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The Goddess Rhiannon Home and Garden Blessings Spell

A white picket fence, tall grasses, and purple lavender growing by the fence

This is the Goddess Rhiannon Home and Garden Blessings Spell! I created this spell to bring the blessings of the queen of the fairies home with me. This is a blessing spell you can do at any time you feel like your home and garden need a pick me up or whenever you want an additional boost of blessings. 

Rhiannon Goddess is more of a wild goddess, which is why I was taken by surprise when she encouraged me to write this post.  Our normal interactions almost always start in my home and somehow end up in the middle of a forest somewhere.

My relationship with Rhiannon usually consists of her telling me to create a spell and head into the forest to grant her a ritual sacrifice in exchange for her help.  By ritual sacrifice, I mean anything with amethyst in it.  

The lunar goddess that she is, Rhiannon has so far asked me for my tiny gemstone terrarium with amethyst, an amethyst necklace, and more recently, a rough piece of amethyst gemstone.  If you're looking to connect with Rhiannon, amethyst is the way to go!

In addition to that, I have found that this woodland goddess loves lavender herb, white quartz crystals, and the colors purple, white, and crystal clear transparency.  What I love about working with this particular goddess is that she knows what she likes and what she wants from you.

She is a goddess that will give you clear directions when she wants you to do something.  She's also great at giving her patrons signs, usually by putting a bird in your path or using bird symbolism, much like The Morrigan.

But, did you know that she will work with you right from your home?  Goddess Rhiannon is very resourceful and uses the tools and resources you already have available to you in and around your home.  She will assist you in bringing nature into your home!

Naturally, her favorite areas tend to be outside, since she is an outdoor recreational goddess.  She will work with you to create a backyard oasis, a garden teeming with life, and a front porch or solarium to hold your houseplants and gemstone collection.  In Florida, she would have a field day with what is known as a Florida room.

Sometimes, we're unable to get outside like we'd like to, weather permitting.  With Rhiannon by your side, she will help bring that deep, spiritual reverence into your home, garden, and life!

The Goddess Rhiannon Home and Garden Blessings Spell

To do this spell you'll need some amethyst, rosemary for home protection and blessings, some dill weed for luck, sage for protection and house cleansing, and whatever else you might like to use to decorate your front porch, backyard, garden, or Florida room.  

I recommend taking a trip to your local plant nursery or garden shop to gather all the supplies you might need for this project.  It's also important to note that Rome wasn't built in a day and neither should a house blessing spell.  This is a spell that can be done in projects throughout the duration of your time in your place.

If you prefer, you can do this spell as a three-day weekend project or you can do it a little at a time, for as long as you want to.  This is pretty much considered a long-term spell, which can be completed slowly over time or anytime you want to revisit the idea.  Anytime you revisit it, much like an altar, you'll reawaken the energies within the spell with a spell boost!

You don't have to do a complete makeover for this spell, but part of the charm of working this spell has to do with taking your time to bring the magic of nature into your home.  For this spell to work best, I recommend finding the space that you wish to change or give a facelift to.  

Think about what kind of warm, inviting energies you'd like people to have when they are hanging out on your porch, in your backyard, or in your greenhouse.  Describe that energy to Goddess Rhiannon while working with her.  

Next, simply gather your project and belongings and shift your focus on fixing up the space you'd like to change or grow into.  If you chose a garden, you might like to plant more flowers in the springtime.  

If you chose the porch, maybe it's hanging windchimes for peace and harmony or adding zen Buddha statues for a zen-like attitude.  On the other hand, if you chose to create a sacred space in your Florida Room (screened-in porch), you might enjoy shifting your focus to potted houseplants and gemstone assortments.  

If you want to bless your house in a quick pick me up kind of way, you can even start with one small project such as a hanging houseplant in a cute planter.  You can start small and build on the energy over time.  The magic of this spell is to bring blessings into your home and garden!

If you'd like to amplify the soil of a garden, choose rich, organic soil.  Then, add things like outdoor gemstones, secret love notes, and anything else that will create a magical atmosphere in your home or garden!  Be sure to leave plant spirit offerings to your plant allies as a thank you for their blessings. 

To amplify your space, you might want to create a Goddess Rhiannon Worship Altar!  Preferably outdoors, as Rhiannon has a penchant for mother nature and wildcrafting.  For a Rhiannon altar, you might try adding toy figurine horses, birds, and amethyst and white quartz crystal gemstones.  

She also likes the naturally shed feathers of birds, if you can find them on your morning hike into the woods!  If you see or hear birds or bird symbolism, it's a surefire way to know she is with you.

Last but not least, you're probably wondering about the ingredients that I told you about at the beginning of the spell and what to do with them.  I recommend using amethyst rock pieces in your garden and houseplant or your indoor herbal garden.  

For using sage, you might take some ground sage and sprinkle it into your garden, porch plants, and the secret, hidden places in your home!  This will cleanse your sacred space, as well as protect it from bad energies.

For rosemary and dill weed, you'll want to sprinkle it in the grass, in the soil, and add it to your houseplants for amplified blessings and good luck in your sacred home space!  Be sure to wake up all your herbal ingredients first.  For more on this, The Magical Herbarium For Herbal Witchcraft might help!

Each time you work on your project, know that you are also keeping your spell going and giving it new life!  Be sure to thank Goddess Rhiannon for leading you to the right project for your household by creating a Rhiannon Goddess Altar or by leaving amethyst stones wherever you feel her presence.

You can even get the kiddos involved in this outdoor project once spring rolls around!  Give them their own potted plant to create a sacred space or their own section of the garden or porch.  Introduce them to Rhiannon by telling stories and folklore about her and keeping her memory alive!

Thanks for reading, friends!  If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section.  Sending good energy and home blessings your way :)
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