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Working With the Sun God Hermes During Mercury in Retrograde: Communication Spells

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Did you know that you can start working with the Sun God Hermes during Mercury in Retrograde for communication spells? Hermes works directly with solar energy and retrograde periods to help rectify no-contact situations. Everything from how to manifest a text message or phone call from a specific person will spring to life for you!

I've only been working with Hermes, the sun God of communication, travel, and animal husbandry since August of twenty-twenty.  It was one of those situations when he came to me during a time where I needed him the most and we quickly hit it off!

It was right around this time that I was trying to manifest a specific person! It was a no-contact situation and I was trying to see if I could do a spell that would manifest my specific person to call or text me. It worked! 

Granted, things didn't turn out the way I hoped.  I made plans with the person to meet up and talk.  The person canceled on me and we never really spoke again after that.  I don't blame Hermes for that though, as he did more than his fair share.

So, that's something to keep in mind if you are trying to manifest a phone call or text message from a specific person.  Hermes can get the person to call or text you back, but he can't promise that someone will stay.  

Some people are unreliable and there are a lot of ghosters out there in the dating world.  Believe me, I would know.  Getting the chance to resolve a no-contact situation will at least give you the answers you need.  

If someone ghosts you or makes up excuses to get out of having an important conversation with you, that really tells you everything you need to know.  It means that you're not important enough for the person to make the effort.  In short, they just aren't that into you!

I know that hurts to hear, but it's important to take people's actions at face value sometimes.  I had to learn that lesson the hard way myself last year.  My person left me hanging and I held on for months, hoping he would message me, and he never did.  

In this case, it's better to cut your losses.  By receiving communication from your specific person, you'll clear up any false promises or illusions you may have about the person you like or want to hear from.  This way, you have the information you need to make a decision to hold on or move on.  

That's the kind of air energy that Hermes brings to the table!  I've always had him come to me during waning moons where the moon is decreasing in the sky.  He also pairs really well with air signs and the air element, as well as Mercury in Retrograde periods!

Right now, we're in the heart of Aquarius season, keeping the airways to communication open!  Being that Mercury Retrograde is ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of communication, this is a great time to reverse communication issues.

This, of course, includes problems and delays in travel plans and communication during the retrograde period.  This retrograde is working in the air sign of Aquarius giving it an extra boost of potential right now!

Lately, I've been working with Hermes to come up with an "instant" spell to manifest a phone call or text message from a specific person.  I've also found that leaving your spell open to other suitors is important too.  Like, you can write down the qualities or looks of the specific person you're trying to manifest a call from instead of their name.  

I'm personally not trying to manifest a phone call or text from anyone right now.  For me, it's a test so that hopefully, I can help people in complicated love situations such as no-contact with a person.  Hermes is helping me to master my communication spells with ease and grace!

Hermes works fast!  Especially, when you combine Hermes energy with the Aquarius stellium that's going on in the night sky throughout the month of February.  A stellium is where multiple planets will be under the same sign at the exact same time period.  This time around, these planets will be in Aquarius, which requires a lot of mental energy and fresh ideas!

This is a magical time to begin working with the Sun God Hermes, as in many ways he is totally in his element!  In addition to helping me come up with a solution to no-contact situations through herbal spells that involve the air element energy, he is also helping me to improve my writing and communication skills in real life too.  

If you read this and you feel excited to work with the Hermes God, you might like to start with air spells!  Being that we're in the shadow period of the Imbolc celebration with Saint Bridget and the fire element energy of the full moon in Leo, it's a great time to work with air and fire.

Think fire breathing magick like that of a dragon!  Air element + fire element equals great power and great force, like that of a wildfire!  It's important to have someone at the helm of the ship for that and luckily, Hermes can fill those shoes for you.  

Working With the Sun God Hermes During Mercury in Retrograde: Communication Spells

You can create an herbal envelope spell or a burning herb spell in your cauldron.  Both are magically effective when working with Hermes air energy!

