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Practicing Graveyard Magic With Goddess Hecate


An angel statue in a public cemetery in historical Florida near Dunedin, Florida

Today, we're covering new ground by practicing graveyard magic with Goddess Hecate! Working with the goddess of graveyards is a phenomenal way to get into spirit work, rootwork, and different forms of folk magic which allows us to connect with our ancestry.

I take field trips all the time. One of my favorite field trips is to head over to the local cemetery. Sometimes, I sit on the bench and read a book or write poetry.

Other times, you might find me photographing the angelic statues and headstones that dot the historic cemetery near where I live. You can read my post about graveyard photography if this is something you're interested in to get started!

The majority of the time, I'm there to do spirit work and practice some graveyard magic!  When this happens, I always ask Goddess Hecate to go with me, keeping me safe from harm under the umbrella of her protection.  

Right now, I spend most of my time at one local historical cemetery about twenty minutes away from where I live.  But, I can tell it may be time to branch out and venture into new places.  

I'm looking for a second cemetery to work graveyard magic in and Goddess Hecate is helping me with that!  We're scouting places out together as a team.  For the most part, I like to find new places by serendipity.  

By now, you're probably wondering what graveyard magic is?  Graveyard magic is where you perform spells using graveyard dirt collected from a cemetery and in some cases, perform spirit work right there in the heart of the cemetery.

Graveyard dirt is rich in nutrients and teeming with life!  I've used it in many spells where I felt heady afterward.  It is a strong ingredient to have in your spiritual arsenal!

Grave dirt is different from graveyard dirt in that it comes from a specific gravesite.  Part of picking out a gravesite to work with is to let your intuition lead the way!  

There was always this one specific gravestone that always attracted my attention on my visits and now I work with this specific spirit on a regular basis!  He usually likes it when I bring offerings of cupcakes, candies, and pot brownies.

That's something to keep in mind when doing this kind of spiritual work.  Like a girl scout, you'll want to be prepared!  

Always bring money with you to leave the gatekeeper upon entry to the graveyard and for leaving coins upon leaving.  I often leave him quarters on the way in and more quarters when leaving the cemetery.  It's always best to keep a good working relationship with the gatekeeper of the graveyard.

The gatekeeper is a spirit that once lived that now oversees and protects the graveyard both day and night.  In order to do any kind of graveyard work, you'll need to make good with him first!

In addition to that, always leave offerings on the gravestone you'll be collecting grave dirt from!  Try to keep in mind that spirits are a lot like humans.  They enjoy beer, candy, honey, and sweets galore, just like they did when they were still on the physical plane of existence.  

The spirit that I work with really enjoys pot brownies!  At home, when I'm doing spells with him, I often leave him a thank you note and a pot brownie as a gift.  I think he likes them because they weren't legalized back when he was still alive.  

I also bring vials to collect different types of graveyard dirt.  I usually collect graveyard dirt in repurposed medicine bottles that are clear enough to be able to see through.  

I also bring my camera with me every time I go as a cover!  I usually collect my graveyard dirt in daylight, hidden n plain sight, therefore I always bring things with me that I can use as a cover if someone drives through the cemetery so I'm not easily spotted.  

Taking field trips to the cemetery is one of my favorite pastimes, even before I started practicing folk magic!  It's just a peaceful, serene place to be.  

One of the things that makes it so magical is the work I do with Goddess Hecate, goddess of graveyards!  She has a way of assisting me in finding new gravesites (if I so choose) and protects me from malicious spirits who might want to follow me home.  

Just a side note:  Not all spirits who try to hitchhike with you are malicious in intent.  Some of them just want a new place to hang with some new life force to draw energy from.  However, I can't allow that energy to come from me.  

Luckily, with Goddess Hecate by my side, I never have to worry about that!  I have an entire set of procedures I do before I even leave my house.

I put garlic cloves in my bra, one for each boob.  Garlic is a potent protection herb that will also ground your energy while practicing folk magic and doing rootwork.  

I also place two tiger's eye crystals in my bra too.  For more on this, you might like to read about how to wear crystals in your bra to get started!

I also write a letter to the universe before I leave the house addressed to Goddess Hecate and burn or bury it!  In my letter, I ask her for protection, for a magical graveyard experience, and to help me dream up new spells to do when I get my specimens home.  

In the car on the way to visiting the cemetery, I also ask for the father, the son, and the holy spirit to protect me and do the sign of the cross.  I'm not Catholic but I do have roots in Christianity, so calling on the holy trinity always makes me feel safer.

I also add Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to my list of protectors.  It's not that Goddess Hecate doesn't offer enough protection, I just prefer to cover all my bases when doing graveyard work.

I guess you could say I'm a little superstitious.  I'm also the girl who leaves bowls of sea salt around my house and sprinkles rosemary by the front door for luck.

What about after I return home?  When I get back home, I immediately do a quick tarot card reading to make sure no spirits followed me home.  To be honest, I can usually tell regardless, but it's better to be safe than sorry.  

The cemetery magic continues long after I return to my home!  I usually feel a surge of energy, almost like a high, after practicing graveyard magic.  

Even though I'm collecting graveyard dirt and walking around snapping graveyard photographs while I'm out there, it's still deep, reverent magic.  People often think that being a witch is creating spells and rituals, but it's so much more than that!

When I get home, I sit down with Goddess Hecate and we decide what spells I'm going to do next, using the grave dirt specimens.  Right now, I'm working on undoing a hex or curse that was put on my family long ago and freeing the spirit that put the curse on us in the first place!

It's a long story, but I don't like to see any spirit stuck on the physical plane because of the guilt and shame of something they did long ago!  It's called forgiveness and using a great quote from Buffy, forgiveness isn't given because it's deserved, but it's given because that's what's needed for the person to be able to move on.

So, that's what I'm working on right now, side by side with my favorite graveyard goddess!  If you'd like to get into graveyard magic, I highly recommend building a lasting relationship with Goddess Hecate.  It will be one for the ages!

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