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How to Work With Nine of Cups Tarot Card Energy

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 This is a blog post on how to work with nine of cups tarot card energy!  This tarot card has always had a dreamy, receptive Pisces season energy about it to me.  It reminds me of wish fulfillment and all good things!

When the 9 of cups shows up in a tarot reading, I always feel a little hopeful and excited.  It's the type of tarot card that says it's safe to wish on a shooting star.  It's the kind of card that makes you believe everything will be alright, now and in the future.  

It's also a card for manifestation.  It represents manifesting the things you want into physical reality with ease and grace.  It's calm, soothing energy that has a depth of emotion to it like no other.  

If you want to manifest your wishes from thin air, then working with the nine of cups seems like a no-brainer!  It's a card that says that all the spells you've been doing are about to become a reality.

It's the card you want to get for, well, everything!  It's the card of hopes and dreams and wishes come true.  It's the card that makes you feel good and makes you want to be a better person.  

I also see the nine of cups as a card that bodes well for visualization, with its dream-like quality within it.  Visualizing what you want before drifting off to sleep with a bay leaf in one hand and the 9 of cups in the other is the perfect way to make sure your wish springs to life!

In addition to being a great card for visualization, I also think it's an incredibly gifted card for meditation, premonitions, and dream interpretations and meanings.  It's definitely a fabulous tarot card for trusting your intuition, that inner knowing that lives and breathes within you!

If you are doing a love reading, getting the 9 of cups energy healing means that you're about to enter into the relationship of your dreams!  The kind of guy or girl who checks off all the boxes on your romantic partner checklist.  

Already in a relationship?  This card could possibly mean that your beau is about to take things to the next level with a romantic proposal or wedding engagement!  It's definitely a card about getting serious with your next romantic partner and having a lot of fun, carefree times together.  

Unlike the two of cups, the nines represent autonomy and self-mastery, meaning that you drew the kind of love you wanted into your life!  It's kind of cool to see all the lists you made and love spells you did pay off.  

What about if you get the nine of cups in a career tarot reading?  Great news!  It means you're about to land the dream job you applied for or get the promotion you worked hard for.  This definitely indicates things are moving up for you!

In a money reading, the nine of cups indicates even more wish-fulfillment!  It means you're about to receive a financial windfall or win the lottery.  The key is that you have to play the game first.  

Want to win the lottery?  Buy a lotto ticket!  Want to become a writer?  Start a blog!  With the nines, dreams can only come true to the effect that you make them happen.  

It's a card that reminds me of the kind of person that has good luck, golden opportunities, and chance meetings follow them wherever they go.  This is a card of fortune and success built upon your previous efforts and manifestation work.  

It's the tarot card that says, go ahead!  Do that secret moon spell, write down your intentions, and do yoga to manifest your wildest desires.  It's a card not of planting seeds so much as seeing the fruits of your labors unfold.  

I call it the allowing and receiving card when doing law of attraction work.  You've already done the manifestation work, now your efforts are coming back to you!

How to Work With Nine of Cups Tarot Card Energy

To work with the nine of cups tarot card, I recommend meditating with it!  It's a great card to stare into, almost as if you're trying to activate a sigil in sigil magick.  What this does is put you in an altered state of consciousness.

You can use this method to manifest a specific person or something else that you really, really want.  Stare into the card and using your intuition, what comes to mind for you?

Depending on what deck you use, the nine of cups will have a dream-like quality to it, akin to the state before falling to sleep.  I have several decks I use, but I really love the nine of cups from the Everyday Witch Tarot deck.  

The girl is sitting on the beach with her legs crossed with a sandcastle behind her.  She is looking toward the water, only her eyes are closed.  This springs to mind the image of someone about to receive something.  Let that someone be you!

Another way to use the 9 of cups for energy healing is to sleep with it!  It definitely recollects deep, spiritual consciousness and dream premonitions and meanings to boot.  Place the 9 of cups and bay leaves under your pillow to remember your dreams when you awaken in the morning.  

It also works to ground your manifestation into reality while you sleep!  Let the nine of cups do all the heavy lifting while you get your beauty sleep.  

Use the nine of cups in any kind of wish fulfillment spell you'd like to do!  Add dandelion root to your spell and you've got the secret ingredients for grounded manifestations.  Dandelion root + 9 of cups = fairy magic and who doesn't love that?

Listen to, "Just the Two of Us" by Bill Withers and Grover Washington for a little music manifestation.  Bonus points for laying on a picnic blanket while daydreaming and listening!  Just keep your tarot card with you for instant music manifestation.  

You can also use the nine of cups while watching clouds take shape in the sky, just like you did when you were a child!  Lay on the green grass and place the nine of cups either next to you or on your heart chakra then watch the clouds roll by and dream, dream, dream!  

All you have to do is dream with the nine of cups!  You can use it in visualization, during meditation,  while doing yoga poses, and while grounding your energy on a beautiful spring day.  It's about daydreaming and building castles in the sky, only to see them come to life!

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