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Meet Goddess Morgan Le Fay: Arthurian Tales, Sea Witch, and Glamour Spells


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Meet Goddess Morgan Le Fay: Arthurian Tales, Sea Witch, and Glamour Spells! Working with the Celtic goddess of the sea is like working with magical mermaid energy with soothing, healing waters.

Morgan Le Fay is someone I always knew I'd work with someday, so it was no surprise that I instantly resonated with her when I was called upon by the Morrigan earlier this year. She is a Celtic goddess with ancient roots that remind me of castles overlooking the sea and a forgotten time in a bygone era of chivalry and princesses.

You see, Morgan Le Fay is the Goddess Macha aspect of Goddess Morrigan. She makes up the aspect of sovereignty, the magic of nature, and reflects a healing spa of high magicks wherever she goes!

When I was a little girl, I read King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, and I remember holding the book between my hands and feeling magical energy emanating from it.  I now know that it was the voice of Morgan Le Fay calling me home.

It was around this time that I began to write poems, wishlists, and tiny spells in my favorite books, including that of the Knights of the Round Table.  If you feel a calling to work with Goddess Morgan Le Fay, reading this book is essential!

At the time, I didn't know anything about witchcraft or working spells.  Looking back, I can now see that I've been working with Morgan Le Fay all my life.  She was hidden in corners and in the pages of my favorite books.

To get to know Morgan Le Fay, you might start with developing a love of reading and books if you haven't already!  A great way to rekindle your love of reading and books is in a woodland setting at the park or on a bench in your local cemetery for a little graveyard magic.

This Celtic goddess can help you develop a skill better known as book magick.  Book spellcraft is where you use your favorite books to create enchanted spells.  It could be anything from a love spell with the qualities of your next relationship or a poetry spell with a healing remedy.  

I wrote in, How to Be a Hedgewitch: Herbal Magick and a Love of Nature, about how I have a second home in the faery realm where I commune with Morgan Le Fay in a castle overlooking the sea in Ireland.  In this castle is a library of books that are at my disposal for learning everything there is to know about herbal witchcraft and sea witchery.  

I work with the sea witch Morgan Le Fay for high magicks!  If you ever want to take your witchcraft to the next level, working with Morgan Le Fay is a safe bet.  She will push you outside of your comfort zone and make a high priestess witch out of you!

I spend time with the Celtic goddess while working on glamour magick spells, practicing sea witchcraft, and creating mini-magic spells in books and poetry.  If you have a thing for prose, King Arthur's sister might just be the girl for you!

I will say that you'll have to already have a natural talent and a developed skill for witchcraft in order to work with Morgan Le Fay.  She's very picky when it comes to her patrons and can be a bit of a snob in her dealings with baby witches.  She's the type of goddess who wants you to prove yourself to her.

Many times, she will start with you when you're a child.  She likes working with baby witches that someday in the future and in a land far, far away will become something powerful. She is the goddess of sovereignty after all, so it only makes sense that she would choose witches with potential for something more.  

I like working with Morgan Le Fay goddess because she helps you step into your power, even if you have no idea what that means at first.  There is something very regal about her goddess energy.

To study Morgan Le Fay, you might start in much the same way you would begin working with the Morrigan.  Start by reading books and Arthurian lore about her.  You can even begin by writing letters to her in order to receive direction on what to do next in your life.  

You may find that you have an affinity for working with your roots or doing rootwork!  This will prove to be particularly true if you have Celtic ancestors like I do.  Even if you're not from a Celtic background, you may have had a past-life in Ireland or the moors of Scotland.  

Whatever the case may be, Morgan Le Fay will help you to establish roots through the power of witchcraft!  She's the type of goddess that will do a quick energetic scan on you in order to read you.  She is looking to see what you would bring to the round table.  

It's important to note that Celtic Goddess Morgan Le Fay is associated with the element of water and water energy.  She is particularly drawn to people who work with mermaid witchcraft.  Sea magick is particularly alluring because it has built-in healing properties.  

Legend has it that Morgan Le Fay took the injured Arthur to the island of Avalon for healing and recovery and to tend to his wounds.  Like most herbalists, Morgan Le Fay is a shaman of sorts.  She often uses herbs and the healing waters of Avalon to create healing remedies.  

Working with her means you have access to herbal spells, booklore, and the healing waters of Avalon at your fingertips!  She will share her secret healing arts and shaman magic with you the further down the rabbit hole you go.

Morgan Le Fay, much like her goddess-head Morrigan, is terrific at shapeshifting and working glamour spells like there was no tomorrow!  She is the type of goddess who works under the premise that, as humans, we are always changing.  

We are changing in and out of form all the time.  Humans are natural shapeshifters, most of us aren't aware of the power we hold.  Morgan Le Fay will bring that natural gift for change and transformation to the forefront of your mind, wrapped as a gift with a neat little bow.  

This is why she's a natural at working with anti-aging and weight-loss spells.  She has a gift for instilling confidence in her patrons and helping them to wake up to the true beauty that lies within them.  She has a special talent for creating major glow-up in your life!

