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Journey Into Green Witchcraft Series: Your Journey Begins Here...


Black, white, and yellow Florida Swallowtail Butterfly pollinating butterfly flowers in the meadow at Hammock Park in Dunedin, Florida

Welcome to the journey into the green witchcraft series! There are several branches of witchcraft that I study at the advanced level. I created the series to help you find your way as a baby witch and to eventually come to know that labels don't matter as much as you think in witchcraft and are interchangeable. Green witch is a label that I use that is like an umbrella that covers the many spiritual, witchy topics we're going to delve into!

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Sea witch magic, sea magic, mermaid magic, working with mermaids and sea sprites, sea goddesses

Working with the fae and elementals, fairy magic, wishing magic,

Graveyard Dirt, Graveyard Spells, Graveyard magic, graveyard goddesses, spirit work, ghosts, ancestors

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Hi, I'm Laurali! I write about moon magic and seasonal shifts and all things faery. about me


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