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How to Use the Magical Herbarium For Herbal Spells and Remedies


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This is a blog post on how to use the magical herbarium for herbal spells and remedies!  My hope is that you'll learn how to use agreeable and disagreeable herbs and plants, as well as to get to know some herbs that aren't really an herb at all.  I'm looking at you graveyard dirt!

Working with magical herbs is all part of the journey to green witchcraft. I've been walking the path of a witch since 2013 and along the way, I found the place I fit in. That place is green witchcraft!

I will be adding to the magical herbarium as I go further down the rabbit hole of herbal witchery. In the meantime, I'm only going to share the herbs that I already have a preexisting relationship with, as well as herbs or poisonous plants I'd like to work with in the future.

By the way, if you'd like to learn more about working with witch herbs and the like, you might enjoy reading, Meet Goddess Hecate: Dark Triple Goddess of Herbal Witchcraft and Poisonous Plants! I find that she will introduce you to new and exciting herbs that will open up the world to you.

What's an herbarium?  It's just a place where I keep my digital kitchen herbs organized.  The more that I work with them, the more I plan on adding to my herbal list.  I hope over time my herbarium grows because that's a sign that I'm growing my herbal apothecary with ease and grace!

Everything that I talk about here will only be herbs that I am currently working with or have worked within the past.  I'll also be setting goals for future herbs and poisonous plants I'm dreaming of working with.  

The reason for this is simple.  It takes time and energy to build a secret relationship with plants and herbs.  As you'll find out as you begin your herbal witchcraft journey, many herbs will straight up disagree with you.  These are called disagreeable herbs or herbs to stay away from.

The only way to know if an herb will work with you is to try it!  Make the effort and if the herb ingredient still doesn't like you, then at least you know you've done all you can.  

Agreeable herbs are herbs that enjoy working with you and generally agree with you.  These might be the herbs you are naturally attracted to or suggested to you by herbal goddesses.  Again, the only real way to know for sure is to work with the herb and see if she agrees with you or not.  

How to work with an herb?  In order to identify whether or not your herb is agreeable or not for your personal herb collection, you've got to work with her!  

I strongly advise not giving up after one try!  Relationships are hard, human or herb, and they take time and effort.  Trying one time and giving up is unlikely to enhance your magical abilities to work with herbs.  

I say give your fresh herbal ingredient a few tries or work with him or her once a week to build a strong foundation for a relationship.  Remember that the herbs you work with come to life for spells and remedies so getting to know them on a personal level is highly important to your craft.  

To work with the herb, simply pour a little in your hand and wake up your fresh ingredients.  Simply say wake up and good morning as a greeting!  For example, if I'm working with fresh basil for attraction, I might say, "Wake up, Basil!  Good morning, Basil.  Nice to meet you!"

Write down impressions in your herbal notebook.  How does the herb make you feel?  What properties are coming to life?  What impressions are you getting from the herb you're working with?  Journal it!

Later, once you've become friends with your herb, you can then see if your first impressions match up!  There are general herb properties then there are deep impressions that come later when fostering a relationship with your herbal friend.  

For more on herbal spells, you might enjoy reading, How to Make an Herbal Envelope Spell With Herbs, Spices, and Elements of Nature!  Herbal envelope spells are one of my favorite ways to work with herbs.  

With time, you'll develop a personal relationship with poisonous plants and herbs that will enhance your herbal witchcraft to new heights!  That's why it's important to record everything the herb is doing while working with you.  

In addition to that, you might see a few herbs that are not really herbs at all.  That's okay.  When you start your own herbarium, you'll find that certain non-herbs will fit into this category perfectly.  It's all part of magical plant life and garden herbs!

How to Use the Magical Herbarium For Herbal Spells and Remedies

In order to get the most use-value out of the magical herbarium for herbal witchcraft, you can use the herbs and non-herbs that I've listed to create herbal spells and remedies.  Most of the time, when I share a spell on my blog, it can then be converted into an herbal remedy and vice versa.  

While I don't go into the medicinal benefits of working with herbs for herbal remedies, much of the magical properties cover the extensive far-reaching capabilities of each individual herb.  I find that you can make an herbal remedy spell envelope just the same as you can make an herbal envelope spell.  

For example, last week I made an herbal remedy envelope to ease the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression.  February was a rough month for my mental health and I wanted to get back into alignment.  I used many of the same ingredients that I would use in any of my spells.  

In the case of depression, I used herbal ingredients like sage, black tourmaline dust, and the sun tarot card to lift my mood and spirits.  Within a day or two, it worked!  I keep the envelope under my pillow every night as I drift off to sleep.

In addition to that, if you'd like to convert your herbal remedy into a spell, you can do that too!  The same ingredients for self-love might also work with romantic love if done the right way.  A lot of it is using your intuition and developing your herbal skills over time.  It's how self-love and romantic love go together!

Another thing you can do with an herbal envelope spell is to take the ingredients out of the envelope (say after a 28-day moon cycle) and pour the ingredients into a potted plant for some plant magic.  What this does is takes your spell to the next level or an advanced stage.  

Additionally, you can pour your herbal spell ingredients into your potted plant to convert it into an herbal remedy!  Just be sure to give thanks to your plant allies and leave a plant offering behind.  

Plants usually like a tiny gemstone and dried herb offerings the majority of the time.  They also like fairy statuary and imagery.  

What this does is create layers to your spells!  It's rare to see one of my spells with herbal ingredients only, as I often dress up my spell with accompanying tarot cards, gemstones, plants, flowers, and more!

Again, a lot of this is trusting your intuition and building your faith in the ingredients you choose to work with!  There are dozens of combinations you can create with herbal spells and plant magic.  In fact, I always recommend creating your own herbal compendium and filling it with your favorite and most-used herbs.  

Another thing you can do to work with the magical herbarium for herbal witchcraft is to begin working with the pairing goddess, angel, or fairy queen of the herb you'd like to work with.  Building a relationship with the pairing deity or gemstone will aid in your spell work ten-fold!

You can also use herbs to activate a sigil using sigil magick!  Simply add the desired herb blend to the sigil you created and let it activate overnight.  This proves to be especially helpful during a full moon!

You can also work with the astrological correspondences of each herb!  You can find your astrological sign and use it for spells in which you wish to manifest something for yourself.  If you do a spell for someone you know, you can add their astrological sign, ruling planet, and masculine or feminine energy to it.

For example, if you wanted to do a crystal in the bra spell for natural beauty and attractiveness, Catnip would be a good fit!  Take a look at its planetary correspondences: Astrological Correspondances: Feminine/Venus/Water Element/Taurus + Libra.

There are so many things you can do with having a little information in your hands when it comes to herbalism and herbal spell work!  You've just got to keep your eyes open to the possibilities and use your intuition on the go.  You can do everything from using Mercury in Retrograde to craft a communication spell to putting together a spell for each corresponding moon sign.

If you ever get stumped and have a question, feel free to ask me anything in the comments!  I'm happy to help when I can :) In the meantime, read the magical herbarium for herbal witchcraft to get started!

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