As your patron goddess, Morgan Le Fay will make it so that you begin to look more like the star tarot card, which is something that I talk about a lot on this blog.  The star card as a person signifies someone otherworldly and ethereal.  

When you start glowing up, you begin to look and take on the qualities of the star tarot card.  You'll emanate with a secret glow that shines within.  You'll become a more powerful, sovereign human being and your outsides will match your insides.  

It's almost a raw, pure sexual energy that will make people gravitate to you as if you were a planet.  Morgan Le Fay is not just a goddess of practical magic, but a goddess of darkness, sexuality, and war.  She is someone who will help you to deal with your shadow work and help you to face your demons.  She will level you up and it will show in your appearance!

She is a goddess who works and acts as a mirror for you!  She will reflect back to you what you are putting out in the world and help you make moves in the right direction.  

What do you wish to see in the world?  Morgan Le Fay will reflect it back to you through the mirror of the world you'd like to create.  Glamour spells and beauty magick is her forte, but only because she sees the real you, your true authentic self.

Meet Goddess Morgan Le Fay: Arthurian Tales, Sea Witch, and Glamour Spells

I've been asked to step into my power by Morgan Le Fay, as she is in her element when in nature and by the sea.  It is no coincidence that I ended up living by the sea, even though I originated from the Mojave Desert of Southern California by the Salton Sea.

Maybe you have a similar story you'd like to share.  Here's the thing: Morgan Le Fay sees every person she works with as a story, a legend, a fairytale, and an important piece of folklore.  If we look beyond our natural world, we may be able to see the magic of how we ended up where we are and where we're going next on our journey.  

It's important to remember that even fairytales had poisonous apples.  So, look beyond your childhood wounds and trauma to see how they shaped you into the person you are today.  There is no black and white in Arthurian legends, only many shades of gray.  

Morgan Le Fay will help you define yourself.  She'll piece you together like a character in a fabulous novel, weaving magic through you like an invisible thread throughout the ages.  Everyone has a story to tell.  

With Goddess Morgan Le Fay by your side, she'll help you redefine your story and tell it in a new way.  She'll help you shapeshift into becoming someone who commands honor and respect, even if only in some small way.  

Most likely, there will be something different about you from childhood, as she has been watching you and waiting all your life.  There's a "right" moment when Morgan Le Fay steps in to begin reshaping your life story.  She is always at her best when she is shapeshifting and thus, she expects that her patrons will work to change.

Working with the Celtic Goddess Morgan Le Fay means seeing a change in your appearance and how you see yourself.  This change will also impact the way people see you.  You may suddenly begin to receive more admiration and receive compliments wherever you go!

At first, this may make you uncomfortable, but you'll grow into it.  You'll begin to feel more comfortable in your own skin, as you work side by side with Morgan Le Fay witch.  

Morgan Le Fay Worship Altar

If you'd like to work with Morgan Le Fay, I highly recommend setting up a worship altar for her!  I've set up a mini-altar to her in my bathroom, as it is closest to the water element.  I'm also setting up a mini-book altar to her in my book about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Have you ever had an idea pop into your head suddenly in the shower?  That's the magic of the healing power of water.  If you want to be graced with the presence of a powerful sea witch, you must play with her element closely.  

In my case, I'm going to create a shapeshifting and glamour magick altar in my bathroom windowsill and dedicate it to Goddess Morgan Le Fay! Shapeshifting and beauty routines and rituals often work hand-in-hand in creating a major glow-up in your life.  

It's highly important to set goals when creating an altar.  Know what you want when going into it.  Make an altar that resonates with both yourself and the goddess you'd like to work with!  Setting up a sea altar is the perfect way to win the heart of Morgan Le Fay.

On the other hand, my book altar works inside the pages of my King Arthur book!  Inside, I simply press flowers and herbs inside the pages of the book.  I write poetry, word spells, and glue pictures inside the cover of the book and dedicate it to Goddess Morgan Le Fay and all her counterparts.  

My book altar represents the inward tweaks and changes I want to make in my life.  It is another extension of the sea witch altar that I've made and dedicated to Morgan Le Fay in my bathroom.  It holds my secret wishes and desires two-fold!

To make an altar to Goddess Morgan Le Fay, start with using your intuition.  What things do you think she'd like?  Think outside the box!

She really likes seashells, books, sea herbs such as seaweed and sea oats, starfish, beach sand, sea glass, and other elements of the sea.  In addition to that, she has a pink energy about her that reminds me of cotton candy sunsets.  I've also noticed that she indubitably loves aquamarine crystal (commonly associated with the sea) and mermaid symbolism.  

One thing I like to do with her is to keep a wishing jar where I add a shell to make a wish.  Once your wishing jar is full, you can then give it as a homemade gift to someone you love!  This creates a transfer of energy where your wish fulfillment comes true.  Think the star card in the tarot deck!

Working with Morgan Le Fay is a lot like daydreaming and reading a book!  She is clever and quick-witted, romantic, and dreamy.  She's the river of emotions and feelings running through our veins and connecting us to the sea.  

She is the ever-changing mirror, mirror on the wall that is life!  Let her reflect your true beauty and quiet strength back to you and she'll be your patron goddess for life.  Thanks for reading!

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