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Moon and Seasonal: New Moon in Pisces (March 2021)

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 Moon and Seasonal:  New Moon in Pisces is the last moon in the astrological year, then a new astrological year fully begins during Aries season!  This time around, the new moon feels a lot like a full moon in that it will help you let go of things, release them, and make space for the brand-new.

This new moon comes with promises for a brighter future!  Pisces season is all about imagination, dreaming up ideas in the emotional landscape of our mind.  It's a great time to get in touch with your inner child and embrace the past in a way that also helps you to leave it behind.

You may be in your head a lot right now, daydreaming, planning, meditating, and contemplating life on earth and our very existence.  What sets this moon apart from others is its proximity to Venus and Neptune and the effect it has on us.

When Venus and Neptune draw closer together, things tend to get really fun and interesting!  The massive energy of these two planets close together brings a highly romantic vibe.  You might find yourself getting in the mood for love and romance with your romantic partner or, if you're single, you might find yourself ready to meet someone.

In twenty-twenty, you did the work on yourself.  Last year was all about doing shadow work and facing your demons, as well as discovering a new way of life.  You may have found out what you didn't want in a relationship and that's okay.

With the new astrological year just around the bend with venus and Neptune alignment, your heart might be souring!  Your heart may be more open to meeting someone, to working on a pre-existing relationship, and best of all, you'll be working on self-love and how it goes together with romantic love!

What I like about the Pisces new moon is the sweet, gentle, healing energy it brings to the table!  Yes, it's about closing chapters, saying goodbyes, and letting go of toxic situations, but at its heart, it has Venusian vibes and Neptunian energy that recharges your batteries and revitalizes you.  

It will be like taking a bath in the ocean with massive amounts of sea salt and mermaids all around you!  This moon has heavy bard vibes.  The bard is all about romance, poetry, and knights of chivalry.  It makes it the perfect time to reevaluate your relationships on every level.

This moon phase gives off a peaceful feeling like no other!  It comes fully equipped to assist you with releasing toxic emotions and feelings with ease and grace.  With the Pisces new moon centered around two dreamy, romantic planets, your heart will be fully open for a short time.  

There will be a feeling of peace and acceptance in your heart over things you may have previously struggled with in the past.  Forgiveness and letting go may be at the heart of everything you do right now, at least for the next few days.  Try to keep fueling this new moon energy healing by working on your heart chakra daily.

Try to keep this feeling going for as long as you can, before the next fiery wave of Aries season begins!  There's a lot of fresh, intertangled energies in the air right now.  When things become enmeshed, they can become a recipe for beauty, creation, and loving relationships in the future.  Without further ado, let's jump into it, shall we?

Moon and Seasonal: New Moon in Pisces (March 2021)

On March 13th, 2021 the dark moon phase falls in the sign of Pisces, with Venus and Neptune in close proximity to each other.  There may be a yearning to work on self-love and self-acceptance right now.  

This may also be a great time to reach out to others and make amends, heal situations that no longers serve you, and wash away the past with the cups energy of the moon.  Cups energy talks about our emotional landscape and how we need to clear space for new relationships and new ways of looking at things.  It gives us a feeling of being objective, like an outside observer looking in at our life.

This is a promising moon!  This moon doesn't just make promises, she keeps them close to her heart and makes them happen.  This is the kind of energy that makes you want to open your heart and connect with others on a deeper level, whether it be familial, romantic, or friendship.

This moon makes you want to be a better person!  Don't be surprised if personal self-development is on the rise right now.  You might start throwing out all your cheesy snacks or hitting the gym again.  Most of all, it will be about facing the beauty within you instead of our demons and shadow self.  

This moon feels honest and refreshing!  If truths are revealed right now, it may hurt your heart, but the water cleansing bath of Pisces will wash away your tears.  This is a moon for resilience and bouncing back from perceived hurts and slights.  Whatever you are feeling right now on an emotional level will pass quickly, leaving moon dust in its wake.

The Pisces new moon is all about healing and recovery!  If health has been on your mind lately, work with Piscean energy to dream up a plan for the future!  Come up with a holistic health protocol and release negative emotions in the body.  Toxic feelings and emotions remain stored in your body until you fully release them into the ether of universal love and light.

It's a great time to introduce new foods into your diet, especially seaweed and kelp!  Seaweed is full of rich nutrients and you'll be eating the food of mermaids.  You may have glowing energy to your skin right now, as the planetary alignments affect the body.  This is because Pisces, Venus, and Neptune have aligned to bring a major glow-up your way!

For making dietary changes during the Pisces new moon, you might like to try working with the mermaid detox diet!  This really is the perfect time to clear out toxins and recalibrate the body in healthful ways.

This is also prime time to practice gentle stretches and restorative yoga routines to your daily workout regimen.  There should be a heavy emphasis on beauty during the new moon in Pisces, especially with two dreamy, romantic planets in such close proximity to each other!

The new moon in Pisces energy brings with it the kind of beauty that lives and dwells inside of us.  It's the kind of deep, reverent beauty that is activated during specific planetary alignments.  The triangular alignment of Pisces, Neptune, and Venus will literally make your skin glow and give you an air of presence.

Your confidence might be soaring for the next few days, as a fresh wave of mermaid energy rolls in to wash away the past!  You are at the end of a cycle that was rough and tumble, only to walk away as a brand-new person.  This is a cycle that brings with it beauty and enchantment and all of the sweet blessings that life has to bring.

Yes, you might have moments where the emotional toll hits you hard in the feels.  Know that it's okay to feel your feelings and express your emotions in creative ways.  These sad, deep moments will quickly pass us by as the cool waters of Pisces washes them away in a gentle breeze that ruffles our hair.

I can't help but feel that this is the perfect close to the astrological new year!  This is the kind of energy that makes you feel beautifully aligned with the cosmos, the ocean, and the spirits that live in these diverse places.

This is a moon about feeling connected, tapped in!  You'll feel immensely connected to the divine, as well as the loving relationships you hold in your life.  You may be surprised to find that the most loving relationship that pops into the forefront of your mind is the one you have with yourself!

Final Thoughts on Pisces New Moon

Beauty is at the heart of this new moon!  You may feel more beautiful and think more beautiful thoughts.  You may be releasing a lot of toxic emotions and feelings that jump into your watery landscape like the Piscean fish.

There's a sweet elegance about this moon that makes me think of an old soul mermaid child.  It's a time to stand in your personal power and make the changes you'd like to make with the help of the sea kings and queens.  They are at your disposal!

As always, with any water moon sign, you'll be receiving intuitive downloads and hits!  Your intuition will be making bank and you'll be jumping off the page with freshwater energy.  There's a cool, calming effect at play here that you don't want to miss out on.  

Use this time to forgive yourself for any past mistakes, lest they be forgotten in all portals of time.  Let the Piscean healing waters wash it away.  

Submerge yourself in dreams and schemes for the future by making realistic observations about where you'd like to go next in life.  Again, Pisces is at the end of the cycle.  She closes another chapter in the book of life.

You can begin now to take part in the creation of your future.  This is a time period in which to connect with your higher self, as well as to connect with others.  It's a time to cleanse and recalibrate your energy and fine-tune it.

Use this time wisely, as Aries season is just around the corner with a fresh wave of creative energy, to rekindle the spark within you!  In the meantime, Pisces season is about counting your blessings and holding dear the little things in life.  When you look back on your life a year from now, what promises do you hope to keep?

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