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Wishlist: How to Manifest a Phone Call or Text Message From a Specific Person (Really Works!)


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Wishlist: How to Manifest a Phone Call or Text Message From a Specific Person (Really Works!) This is the second part of my post on how to manifest a specific person and you might want to read that article in addition to this to help you navigate the romantic waters.

I promised my readers and newsletter subscribers, in Working With the Sun God Hermes During Mercury in Retrograde: Communication Spells, that I would share with them the fastest route to take to receive fast-acting communication from a past lover or a secret crush. My disclaimer is the this will work within a 72-hour period!

The only caveat of this is to perform the spell and leave it alone and forget about it! I also recommend grounding your energy by holding a tiny lavender bouquet in between your hands for five-full minutes afterward. This is a powerful spell that gets fast-results!

Before beginning, you might like to write a letter to the Sun God Hermes, though you don't have to.  When I first worked with him he came to me from out of nowhere and he didn't require a lot from me except for trust.  

Put your trust in Hermes that your herbal envelope spell will work!  When performing spellwork, you should go into it believing it will work every time!  Otherwise, it keeps you from reaching and achieving the spell results you desire.  

Disclaimer: Love spells are powerful stuff!  Even though this is a communication spell, it still falls in line with other love spells.  Love spells involve bending the free will of another person, but will simply fizzle out if there's nothing left to work with.  Either way, at least you'll get the answers you've been seeking.  Does your crush like you back?  Does your old flame still think about you?  This is a spell that will answer your questions, just know that it may not always be the answer you were hoping for.  It's important to go into the spell knowing that.  Sun God Hermes can bridge communication, but he cannot force the person to stay in your life or be who you want him or her to be.  Now that we got that out of the way, let's begin!

Wishlist: How to Manifest a Phone Call or Text Message From a Specific Person (Really Works!)

For this communication spell, you'll need the following ingredients.  If your intuition points you in a particular direction, such as replacing an herb with graveyard dirt or something like that, I recommend you trust your intuition.  It will always lead you someplace good!

Spell Ingredients:
  • An envelope for herbal envelope spell
  • A pen or something to write with and record your spell
  • Create a sigil and activate it traditionally.  Read here on how to do it!
  • Sun God Hermes: Sun God of Communication
  • Damiana herb - Love, passion, lust, bring back an old lover, and desire.
  • Basil - Attraction, magnetic, and intensity!
  • Dill Weed - Love, lust, luck;
  • Cayenne Pepper - Speed, accuracy, fast-acting!
  • Lemon Pepper - Fast-results, refreshing, healing, cleansing, removal of roadblocks and obstacles.
  • Knight of Swords tarot card - Communication, great speed (fast results within a few days!), air energy, clear thinking.
How to do the spell:

After activating your sigil, wake up each of your spell ingredients as you place them inside the envelope.  This literally means telling each herb and tarot card to wake up.  For more on this, read the magical herbarium for herbal witchcraft!

On the backside of the envelope, write the date and time of the spell.  Record that you worked with Sun God Hermes and what type of spell it was (in this case, manifest a phone call or text message from a specific person spell).  Add in the fact we're in Mercury in Retrograde or New Moon in Aquarius energy, etcetera.  Anything you feel is relevant to the magic and charm of your spell

On the front side of the envelope, record spell ingredients and how they operate within the spell, and anything else you'd like to use to customize your herbal love spell.  Seal the envelope and we're ready for phase two!

Last but not least, be sure to seal the spell with a kiss!  Then, chant to Hermes what you'd like him to do with the spell in your own words until you feel his energy click within you.  This will let you know your spell is complete!

You should be feeling a rush or a high from doing the spell or a feeling of peace and calm within you!  Place your herbal envelope in a decorative box or on your love altar and let the magic begin!  Be sure to revisit the grounding lavender herb ritual at the beginning of this article to complete your spell with ease and grace.   

Thanks for reading!  My spell worked within a day or two.  Letting go and not thinking about it helps.  If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments or you can contact me privately through my contact form on the homepage.  Sending healing, loving vibes your way!
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