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How to Create An Enchanted Forest Walk With Goddess Rhiannon

A baby owl in the tree-lined forests of a Florida wilderness

This is a blog post on how to create an enchanted forest walk with Goddess Rhiannon! There's nothing better than trekking through the woods and sightseeing, but hiking with a goddess opens up new possibilities for magical moments in time that you'll never forget.

What is a forest walk?  A forest walk is the same as taking a hike on the trails, only you do it with some intention behind it.  In this case, we would call it an enchanted forest walk or a magical walk in mother nature.  

I go hiking most days of the week and when I do, I usually call on a goddess.  One of my favorite hiking goddesses is Goddess Rhiannon!  She's a Celtic goddess that will help you embrace your new life as a magical person.  

She is also a lunar goddess, meaning you can work with her during the different moon phases of life.  She's the perfect moon goddess to call on if you want to take a full moon hike!

It is not uncommon for Rhiannon to suddenly give you instructions to head into the forest for a moon ritual or to create a green witch altar.  When she does this, she will often ask you to bring her a gift, usually in the form of an amethyst gemstone!

Thus far, she has asked for my tiny amethyst gemstone terrarium as a ritual sacrifice, an ornate amethyst necklace, and rough pieces of amethyst, and a love note!  She's probably one of the clearest goddesses to hear and offer up instructions.  This is a goddess who knows what she wants!

My advice to you, never go hiking empty-handed if you're going to call on Rhiannon!  She likes gifts and offerings and to feel special.  This will help build a loving, trusting relationship where she knows she can count on you and vice versa.  

The key to working with Welsh goddess Rhiannon is to act fast!  If you hear her inner guidance, be sure to act on it and trust it.  Goddesses often speak to us telepathically or through signs and symbols in order to draw our attention.  

Speaking of signs and symbols, Goddess Rhiannon is known for sending bird signs and symbolism.  The majority of the time, when working with her, I usually get to sightsee an owl in its natural habitat up in the trees and the canopy of the forest.  In fact, this happened to me yesterday and I was able to get my first picture of an owl finally!

When this happens, I usually know that I have a magical day ahead of me!  The rest of the day usually follows suit with inspiring ideas and creativity flowing through my fingertips as I rush home to write afterward.  

If you work in a creative field, in particular, you may find taking an enchanted forest walk completely helpful in eradicating writer's block.  It's a great way to get the creative juices flowing and it acts as a catalyst for change.  

An enchanted forest walk works best with some preemptive measures first.  You can start by writing a letter to the universe addressed to Goddess Rhiannon then burn, drown, or bury it!

Have a ritual, spell, or nature altar in mind before heading to your local park or trail.  By having something simple planned ahead of time, you'll be able to get the most out of your experience.  Read about my hiking adventures in Florida to see how I prepare for these types of hikes.

If you have a special outfit you like to wear while hiking or when performing magical spells and rituals, it's a great way to get inspired for your magical walk in nature.  You might like to read about how I wear whimsical style in the woodland for a little outdoor inspiration.

To take an enchanted woodland walk, you should start by going slow!  You can do this by practicing forest bathing, earthing rituals, or by grounding your energy through picking wildflowers, wearing flowers in your hair, or foraging for mushrooms on the forest floor.  

What makes a forest walk enchanted is that you'll be communicating with Goddess Rhiannon while you're hiking!  I often use this time to pour my heart out and release any harsh emotions that I've been holding onto.  The earth goddess will use earth's healing energy as a form of therapy.  

In addition to that, the woodland uplifts your mood and spirits.  So, even if you walk into the woods heavy-hearted, you'll be able to release toxic emotions with ease and grace in the most natural way possible.  

During a walk, you might find yourself being drawn to new trails, dragonfly meadows, and sun-filtered spots that you never noticed before.  This happens to me a lot while taking my daily nature walks.  A lot of times, you'll be led to a magical spot for a reason.

For example, Goddess Rhiannon might help you discover an herb that you can use in your latest spell or find a flower to tuck behind your ear.  I've also found toys, painted rocks, and erasers in the heart of the faery forest.  It's a magical place to be!

The most important thing to know about taking an enchanted walk in mother nature is to let your intuition guide you!  Goddesses will often speak to you through thoughts, feelings, and intuition and they might set you on a new path you've never discovered before.

On the way home, listen to Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac as a thank you to the goddess for making your time in nature well spent and magical!  She adores that sorta thing.  Then, look for the signs, as they will be everywhere you go!

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