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Working With Archangel Haniel For Moon Magic Rituals and Secret Moon Spells


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Working With Archangel Haniel For Moon Magic Rituals and Secret Moon Spells is a joyous experience meant to spark the glow within you.  That glow is ignited by the soft glow of the moon, which happens to be Archangel Haniel's wheelhouse as a moon angel!

The Archangel Haniel is most noted for being a moon angel and with the moon, comes healing energy that acts as a subtle body of magic within us, stirring us back to life.  If you find yourself waning on inspiration, Haniel is the moon angel you should connect with!

Haniel inspires you to great heights and rekindles the spark within you.  The archangel of full moon magic creates waves of inspiration in everything she does, including the people, plants, and animals she works with.  

There are times in our lives where it feels like maybe we have lost our divine spark and inspiration within.  As an angel of joy, Haniel will bring joy back into the things you love to do and are naturally good at.  

Haniel is the type of angel who knows how to make making money feel less like work and as natural to you as breathing!  The Archangel Haniel can also reach in and pull out all of your creative abilities, hidden talents, and secret pleasures.  

Most people don't realize that there are things they enjoy doing that can become lucrative careers, whether it be tarot reading or teaching yoga poses to children.  The things we eat, sleep, and breathe are often the things we put on the back burner, thinking that it's just a hobby we enjoy.  

Sometimes, that proves to be the case or perhaps the timing is off but other times, Haniel steps in to remind us that work can be free-flowing magical energy that is passionate enough to drive the career or business of our dreams.  But, there's more to Haniel than meets the eye!

Haniel is also a moon angel teeming with soft, receptive, feminine energy meant to bring out our softer side.  It's the side of us that turns into a poet at the drop of a hat and the glimpse of us that is hidden in mirrors and dark corners.  

We only need to look to Haniel for guidance to see our reflection on the surface of the water and in the face of the moon.  How can we best do that?  

By working with the magic of the moon and the lunar cycles, we can then become inspired to be the person we were always meant to be!  We will keep building on that image overtime by shifting and transforming things like a shapeshifter or The Morrigan.  

Every month and moon cycle, I work with Archangel Haniel to enhance my intuitive moon readings and full moon magic rituals!  The angel of the moon brings with her insights into the distinct personality of each moon phase that comes into fruition throughout the month.  

For more on intuitive moon readings, signup for my newsletter at the end of this blog post!  Moon and seasonal was the newsletter that really inspired the direction I wanted to take in my small business.  Now I write about moon magic and seasonal shifts and it's fun, innovative, and inspiring.  

This is because Haniel knows how to create a wellspring of inspiration within you!  If you feel blocked, unmotivated, or feel that you have lost your divine spark in some way, Haniel is your go-to angel friend.  Moon angel Haniel will be present with you as new sparks of inspiration come through in your work and creative endeavors.  

I can already tell that I am going to be working with angel Haniel during the next moon phase, which falls under the sign of studious and hardworking Capricorn.  Stay tuned for my upcoming new moon in Capricorn reading on January 12th-13th, depending on where you live!

Working With Archangel Haniel For Moon Magic Rituals and Secret Moon Spells

If you feel drawn to working with the phases of the moon, working with Archangel Haniel can only work to boost that experience!  Call on Haniel when you feel a particular intuitive nudge to work with a specific moon or use lunar magic monthly.  

For full moon rituals, it is likely that the angel Haniel might ask you to release something into the universe.  Sometimes, Haniel will act as a conduit between yourself and a specific moon, so that you may meet with the moon goddess who lives and dwells within.  

For example, last month, I worked with the full moon in Cancer cold moon and met the goddess within.  It was fun getting to know the Cancerian moon mother on a deeper plane of existence!  This was all brought about with a helping hand from the sweetest angel of them all.

Haniel, much like Archangel Chamuel, often speaks to you through your thoughts, feelings, and intuition.  The messages might come to you in a subtle way, like a subtle body of magic, but it will always be profound and realistic to what you are trying to achieve.  

For new moon rituals and new moon magic, Archangel Haniel might help you to create a spell out of your list of intentions or things you'd like to manifest.  Let's say that one of the things on your list is to manifest a specific person, Haniel will assist you in transforming your intention into an actual spell or grounding ritual that brings the magic of romance to life!

Finding a way to work with Haniel during each moon phase or planetary shift and alignment, may help you to tap into your intuitive abilities at a higher level!  She will speak to you through the voice of intuition and assist you in seeing or hearing things that you most likely would have missed otherwise!

Sweet Haniel will help you to trust in the universe, which is a large part of the work we do as spiritual people.  Trust can be the most difficult, challenging thing in the world if you feel like you don't have a hold on it.  Part of that trust is being able to trust and have faith in yourself.  

In large part, Haniel is the angel most commonly associated with the moon card in the tarot deck.  The Moon tarot card is known for mystery, confusion, illusions, and the subconscious mind.  Haniel helps bring repressed feelings to the surface during the moon phases so that they can be dealt with doing something called shadow work.  

Working with moonstone during the different moon cycles can really help you to adapt to the changes each moon mind-shift brings each month.  It will always be different and most months will be challenging in some way, but it's through those challenges we grow as a person.  

In addition to that, working with the moon card each month by doing a moon tarot reading is especially ambitious to what is coming for you in the moon monthly forecast!  To do a moon tarot reading, grab your moon card in the tarot deck and lay it front and center.  

Call on Archangel Haniel to enhance, oversee, and protect your reading with spiritual meanings and messages that resonate.  Keep one or two moonstones by your moon reading to amplify the power of the deep spiritual alignment.  

Then, pull surrounding cards to amplify the moon magic reading for you with ease and grace!  If you are asking about a specific moon, you might be sure to include that in your question to your spirit guides and guardian angels.  For moon readings, you'll want to have Haniel as a driving force behind the moon reading!

Then, use your intuition and the imagery of the tarot cards to guide your reading!  What will this moon bring?  Will there be new people coming into your life or new surprises to look forward to?  Will this moon be the right moon to work with Goddess Lakshmi for a large sum of money?

These are all things to think about as you move forward with your personal intuitive moon reading!  You can even pull the moon card during the moon shadow period to spend time getting to know her better and enhance your experience.  Keep moonstones under your pillow for prophetic dreams during full moons and new moon phases!

Some of my weirdest dreams have been during lunar eclipses and have left me reeling from the suppressed feelings emerging to the surface of my thoughts and feelings.  The moon surfaces things the way the high priestess would, no longer able to keep her secrets any longer.  

In a way, you'll be practicing mindfulness and a full moon detox and cleanse every lunar cycle!  The more you work with the moon, the more receptive her energy will become.  She will help you shed old skin and become new again, like a lunar moth on a full moon hike in mother nature!

Working with the lunar magic of Archangel Haniel will only bring more moon magic to life within you!  Haniel will illuminate the darkness and shed moonlight on it.  You need only to call on her through the moon cycles and phases of life!

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