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The Magical Healing Properties of Aries Season 2021


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This is a blog post on the magical healing properties of Aries season 2021! On March 20th, not only do we usher in the spring Equinox, but the warm healing powers of the astrological sign Aries. This will be a time of great change and resurgence!

At the head of astrology, Aries is the first zodiac sign to kick off the astrological new year! This will be a power move. A fresh wave of energy will be coming in after a long period of tying up loose ends and saying goodbye to the past during Pisces Season.

With the Pisces new moon, we did a lot of cleansing and healing. We applied a first aid kit to our lives rather seamlessly, and now we're healed, restored, and ready to emerge from the cocoons of our own making!

This Aries season comes fully-equipped to shake things up and make them fun and interesting again! When an Aries walks in a room, you know things are about to get exciting. There's a soft, sparkling shimmering light that lights up the season of Aries.

You might find yourself more of a doer right now, and more of a mover and a shaker. You might be on top of your game and ready to get things done.

The energy in the air is electrifying this month, fueling you with creative ideas and enough inspiration to fill a couple of notebooks. You may find yourself initiating things and taking charge of aspects of your life that you previously felt held captive by.

This would be a great month to work with the element of fire and fire magic! Performing candle magic, burning herbs and incense, and building a quiet spark within your imagination will rule the heart this month.

With Mars being the dominant planet, be careful not to let yourself become too aggressive and barrel over people while you're trying to reach your goals! You don't have to knock people out of the way to get the job done. Be sure to pace yourself and remember to stay mindful with yoga and meditation.

When Aries is in alignment, it's the perfect time to work with fire-breathing dragon magic! Dragons and Aries pair together perfectly! They both have masculine energy and the ability to get things done fast.

Working with dragons can be quite helpful when coming up with creative solutions to problems! Dragons can assist you with fame, fortune, and success. They can work with you through creative growth and expansiveness.

This makes dragons the perfect familiar to accompany you on your journey into Aries Season 2021! It's a time of emergence through the darkness and the ashes. It's a time of taking a leadership role in your own life. You may feel highly motivated and alive at this time!

Sometimes, the Aries fire can burn out of control. It can become a wildfire that consumes us with Mars dominant masculine energy, in which case it's important to stay mindful and grounded throughout the fire season. Remember to go wildly and slow this season!


With Aries Season just around the corner, you should begin to feel better about life!  If you previously went through a period of drought, you're about to spring back to life.  Life will become a lush landscape and butterfly garden again.  

To work with the heart of Aries season, I highly recommend working with Archangel Ariel!  Many people see the color light ray of Ariel as pink, but she always comes through in red for me.  When I think of her, I think of the root chakra color, the color of earth and fire mixed together.

This is because the Archangel Ariel is associated with the root chakra and it's within the root chakra, where all life exists.  The root chakra does everything from connecting you to herbs and plants and the fairy realm to grounding your energy on a woodland photoshoot.  The root chakra is my favorite chakra!

There's a lot of energy this season of life!  It's a great time to really think about what you want to get done and take action on it.  Plans might come together rather quickly this time around and you'll find yourself yearning for more.  That's why it's important to connect with mother nature at this time, as it will help you to achieve the best of both worlds.  

Aries season is revitalizing!  It brings a lot of cheer and goodwill with it for all to enjoy.  It's a magical time to be alive and work with the resources you have on hand.  The Aries person is always clever and resourceful and quick-minded to boot!

Use that energy to the best of your ability.  By the end of the season, you might just find yourself someplace better!  It's important to use these little pockets of inspiration to fuel the creative spark within us and never let it wane or die.  That, my friends, is the magical healing properties of Aries season 2021 in a nutshell!


  • Create an herbal envelope spell and burn it!  Be sure to fill your herbal envelope spell with burning herbs such as sage (for purification), cayenne pepper (for speed), and rosemary for sweet household blessings.  Then, burn it over your sink or cauldron while invocating your favorite goddess!
  • Learn some candle magick!  Practice candle magic by adding fresh lavender herbs and orange essential oil to your candle while burning.  To amplify it, dedicate it to Goddess Nemetona, the goddess of sacred groves!
  • Put plans into action!  Implement your plans for the future!  During Pisces season you did a lot of daydreaming and contemplation.  Now, it's time to take action on the divine spark of your ideas!  Think of one thing you can do each day and complete the task at hand.
  • Work with the Archangel Ariel!  Spend time in your root chakra!  You can do this through meditation and by heading into the woodland for a little forest bathing.
  • Work with dragon magic! Fire-breathing dragons will assist you by spurring you into action and helping you to be fully radiant, as it is your birthright.  Dragons emerge to teach us to work with the fire element and the salamander animal guide that each of us has within us.
Make Aries season one for the ages!  Utilize the fast-moving energy of the wands suit in the tarot card deck.  Aries will spring you back to life and revitalize you in ways you never thought were possible.  Make the most of it!
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