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How to Be Lucky in Love With Goddess Fortuna

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 How to Be Lucky in Love With Goddess Fortuna!  Lady Luck has been known for placing two people in the right spot at the right time.  If you're single and looking for love, someone might become quite struck by you while working with the goddess of golden opportunities and chance meetings!

Fortuna is like the lepidolite crystal in the realm of luck!  She has a knack for creating settings where two people bump into each other and begin the process of falling in love.  In a way, she could almost be considered a cupid of sorts!

Working with Goddess Fortuna means being grounded in good luck energy!  If you ask her for help with your love life, she'll make you lucky in love.

This works even if you've had a string of bad luck in relationships.  Like the wheel of fortune card in the tarot deck, she'll turn your luck around!  She'll give you hope in a hopeless situation.

I mean, who doesn't feel a little lonely around the Valentine holiday when they're single?  With Lady Luck turning her favor upon you, you might be close to meeting someone new!  

You have to put yourself out there, even if only a little.  It's more about making yourself visible and known energetically speaking.  Take a walk in the park or head to the bookstore, really wherever your intuition is pulling you!

Fortuna speaks to you through your thoughts, feelings, and intuition.  You may just suddenly have an insight or a clear knowing to do something, and without thinking about it, you do it!

Maybe it leads somewhere, maybe it doesn't, but at least you're putting yourself out there!  It might be a good idea to wear an enchanted ribbon in your hair when you're out and about.  I wear a green one that comes from a green spool of ribbon enchanted by Fortuna Goddess!

What this does is attract people!  You can also create a tiny medicine bag filled with beauty and attraction herbs like damiana, basil, and cayenne pepper.  Add a lepidolite crystal to the bag and ask Goddess Fortuna to bless the bag with good luck and opportunities in love.  

Not only will this attract the attention of suitors everywhere, but the herbal bag will be like a map telling you where to turn!  Who knows?  Maybe you'll end up someplace good.

Lady Fortuna is really easy to connect with.  She's very good-natured and down-to-earth and grounded.  If you want to contact her make a good luck altar and dedicate it to her!

Take your good luck altar one step further by adding the element of romance to it!  Ask Fortuna to make you lucky in love and rich in suitors.  She'll answer to you by setting you up with opportunities for love so keep your eyes wide open to the possibilities!

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