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How to Work With the Star Tarot Card Energy


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This is a blog post on how to work with the star tarot card energy! The star card is about hope, renewal, and optimism. It is a wish-fulfillment card and a card of great healing and divine intervention.

The star card is my favorite tarot card in the tarot deck!  When the star pops up in a tarot reading, it's a sign that everything is going to be okay, now and in the future.  It's a card that always makes me feel a sense of belonging.

The stars on the card represent divine and universal guidance from our ancestors looking down on us.  The woman on the card is otherworldly, a lady made out of a blanket of stars, coursing with life-force energy.  

This is a card of reassurance and connectivity.  It's a card that lets you know you have a sacred place in this world and that you play a vital role in it, as someday you'll be the ancestor in the stars looking down on the world and sharing your wisdom.

When a star card represents a specific person, she usually represents someone who has been through the dark night of the soul experience and has somehow made it to the other side of it.  This is someone who has been through many struggles in life and has done the hard work on herself.  

Looking at the star tarot, you are filled with a sense of awe and wonder at how the woman on the card made it through all the difficult times.  Yet, she stands there gracefully, almost regally, as she pours her magic into the water and streams it through her hands.

When the star card appears, it means you did the shadow work necessary in order to heal your childhood wounds and trauma.  It means you faced the darkest places within yourself and have come to a place where you are now polished and refined.

Throughout all of her struggles, she appears to shake the stars loose in the night sky, telling the future as it may be told.  Just like her ancestors before her, the star card as a person has ancient wisdom and divine knowledge to share in the tree of life.

The star card is in the sign of Aquarius, lending futuristic energy to any reading!  It is for this reason that the star tarot card can represent astrology, moon readings, and planetary alignments.  When the star card appears in the future position, it means the future looks bright and promising for you!

Sometimes, the star card shows up as a message from your ancestors, especially if you've been doing rootwork and practicing graveyard magic!  It's the kind of card that runs deep and reverent through the silvery filament of life.

The star tarot card energy healing means aligning with your higher purpose, just as you align with the stars that fall from the sky.  It's a card that makes you feel hopeful for the future!  At its best, it might be one of the most healing cards in the tarot deck.

The star card, much like the temperance card, signifies deep, spiritual healing on every level of your being.  It is associated with Archangel Jophiel, therefore you might be in store for a major glow-up in your life!

When the star appears, you might find yourself doing shadow work, healing heartbreak, and addressing the darkness of your past, as well as past-life regressions.  Yes, it's painful while you're going through it, but with the star card, there's hope and renewal waiting for you just around the bend.

On a physical level, you might find yourself glowing as the picture of good health!  You might find yourself starting a yoga practice with Goddess Parvati or transforming into an herbivore and eating more baby greens.  It's the card that reminds you to take responsibility for your life by stepping into your power.  

What better way to do that than to make friends with holistic health and natural remedies made by mother nature.  The star card is definitely a card for glowing skin, hair, and nails!  She makes you want to be a better person and improve yourself.  

In a romantic reading, the star card means there's hope in this situation!  It means there's a strong chance of reconciliation, especially if you've had a falling out with someone in your past.  It's a promising card to fix things and to heal relationships on a soul connection level.  

Most of all, the star tarot card speaks of wish-fulfillment!  What you wish for will come true in the nearby future.  It's the card you get when you are being divinely guided on your path.  

The stars orient us and navigate us through the darkness of life, encouraging us to end up someplace good, maybe even better than where we were before.  If you feel lost right now, know that it won't be for long, as the stars will guide you home.

In a career reading, the star tarot energy can literally mean you'll become a star, as it is your birthright.  It's a card that says the future looks bright and promising for your business or career path!  Whatever you are working on, keep doing it because it's working.

It's the make a wish card of the tarot card deck!  It's filled with hopefulness and direction.  If your purpose isn't clear now, it soon will be, and what could be better than that?

How to Work With the Star Tarot Card Energy

To work within the star tarot card energy healing, as always, I recommend spending time with it!  If you have multiple tarot card decks, I recommend pulling the star card out of each of those.  For a weeklong tarot meditation, work with a different star tarot card each day of the week.

Use a mini-notebook and fill it with notes on each star tarot card that you work with each day.  What are your insights?  How does the card make you feel?  What pops out in the imagery for you?

Next, for each star card, make sure to add a song to it!  What song pops into your head for each card?  Don't second-guess yourself and write down whatever comes to mind for you.

You'll want to take a moment and look up the lyrics and song meaning.  There may be an ancestral message in there for you somewhere.

Another thing you can do is write down what needs to be healed in your life each day, according to the star tarot you are working on within your daily tarot practice.  Do you feel led to a particular food item?  That may be the star card leading you to the healthy food choice you need that day.

Often, when our bodies crave something, it means that we're missing a rich nutrient that only certain plant-based foods can provide.  The star tarot is the perfect card for rich, nourishing foods that only mother nature can provide!

The same goes for working out!  I often associate the star with mind, body, and soul integration practices such as yoga and meditation.  If you get this hopeful dreamer of a card, it may be telling you that it's time to get rooted back in your body.

Use this card as a portal to your overall mental health and well-being!  There's nothing more healing than the star card tarot.  It's a card that will help you align with your spiritual wellness.

It's also a beautiful card that resonates with the mind, body, and soul connection when it comes to taking personal responsibility for your life.  It makes you accountable for the actions you take by becoming a soverign human being, standing in your power.

Try it!  Try working with different star cards from different tarot decks for a week and see how your life changes, as the energy courses through your veins with creativity and a wellspring of inspiration.  

The star makes a wonderful muse when you're suffering from writer's block or you feel creatively stuck.  It's the card that will get the creative juices flowing again!  There's nothing more inspirational than hanging out with the star card tarot while you go about your workweek.  

Here's the thing: The tarot star is different and unique.  She is like no other, and guess what?  She doesn't want to be.  

This is a girl who likes to stand alone in her beauty and grace, sparkling brighter than all of the other cards in the tarot deck.  She can teach us to embrace our differences and honor our unique energetic blueprint within.  That's what makes her star-worthy. special, and unique.  

She understands the meaning of life and she embraces the challenges that come her way.  Better yet, she does it with a crown of stars above her head and a darkened sky.  Out of all the stars, she shines the brightest and burns the longest.  Be the star card in the tarot deck!

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