this new moon intuitive reading to my high school best friend Sarah. Yesterday, I found out the shocking news that she committed suicide the night before. I am still reeling from the shock of it.

She was only 42-years old and had three daughters (Just like me) and a bunch of beautiful grandbabies (Just like me) and one on the way! So many people loved her and cared about her. She will be missed immensely and will always be in our hearts.

I spent last night listening to her favorite songs back in the day! I still remember us riding around listening to Gin Blossoms and Pearl Jam and crying over boys. We kept in touch all these years but after the passing of my grandson a few years ago, we fell out of touch.

She was a forever friend and believe me, those are hard to find. Hold onto the people you love with all your heart and make this year about your personal relationships with the people you love.

Reach out to someone you've been thinking of. I thought about calling Sarah so many times, but with my own depression and anxiety problems, I kept putting it off. Now, it's too late.

I feel like a piece of my heart is missing right now, but I wanted to honor her in some small way. She was someone who saw me at my worst and accepted me for who I am, no matter how much I changed and transformed throughout the years.

If you find someone like that, hold onto them! We need more rare unicorns like Sarah in the world, don't you think? Be the rare unicorn you wish to see in the world, friends.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
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