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Why Imbolc is One of My Favorite Witchy Holidays (Celebration of Saint Bridget)

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This is a blog post on why Imbolc is one of my favorite witchy holidays and the celebration of Saint Bridget! Happy Imbolc, everyone. This is a time of doing shadow work, going into hermit-mode, and ringing in springtime!

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Along with the springtime holiday Ostara, Imbolc has quickly become one of my favorite holidays as a solitary green witch!  It's a time to say hello to spring, deep dive into unfathomable things, and turn a new page on a fresh start.  Plus, it's fun!

 I usually spend the day doing something solo, such as crafting herbal spells, journaling, daydreaming, and giving myself fun tarot readings to take a look at the month ahead.  It's a day where I can be myself, alone with Saint Brigid!

Imbolc is the celebration of Saint Bridget, a triple goddess (mother, maiden, crone) from Kildaire, Ireland who also happened to be a saint.  She's a Celtic triple goddess who packs a punch!

Saint Bridget can easily be compared to the fiercely protective energy of that of Archangel Michael, who also happens to be a saint himself.  Both Archangel Michael and Saint Brigid are fast-acting and have purifying energy that is like a burning hot fire building within you!

It's not uncommon to feel the heat when working with Saint Bridget, as she is like the female counterpart to Archangel Michael and his fast-acting energy!  They are both someone you can call on quickly and expect fast results!

Working with Goddess Bridget is like building a fireplace in your home!  She really knows how to stoke the fire within you with a burning hot passion.  Much like the fire element energy, she literally purifies things and burns things off.  It really is a great time to start fresh!

I love working with Imbolc because it signals new beginnings and springtime!  Even though autumn has a magical place in my heart, I've always had a love affair with spring.  I once described it to my daughter as a time of walking through garden archways with caterpillars and butterflies to help you follow your path.

I think by the time Imbolc rolls around every February 1st, we have cleared a path.  The beginning of every new year is all about clearing out the energy of the previous year and coming to terms with it.  

We've already undergone our ambitious phase of implementing new year's resolutions and have settled into a groove.  Imbolc is here to remind us where we're going next.  What secrets are hidden in the springtime flower bouquet for us?

It could be secret admirers and compliments from kind strangers.  Goddess Bridget is here to remind us to keep clearing the path and planting new seeds for tomorrow.  She tells us that tomorrow will be a better day and that our futures look bright, as bright as the sun.  

That, my dear friends, is why I love Imbolc so much.  It's a sacred holiday where I feel at home with myself and comfortable in my own skin.  There's a strong desire to do more and be more without applying pressure to it.  

My Imbolc rituals include writing a letter to the universe to Saint Bridget!  I connect with her energy and fiery heat instantly and my heart is instantly warmed.  

I'll be doing herbal spells throughout the day while listening to Celtic music in the background.  I'll plant seeds of promise for my future with Saint Brigid by making a list of things I want to manifest throughout this holiday season of life.

Goddess Bridget reminds me of new moon energy in a lot of ways!  She feels like a breath of fresh air on a spring day in the butterfly meadow.  She has a clean linen energy about her that is so purifying and magical.

I love Saint Bridget with all my heart.  Throughout the day, in little ways, I plan to let her know it.  It might be through a plant offering with budding flowers or by using my tiny cauldron by Altered Sage(named Eartha) to work a dedication spell with her.

Whatever today may bring, Imbolc is here to stay!  Celebrate this happy holiday with Saint Bridget by burning an herbal spell in your cauldron or planting a potted plant in honor of our favorite fiery goddess.  Happy Imbolc, friends!

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