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How to Work With Two of Cups Tarot Card Energy

A white trellis in the butterfly garden of Hammock Park in Dunedin, Florida with purple trumpet flowers that speak of love, romance, and deep spiritual relationships

This is a blog post on how to work with two of cups tarot card energy! When this card shows up in a tarot reading, it often speaks of soulmate love and romance on a deeper, spiritual level. This proves to be especially true in love tarot readings where the querent is specifically asking if they will get involved with someone romantically, so let's look into that, shall we?

The two of cups is the kind of tarot card that singles everywhere hope to get! Sometimes, it can speak of a friendship with a soul connection where there are feelings that are unspoken.

When combined with the six of cups tarot card, it could mean a reunion with someone from your past, especially during Mercury in Retrograde! I've always felt that the six of cups have heavy mercury retrograde vibes which are only amplified when it shows up in combination with the two of cups energy.

When you combine the two of cups energy healing with the three of cups, you may have an active dating life! You may have friends around you who also happen to have feelings for you too. Take a look around your friendship group, is there someone you're overlooking?

What about two of cups as a standalone card? When two of cups pops out in a tarot reading, it means there will be a coming together between two people. Depending on the context of the reading, it could mean a new friendship or a romance blooming.

Be sure to look to surrounding cards to find your answer! If you are asking specifically about a friend, then that friend may have feelings for you. It could be friendship love or it could go deeper than that.

If you are asking about your romantic love life, then someone new is coming into view as a romantic potential! However, if you are asking about someone you're dating or a potential love interest, then you might be happy to know you are both on the same page!

Getting the two of cups in a love or friendship reading really speaks of reciprocated feelings, whether they be romantic or purely on a friendship level! This is a relationship that runs deep on feelings and emotions.

I've gotten the two of cups in readings on how my daughters feel about me. It means they feel a deep, soul connection to me and a mother-daughter bond that will stand the test of time throughout the ages!

Remember that soulmates can be anyone in your life that is meant to teach you lessons that you learn and grow from! That could be anything from love between a mother and her child to a modern-day fairytale romance. Always look to surrounding cards to see where this is headed for you or the person you are reading for.

Sometimes, the two of cups can be a card of reconciliation, and that's why it's important to keep in mind the context of the entire reading and the question in mind.  Again, with the six of cups, this could certainly be the case, but even as a standalone the twos can bring people together for healing, learning, and forgiveness.

If you're looking for love, look for signs of it in your reading, and as you go about your day afterward!  It's not uncommon to see two blue butterflies flying together in the forest or two birds on the same wire.  Nature has a way of sending us signs that we don't want to miss when it comes to love!

Two of cups and the ace of cups make a combination of brand-new love!  So, that's one card you can look out for in combination with the two of cups.  If you weave the cards together, they tell a story.  

The two of cups often tells a love story of medieval castles and faraway places that we can only hope to find in our hearts.  It's the kind of tarot card that gives one hope when it comes to love and signs to lead the way!

In general, the two's are about choices and duality.  It's about bringing our shadow side and our light side from out of hiding to work together as a team.  This is where twin flames and soulmates often come into play, depending on your belief systems about love and soul connections.  

With twin flame relationships, you might find yourself in a twin flame separation scenario, thus forcing you to focus all of your energies on yourself solely.  You'll be doing some intense shadow work on yourself, only to find you and your twin flame never reunite.  

This is because all soul connections mean taking a good, long look at yourself!  It's that duality that I was talking about.  Sometimes, someone is meant to be in our life for only a short time so that we can shift our focus to becoming our best selves.

It's about you at the end of the day, so be aware that the two of cups can sometimes show up to get us to integrate and work on ourselves.  That way, we can manifest the relationship we've always dreamed of by being clear on what we want.

With the two of cups, the love is mutual and the feelings are reciprocal.  This means both people are on the same page and feel the same way.  That's such a rare and beautiful thing!

How to Work With Two of Cups Tarot Card Energy

In order to work with the two of cups tarot card energy, one must dream up what they would really like in a relationship!  Try to go deeper if you can in lieu of surface-level qualities in a man you are looking for.  It's totally okay to have shallow things you'd like to have in a mate, but it's also important to deep dive into your psyche and find out what stimulates you in a connection.

Last year, I spent a lot of time focusing on someone who didn't deserve my time or attention.  It was probably the most painful relationship lesson I ever learned, but I eventually realized he was there to show me what I didn't want in a relationship.  

Look at the lessons you have learned in past relationships!  There are going to be some that have left a sour taste in your mouth, while others made you feel hopeful and romantic.  

It's important to focus solely on yourself while working with the two of cups energy healing!  This will force you to become the best possible version of yourself, where you will bloom and grow.  When that happens, you'll be ready for love when it comes your way!

It sounds annoying, but self-love and romantic love go together!  The two of cups card teaches us the importance of loving yourself first through the power of duality and integrating your dark self.  

To manifest a specific person or the kind of relationship you want, you really should spend some time alone with the two of cups card!  Really gaze into the tarot card with the eyes of love and feel its energy coming off of the card.  

What does it feel like?  I will often stare at my favorite two of cups tarot card based on the image and visualize hearts being sent to me through the card.  Then, I visualize me sending the same pink hearts back into the card, as it represents reciprocated love versus unrequited love or limerance.  

In addition to that, I place the two of cups on my love altar, which also happens to contain love crystals, lavender herb for eternal romance, and other romantic odds and ends.  This both activates the romance key in my life, as well as gives my love altar a magical boost of passion!

Even if you're married or already in a relationship, the two of cups will only work to make your relationship stronger!  It means there's a lot of love and support there to work with your partner.  You can keep it between the mattress of your marriage bed or in your bedroom to create a hot and sizzling romance with your husband or wife!

The two of cups is also a fabulous card to get when you are trying to learn how to love yourself again!  Sometimes, when people break up, it makes it hard to get back out into the dating world again.  

With two of cups by your side, it gives you the courage, passion, and strength to try again!  But first, she'll make you take a good, hard look at yourself and that's a good thing.  Self-adoration will make you feel more attractive and confident in yourself and people will notice!

Take the two of cups with you wherever you go throughout Valentine's day season!  She'll have you lining up romantic dates and manifesting a phone call or a text from a specific person you like in no time.  You just have to give in to your passion and desire!

If all else fails, the two of cups will act as the bard by getting you in the mood for romance!  This sends out signals to the universe that you are ready for a real relationship.  This signal will be returned to you with secret admirers, date nights, and late-night phone calls with your next romantic partner.  

If the love begins to fade somewhere down the road, return to the two of cups to activate the romance key on your love life or marriage again.  She'll help you get your spark back and help build your relationship even stronger than before.  

That's the power of working with two of cups energy!  It's a strong, loving force of energy that touches your sacred heart space like a Valentine card landing on the moon.  Once it is with you, it will always stay in your heart and mind!

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