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Sweet Moon Diaries: Full Moon in Virgo (February 2021) Full Snow Moon


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Sweet Moon Diaries: Full Moon in Virgo (February 2021).  On February 27th, the full moon will fall under the earthy astrological sign of Virgo.  This marks the beginning of a new season of life and the first inklings of spring.

Welcome to the latest edition of Sweet Moon Diaries! Every month, I keep a diary of the moon cycles in order to record my moods, impressions, moon magic spells, and full moon rituals. The theme for the Virgo Full Moon is new beginnings!

That's another thing I do. I choose a theme that matches the impressions of the full moon and new moon that come out every month. 

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In the meantime, you might like to take a look at the new moon in Aquarius reading I did! All of my moon readings are timeless, meaning you can use many of the tips and resources with any new or full moon that comes along.

This full moon has a lot going for it.  It's the type of moon that brings a lot of much-needed fresh change, especially as it coincides with the heart of Pisces season.  This Pisces season is all about cleansing, healing energy, and closing out the astrological year with a bang!

With the full snow moon landing in the sign of Virgo, there's down-to-earth, practical energy in the air.  Virgoans tend to be analytical and use a lot of mental energy but as an earth sign, they are able to take practical measures in the things they do.  

The full snow moon is a moon that represents what would be the heaviest snowfall of the year, typically landing in February.  When the snow melts and the earth peeks through, you'll begin to see flowers bud, and baby grass peeking through yearning for the lush, fertile ground of springtime.  

Marking the end of the astrological year with Pisces, we can now begin again.  We can stand in time and look forward to what the future holds.  There's swirling energy of hope in the air that makes me think of butterfly gardens and a cool zephyr making it's way throughout your life.  

Change is hard and you deserve support and that's exactly what the Virgo full snow moon brings to the table for you!  If yu're ready and willing, she'll meet you halfway.  You've just got to take the clear the snow, find your tiny patch of land, and begin to work with it in your life.


There is a calming energy that comes with the Virgo full moon.  It's the kind of moon that feels good and makes you want to jumpstart your life in some way.  

It's not uncommon for us to start a new year's resolution in January and kind of sputter out once February rolls around.  With the Virgo snow moon by your side, get ready to meet your goals in the middle and carry them to the finish line!

You might feel a divine spark within, something signaling the reawakening of your life.  It's the first sign of life that something is about to breakthrough and manifests from thin air into the physical, earthly realm.  

It's that part of you that remains untouchable you'll be contending with during what I like to call baby spring.  The first spring before the real spring comes through at the spring equinox.  It started on February 1st with Imbolc and Saint Bridget and never fully ends until Beltane or summer solstice.  

It's at this time when you'll be receiving a plethora of signs, synchronicities, and mini-miracles in your daily life.  You'll begin to see what you imagined come to life and take shape before you.

While your ideas may feel like their buried under an avalanche of snow at this time, you'll begin to see through the facade and gain some clarity and insight on where to go from here.  This is a great time to become acquainted with your spirit guides and guardian angels by writing them a letter to the universe and burning it with burning herbs in a sealed envelope.

Virgo is an earth element sign, which means you might find yourself more connected to the magic of nature at this time.  If you have a penchant for heading into the forest or replanting your houseplants in cute planters, now is the time to pay attention, take heed, and listen.  

It is within nature where we find ourselves and we're able to return to our natural state.  If you feel a calling to return to mother nature and her healing embrace, now is the perfect time to do it! 

During the Virgo full moon, your intuition may be at an all-time high!  Your instincts are sharp and quick-witted and self-assured.  You are now able to make practical use of your hopes and dreams.

This full moon is the type of moon that will help you move past depression and a dark night of the soul experience.  It's the moon that moves you past things and propels you forward from bad habits and things you've been holding onto tightly.  It's time to let things go with the Virgoan full moon!  

After all, full moons are all about letting go of the past and things that no longer serve you!  When you finally fully let go of a person or situation you've been holding onto, you allow new things to come into your world.  

This is a moon with a gentle, healing quality about it.  It's the kind of moon that brings with it new beginnings and a new lease on life.  It's a full moon with a built-in deep, spiritual reverence that makes you want to be a better person.  


To work with the Virgo earth sign, you might like to create a green witch altar on a forest walk!  Creating mini-nature altars in your local park or even your own backyard will amplify the full moon energy teeming with life within you.  