Here's the way to make your contact spell stick.  Perform some experiments using your intuition as your guidance.  Which herbs resonate with you?  Do you have a burning hot desire to hear from someone?

These are things to keep in mind while testing things and experimenting with ingredients.  Know that most likely, if you are well-versed with crafting spells, that all of your experimental spells will work too.  Just because something is a test doesn't mean it won't stick!

If you have a burning hot desire to hear from someone, reverse the roles!  Use your spell to flip things around.  Make it to where the other person has a burning hot desire to call or text you.  This will strengthen the resolve of your communication and travel spells.

What will eventually happen is that you'll find "the one" spell that clicks into place and instantly works for you!  By instant, I really mean you'll hear from your specific person on the same day as you perform your spell.  

There will be one magical spell that stands out to you and stands the test of time.  Hermes is here to help you find and incorporate a contact spell that can help you resolve any and all communication issues.  Once that happens, you can personalize your spell and use it whenever there's a no-contact problem.  

This special communication spell has your energetic signature and perfume scent attached to it!  Every time you use this spell to manifest a text or call, you'll always think of Hermes and smile a little.  This is because Hermes has a way of reaching into the hearts and minds of the people like no other!

Manifest a Text or Phone Call Herbal Spell Ingredients

From, The Magical Herbarium For Herbal Witchcraft!  Here are a few communication spells herbal ingredients and how they pair well with the Sun God of communication Hermes.  Granted, you might even be introduced to more as you start working with Hermes on a regular basis.

Dill Weed - I use dill weed for home blessings, for love spells, and for sex magick!  Dill weed is a magical herb that works well in prosperity spells too, as it is known for bringing good luck your way.  For more on luck, you might enjoy reading, Grounded in Good Luck Energy: My New Lifestyle Theme!

 Notes: Dill weed pairs well with rosemary, I've come to find.  They seem to work well together!  I also find dill weed is great for communication spells, so again, working with Hermes, the sun God of communication, might give your herbal spell a boost.  This sweet herb can be used for protection and for waning moon spells such as banishment, binding, hexes, and curses.  It is more than qualified to hold a strong protection spell together!

Lemon Pepper - Cleansing, healing, and refreshing!  I use lemon pepper in spells where I need great speed to take place.  It's an energizing herbal ingredient that's fast-acting!  I find lemon pepper works well in communication spells or no contact situations when trying to manifest a specific person.  Lemon pepper pairs well with the Sun God Hermes!

Notes:  Lemon pepper works great in weight loss spells, communication spells, and spells in which it feels as though all hope is lost or something in your life needs a lift energetically!

Damiana - Lust, passion, burning desire, romance, love, attraction, and chemistry!  I use Damiana in any spell where I'm in urgent need of something to happen quickly, whether it be getting asked out on a date or manifesting a phone call from a specific person.  There is an urgency and a burning hot passionate desire that is backed by the damiana herb.  It's a great spell for putting a rush on things!

Notes:  Damiana pairs well with fire element spells or spells using the wood element and air element as a team!  It works perfectly with heated spells where there's an air of urgency to the situation or you simply cannot wait any longer to hear from somebody.  Damiana pairs well with the Sun God Hermes, the God of communication, and fast traveling energy.  She also loves to work with the sexy attitude of Goddess Freya, the Goddess of sex and war!

In my own personal experience, lemon pepper was introduced to me by Hermes!  I mean, I've used it while cooking in the past, but I found it particularly noteworthy and uplifting in spells of communication.  It seems to be an herb that I associate with Hermes now.  

In a way, it makes perfect sense, as Hermes is literally a God of the sun!  He literally burns things up and makes things happen.  He works in the realm of solar energy and the citrus notes of lemon pepper are refreshing and create clear channels of communication.

As soon as Hermes and I find "the one" communication spell that works instantly, you'll be the first to know, friends.  I will say that most of his spells, thus far, have worked within a day or two.  That's still pretty fast, don't you think?  Thanks for reading! xoxo

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