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The Magical Healing Properties of Pisces Season 2021

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The Magical Healing Properties of Pisces Season 2021!  This is an astrological season of endings and new beginnings and everything coming full circle.  

We're back in the element of water again, as Pisces closes out the astrological year in the sign of the fish!  When I think of Pisces, I think of emotions and healing water and ointments.  I think of daydreaming and fantasies and a wellspring of cleansing.

There's a natural close to the astrological year here, as Pisces shuts the door on things that no longer hold a place in your heart or your life.  She has a highly emotional equivalency that balances things out and sets things right again.  

We also have Mercury going direct today, which means that Pisces will assist you in clearing out matters of the heart.  Mercury is the planet of communication, therefore making it a great time to work on healing and activating the throat chakra.  

The throat chakra is responsible for communication and the blue light ray energy healing.  Visualize an aquamarine sea of tranquility in your throat area to help you speak your truth.  

You might try, Working With the Sun God Hermes During Mercury in Retrograde: Communication Spells!  When Mercury goes direct, it's not uncommon for communication to suddenly stream through or ride out the shadow period of Mercury Retrograde.

It's the ideal time to do a juice fast reboot or purify your body by eating raw fruits and vegetables.  It's a time of cleansing, purifying, and simplifying things.  Now would be a great time to clean out your closet or restock your shelves with healthy food items.  

You might enjoy trying, The Mermaid Detox Diet: An Eat Light Guide For Summer!  While it might be inspired by warmer weather, it still applies to year-round, seasonal eating.

There's a finality to the Pisces water sign, as it denotes the end of the astrological year magic!  Whatever needs to be let go of or cleared out, this is the time to do it.  It's also a great time to write down what type of energies you'd like to invite into your life.  

For example, I've been working on inviting more fun, carefree, lighthearted times into my life!  I don't seem to have enough of those moments.  Therefore, I find myself writing down experiences that involve grabbing a bite to eat with a friend or simply doing one thing each day outside my comfort zone.

What would you like to manifest next?  Start brainstorming new experiences you'd like to have and write them down on a piece of paper.  Each time you manifest a new and exciting experience, be sure to cross it off as it magically appears before your eyes!

I find by writing down the experiences and including details such as scent and sounds, brings your manifestation to life!  It sounds more realistic than just saying you want a new stereo with no emotional punch behind it.  Experiences give words new meaning and purpose!

It could be as simple as having a random conversation with a stranger while hiking to making travel plans to visit the Egyptian pyramids.  I have two Pisces daughters and if there's one thing I know about Pisces people is that they dream big!

You can use this time to plan, dream, and reflect on things to come.  Create a vision board or make a DIY Faery Box filled with a collection of forest finds.  It can be anything from postcards to acorns and naturally shed feathers from the birds of nature.  Make it your own!

This is a great time to wrap things up, have uncomfortable conversations, and clear away old energies and things that no longer serve you!  It's a time for closure and saying goodbyes.  

The good news with this is that goodbyes are always met with warm welcomes and new beginnings!  Pisces is the ending of something, but it is also the beginning of something too.  It gives you the hope that there is so much to look forward to in life!

The Magical Healing Properties of Pisces Season 2021

The magical healing properties of Pisces season are cleansing, healing feel-good energy!  I always imagine it as sea spray, cool and refreshing.

To harness good energy, you might start by doing a little space clearing and spiritual releasement!  Work with Goddess Vesta and Archangel Jophiel during Pisces season to feng shui your home.  You might start with a bouquet of baby's breath flowers which pairs perfectly with Pisces purifying water energy!

Using the home and hearth at the center of your energy is what any good hedgewitch would do!  Pisces season offers up the good advice to donate used items and to spend time ruminating on the past while dreaming up your future!

You may find yourself working your way out of old habits and becoming more conscientious in creating a morning routine and a nighttime ritual at this time.  Pisces people are filled with a lot of raw emotions and they need to sift through their emotional baggage from time to time to sort out how they are feeling.  

It's time for you to take a cue from them!  Feel what needs to be felt and leave the rest.  Take what resonates with you and let the rest of the emotions disperse like sea spray on an ocean cliff. 

You might feel a need to purify your thoughts and live a more chaste life.  This is more of a fleeting feeling, something that you conjure up that may not last. However, at the end of the season, you'll feel recharged and ready to contend with your new life once Aries season rolls around!

I feel like it's a time of adjusting and adapting to the new life you're about to create.  A new astrological year is right around the corner, waiting for you with open arms and the dawning of a new day!

Water Sign Rituals

  • Drown your fears in a bucket of water by writing a letter to the universe then dunking it in water overnight to cleanse and release it!
  • Create moon water for every moon phase!  Right now, we're in a waxing moon phase.  You can start by using field notes for making a rose quartz water bottle for hiking adventures to unlock the magic.
  • Go for a swim!  Swimming in cool water assists with transcendence during Pisces water season.  You can always defer to your bathtub for a gentle healing sea salt bath.
  • Try the Mermaid Detox Diet!  Working as an eat-light guide, this diet will help you to reboot your system and natural health by eating water-based fruits and veggies that are light on the tummy.
  • Create a sea shell flat lay to practice your hand at sea witch magick!  Be sure to imbue it with your intention for the season of Pisces.
  • Take a walk on the beach at a lake or ocean and search for starfish, shells, and driftwood to add to your sea witch altar and dedicate it to Goddess Morgan Le Fay!
Make Pisces season one for the ages!  You have special permission from the universe to purify your thoughts and heal your emotions.  It's especially important to take things one day at a time and be gentle with yourself at this time.  Thanks for reading! xoxo

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