Connecting with the earth's healing energy is exactly what I intend to do during the full moon in Virgo shadow period.  The weather has been mild in Florida lately and walking through a butterfly forest is exactly the kind of green therapy I need at the moment.  

I'm going to write a letter to Goddess Rhiannon, whom I've been working with a lot lately, and place it in an envelope with some herbs that I'd like to work with during this moon phase of life.  Since it's a full moon, my herbal envelope spell will be filled with herbs that help me let go of things and release them to the woodland goddesses of the forest.

Herbs that help me release things include graveyard dirt, ground sage, sea salt, and black pepper.  There's a lot that I thought I had fully let go of, only to turn around and realize they are still with me.  It's like the elephant in the room that no matter what you do, you can't seem to get rid of.  

If you have tenacity during this full moon phase, know that you have the power to change things as long as you have awareness and a christ consciousness within you.  Take a cue from me and design an herbal spell that rids you of toxic emotions, such as bitterness and resentment.  It's important to be honest with yourself at this time, so that you may fully release harsh situations into the heart of mother nature.

In addition to my herbal envelope spell, I plan on offering Goddess Rhiannon another amethyst gemstone or maybe a white quartz crystal, as those are her favorites!  This type of clearing spell is fast-acting and will work to clear away old hurts, childhood trauma, and past life connections.  

If something or someone has a hold on you, this is the spell that will get rid of it once and for all!  Creating a nature altar to place it on, whether it be on a wooden log or up in a tree somewhere, will help you connect with the forest goddesses, the faerie folk, and the gnomes and protectors of the woodland.  

What happens now is that they will take that energy and transform it.  They will give it a new shape and design and rechannel that energy into something better for you!

Virgo Full Moon MOON + WORKING WITH Goddess Rhiannon

The goddess that I'm working with during the full moon in Virgo snow moon is Goddess Rhiannon!  She has been really helpful to me and a great friend and goddess.  

Yesterday, I took a long forest bath in mother nature and spent the entire time talking with Rhiannon, telling her about all my problems, hoping she would be the remedy.  While I can't say all my problems were instantly solved, I will say she brought through a lot of clarity in matters of the heart.  

That's the thing about working with a nature-inspired goddess, always be forthright in your heart!  Goddesses are intense and respond really well to human emotions and feelings.  It's important to wear your heart on your sleeve when communicating with them.

I meandered through the springtime forest with butterflies fluttering by me and I spoke to Rhiannon about the things I would like to change in my life, as well as the things I've been struggling with.  It was immediately afterward that I received a sign!

I saw an owl and woodpecker in their natural habitat.  Bird symbolism is often the biggest sign that Rhiannon Goddess is with you in heart and spirit!

If you'd like to start building a connection with Rhiannon, the Virgo full moon is the best time to do it!  She seems to be in her element with this full moon cycle.  Being that she is a lunar goddess, it only works to enhance her capabilities, especially if she takes a liking to you or favors you in some way.

Simply, head into a forest of your own making and take a forest bath as you walk the forest floor, letting the leaves crunch beneath your feet.  In your mind or aloud, pour your heart out to Rhiannon, and let her into your soft, vulnerable places.  By the time you leave the park, you'll feel a sense of strength and clarity within you, like a song you just can't get out of your head!

That's Goddess Rhiannon at work in your life!  Before you ever leave the woodland magic behind, ask Rhiannon for a sign and she will send it, usually in the form of a bird.  Be sure to thank her and blow a kiss her way!


This month, I am creating a new beginnings spell!  While new beginnings are typically reserved for the new moon energy, this Virgo moon has a strong new moon vibe to it.  It's the kind of moon that brings new life to things and reawakens you from the darkness.

For my new beginnings spell, I am going to fill a container (repurposes medicine bottle) with graveyard dirt that has had time to spring to life budding plants.  Grave dirt is teeming with life and rich, earthy, organic soil perfect for an earth sign moon!

When you start practicing graveyard magic, you'll soon find that the grave dirt you collect comes with plant life that's ready to break through the surface, making it the perfect manifestation tool!  I'm adding grave dirt with tiny budding plant roots to the bottom substrate of my terrarium spell.  

Then, I will add an herbal ingredient for each thing on the list I'm going to create.  My new beginnings list will be based on different areas of my life where I'd like a fresh start and a new beginning.  

Each herbal ingredient will correspond with the item on my list.  It will be like building a DIY terrarium, except it's a spell!  For more on herbal ingredients, you might enjoy reading, The Magical Herbarium for Herbal Witchcraft to get started.

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