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Sweet Moon Diaries: New Moon in Aquarius + Valentine's Day Energy (February 2021)

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Sweet Moon Diaries:  New Moon in Aquarius + Valentine's Day Energy (February 2021) is fully loaded with new moon rituals and sacred spells for setting intentions with the new moon magical energy. 

Welcome to the latest edition of Sweet Moon Diaries! Every month, I keep a diary of the moon cycles in order to record my moods, impressions, moon magic spells, and full moon rituals. The theme for the Aquarius New Moon is mini-revolutions!

Remember that 90s song by Oasis, "Don't Look Back in Anger?"  One of the lines in it is about starting a revolution from his bed.  I'm seeing a lot of mini-revolutions surfacing at this time.  One by one, people waking up, making things happen in their own special way.

People's talents and hidden abilities rising to the surface to be expressed.  Aquarius is all about bringing in a fresh coat of paint and a new way of thinking.  Life will never look the same again when so many people will be conspiring for great change, even from our beds.

What is so beautiful about this is that we really do have the technology to start a revolution from our bed, with the internet at our fingertips!  It proves that we can affect change right from where we're sitting.  How very Aquarian of us!

That's another thing I do. I choose a theme that matches the impressions of the full moon and new moon that come out every month. 

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In the meantime, you might like to take a look at the new moon in Capricorn reading I did! All of my moon readings are timeless, meaning you can use many of the tips and resources with any new or full moon that comes along.

It's important to note that a new moon is a dark moon that brings about a fresh start and new beginnings!  New moons bring in fresh energy, innovative ideas for change, and represent a turning point in the month.

Everyone always thinks the new year is a chance to start over and it is, but with a new moon, you have a chance to start fresh every month, not just once a year!  New moons are the ultimate fresh start that sets the tone until the next full moon comes along in a few weeks.

We also have a shift and focus on Valentine's Day energy in the air right now!  Maybe you're working on self-love or romantic love and how they go together.  Maybe you enjoy sitting down with your kiddos and making Valentine's cards for their class.

Whatever the case may be, love may be on your mind right now with the new moon in Aquarius fixed in the night sky.  There are many different forms of love.  It could be the love for a child.  A love for your significant other.  A love for your pet.

Beyond that, this moon is also in an Aquarius Stellium, meaning there will be many planets aligned in the sign of Aquarius at the exact same time.  This means there is a lot of growth consciousness to be had here.  There's something very special about the Aquarius season.  It changes things and it evolves it into something better for you.

Needless to say, the energy we're feeling right now feels lighter and less aggressive.  This moon reminds us of not only where we come from, but where we're going, especially with Aquarius at our side.  It feels like it's time for a change so let's talk about that, shall we?

SWEET MOON DIARIES: NEW MOON IN Aquarius (February 2021)

This new moon changes things!  Like, really changes things, as in forever.  At first, it might be subtle, but over time there will be so much growth and change within us that it will be a brand-new world we're living in.  

The last time we had the Aquarius Stellium, which is when multiple planets line up under the sign of Aquarius, the sixties were born and the sixties era brought about radical change!  I feel like change can be scary, but it can also be exciting, and now is a great time to align with our vision and give ourselves permission to dream bigger than we ever have before.

This is not a docile moon by any means, as it will bring past issues to the surface, especially as we are still in Mercury in Retrograde at this time.  It's the kind of moon that brings with it a lot of mental energy and fresh ideas.  

Don't be surprised if you're receiving a lot of intuitive downloads and massive amounts of information at this time.  This is because Aquarius makes room and space for the brand-new.  It clears things and brings in a fresh wave of innovative energy.

This is the kind of moon that makes you want to start a revolution from your bed.  Are you ready? 


On this new moon, I'm going to try to use the sea breeze in the tiny, seaside fishing village I live in to do some new moon in Aquarius rituals!  There's a tiny fishing pier around the corner from me and I plan on writing my intentions down and floating them over the sea in a floating lantern at night.  This is something I've always dreamed of doing because it's so symbolic!

It's the kind of ritual where I get to release my wishes into the starry night, feeling assured knowing that the dark moon is watching me, waiting to enfold me in her new moon Aquarius energy.  For more on wishing magic, you might enjoy reading, How to Work With Dandelion Wishing Magic + Dandelion Root Energy!

New moon energy is the perfect energy for any kind of wishing magick, as it manifests the things you want by making your dreams and wishes come true.  But first, you've really got to sit down and get clear on what you want.  

Don't be surprised if you find yourself writing down ideas that seem to come from a different planet or something!  This is just the raw, pure air energy of Aquarius at play.  This is a great time to do a lot of writing, creating, innovation.  

I plan on spending a lot of time doing a lot of journaling, writing, snapping pictures, and just letting the ideas take me where they want me to go!  Then, I'll release them on the sea breeze of my own making.

Aquarius NEW MOON + WORKING WITH Morgan Le Fay

On this new moon, I'm working with Goddess Morgan Le Fay, as she has been helping me work on some of my divination and magick by taking it to new heights.  She's really helped me to graduate to the next level and I can't help but be thankful to her for that.

Right now, I'm working on adding timeframe to my spells and speeding things up!  You can read more about that in, Working With the Sun God Hermes During Mercury in Retrograde: Communication Spells.

With Morgan Le Fay, she's helping me to add speed and accuracy to these kinds of spells where I need fast-results!  She's kind of awesome to work with when you're ready to go next level with your witchcraft.  She really knows how to help you find the fastest route possible to your growth.  

Since we're in New Moon in Aquarius energy right now, as well as Valentine's holiday love energy, I'm doing spells that are more open-minded and open-ended.  This means that I'm kinda seeing where the breeze takes me this new moon!

I'm going to just let the air energy take me to new and exciting places with my spells and Goddess Morgan Le Fay will help me with that.  She's great at helping me hone in on something that I want and bringing it to life!

Even though I didn't talk about it much in my Morgan Le Fay blog post, she's really great with love and romance spells too, so it's possible I may be planting the seeds for that too.  Then, the Aquarian air energy will blow in and spread the seeds of my manifestations and sprinkle them in magical places where they need to go!

In this case, in hopes that maybe love will bloom somewhere this Valentine's Day!  That's what is so fun about Aquarian energy.  It's unexpected, surprising, and refreshing!


I plan on doing a mix of love spells, communication spells, and working on taking my spells to the next level this Aquarius new moon!  I'm planning to use my downtime to do a lot of writing and communication.  I don't have a set spell that I have my heart set on this time around.  

Since we're in air energy, I wanted to see where my intuition leads me to the kind of spellwork I'd like to do.  I'd like to keep my mind open to anything!

This feels like the perfect time to take it easy, to do some journaling, maybe write another chapter in the book of life.  Maybe even rewrite the story I've been telling myself.  Maybe you can too!

Aquarian air energy really gives off a vibe of mixed things and making things happen you never thought you could make happen before!  It's almost like you get a free pass to express yourself in whatever way feels best for you, then expand on it!

Air sign energy is a kind of scattered energy.  It blows where it wants to blow.  It does its own thing, so rather than going against the grain, I've decided to embrace the wildfire that is the new moon in Aquarius!

Thanks for reading!  Now go young saplings, and start your own revolution!  It can be from your bed, your chair, the beach, or on the treadmill.  Do what feels good right now and expand on it!

Sending you love!  Happy new moon and Happy Valentine's Day to each and every one of you..xoxo

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