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Meet Goddess Freya: How Self-Love and Romantic Love Go Together!


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Meet Goddess Freya: How Self-Love and Romantic Love Go Together! With the Valentine holiday right around the corner and a little new moon action on the side, I thought it would be a great time to talk about my favorite love goddess.

Goddess Freya isn't just my favorite love goddess. She's one of my patron goddesses and she's in charge of my love life! We've been working together for many years and when I work with her, it's always on how self-love and romantic love go together.

She has sparkling champagne energy about her that's effervescent and full of life! While Freya is most often associated with things like war and sexuality, she's also great at connecting you with having more fun and having a more active social life.

She's the perfect goddess to call on when you're ready to activate the romance key of your love life in feng shui! Even if your romance key doesn't fall in the bedroom area, you should always begin there.

Make room in your closet for someone new. Make sure there's a side of the bed for your next romantic partner and set up a romantic love altar and dedicate it to Goddess Freya love goddess! She adores that sorta thing, as it is her wheelhouse.

I had sorta taken a vacation from my love life while I did some shadow work last year. I think many of us ended up facing our demons and doing shadow work in twenty-twenty. She was still with me in the background the entire time, cheering me on and waiting for me to be ready for love.

She even helped me with my love triggers that came up while doing shadow work. For me, my issues have always been with ghosting, rejection, and abandonment. Goddess Freya helped me to address all of those issues and we worked on them together.

So, it's important to note that it won't always be a walk in the park when working with Goddess Freya, but it will bring heart healing your way! She will help you learn good lessons and break free of toxic patterns you may have when it comes to relationships.

What I've come to find when working with Freya is that the concept of love begins and ends with self-love.  It's the reason twin flames come together so that they can mirror each other and work on the separate parts of themselves alone.  It activates a powerful heart chakra energy healing within you!

In fact, this concept has become so ingrained in me that Goddess Freya is the inspiration behind the new direction I'm planning to take with my Etsy shop!  I plan on selling herbal love spells based on how self-love and romantic love go together.

Self-love means more than just saying you love yourself or the way you look.  It's about really exploring your self-esteem and confidence issues and healing them with the magical heart energy of Freya.

We have been working together for years and years and she is perhaps one of my oldest patron goddesses!  Lately, we've really bonded and grown closer together.  

I've left her in charge of my romantic love life!  This includes my sex life, as being intimate with someone is part of building a relationship.  In my case, I haven't been with anybody in an intimate or romantic way in years so I've had a lot to work through.  

Don't get me wrong, I've had a date here and there, but I purposely pulled myself from the dating world to work on my issues.  If you work with Freya, you might find yourself on a similar journey, taking a break from love.

On the other hand, you might find she will spice up your love life!  She might help you lock lips with your secret crush to test the chemistry or you might get asked on a lot of dates in a week.  Believe me, she works fast!  There's nothing slow about our girl Freya.

Freya reminds me of schoolgirl crushes and secret love notes!  She has a youthful energy that brings something lovely to everything she heals and touches.  She always goes straight to the heart of any matter!

When Goddess Freya keeps digging, she comes up with rose quartz crystals to heal the heart on your spiritual journey.  In my case, I am looking for spiritual love and all the intimacy that goes along with that.  Freya has been preparing me for great love by reminding me of what I "don't" want in my next romantic relationship.

Freya is the type of goddess that will bring your dating life to the forefront of your mind!  She'll assist you with an active dating life and herbal love spells for the ages.  This girl knows how to make people fall head-over-heels in love with you with her 2-minute love spell.

If you feel a calling to work with Freya Goddess, you might try offering her a glass of sparkling champagne!  You can also leave her a secret love note with a kiss in your red lipstick to throw some admiration her way.

To create a love altar and dedicate it to Goddess Freya, try adding passion herbs like Damiana, rose quartz, and lepidolite crystals for chance meetings, and vases filled with flowers!  My altar has two pink vases filled with fresh baby's breath flowers, as they are commonly associated with love and weddings.

Working with Freya makes you feel more confident and self-assured about reentering the dating world!  She's like my wingman (or wing-woman) for going on dates and putting myself out there.  She can do the same for you if you let her!

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