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How to Work With Dandelion Wishing Magic + Dandelion Root Energy

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This is a blog post on how to work with dandelion wishing magic + dandelion root energy! Remember when you were a kid, making wishes on dandelions plucked from the earth? Well, it's time to get back to our dandelion roots!

Dandelions, as it were, are associated with fairies, wishing magick, and childhood nostalgia and innocence! They are great for divining the magic of the past and reenergizing our root chakra, commonly associated with our memories.

This means that working with dandelion roots is more about reconciling our pasts so that we may have a brighter future! Wherever there are dandelion herbs, there are fairies and the fey work actively to heal your inner child of any childhood wounds and trauma commonly associated with magical people.

Working with dandelion weed means working directly with that part of yourself that you may have locked away on your journey to becoming an adult. It's that part of you that is tangible and real and made of all good stuff.

It's the secret imagination of grounding your energy as you lay on the soft grass as a child, watching clouds take shape on a summer day. It's getting back to that simpler place in time when the magic was real and the intent was simple.

You can begin to work with dandelion root energy healing by spending time with this herbal weed in its natural habitat. I know, I for one, have them growing all over my little yard right now, as Florida has been tricked into thinking it's spring!

There's something really gentle about this herb, reminding you of the simpler pleasures in life. It has heavy six of cups tarot card vibes hidden within it. It's the kind of root often associated with herbal divination to go back in time and revisit our pasts.

It's weed magick used for dreaming of lands and faraway places in past lives we feel connected to. This makes dandelion the perfect herbal weed for astral traveling! Bring it with you on your astral journey for protection.

It's definitely the kind of root that makes you want to be a better person and return to your roots. This makes it an ideal herb for rootwork and root magick! You'll find yourself connecting to your past lives, ancestral heritage, and working with the spirits of people who lived long ago with graveyard magic

Working with dandelion root is more than just blowing the seeds off of a dandelion herb!  Wishing magic is something that you might enjoy as you progress on your journey into herbal witchcraft.

To wish for things is to have hope in something!  It's like when you wish upon a shooting star.  Wish magic is simply intending to wish for something you hope to have in your life.  It's simple!

You can do this by adding dandelion roots to your new moon spells!  We have another new moon coming up in a couple of days.  This means we're in new moon energy right now and it's the perfect time to manifest things into existence!

New moons are all about inviting new things into your life and asking them to stay.  Dandelion only works to enhance it even further!

To harness the energy of the new moon in Aquarius and dandelion root magic, make an herbal envelope spell with your intentions over the course of the moon cycle (28 days).  Try to keep it to down to the things that matter most to you in that timeframe.  

What kinds of things do you believe you can manifest in a complete moon phase?  Those are the things you need to write down and place in a pretty envelope filled with dandelion seeds and whatever natural materials you feel would intuitively enhance your spell.

Make a wish!  Open your envelope on the next new moon and find the secret surprise inside.  What wishes came true for you? 

Be sure to thank the goddess and the dandelion root you worked with!  I find that Morgan Le Fay pairs really well with dandelion root magical healing properties.  She's a magical high priestess with the power to reach into our past lives and work within the confines of our ancestral roots.  

In addition to that, you might enjoy working with the faerie folk for dandelion magick!  The fairies are very grounded and healing in their energy.  They have childlike magic and quality about them that reminds me of childhood magic.

Dandelion roots are at the heart of every wish that's ever been made!  It's a collection of wishes kept in a wishing jar up on a shelf in the brightest, sunniest room in the house.  Spend time with a dandelion today and make a wish and let it come true!

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