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Waning Moon Magic: How to Craft Spells During a Baneful Moon

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Waning Moon Magic: How to Craft Spells During a Baneful Moon! I feel like the waning crescent moon is the most underrated of the moon phases. There's a lot of power that can be utilized during this moon phase and that's what we're going to talk about today!

 It's a time when you get to work with dark goddesses and lunar deities if you so wish!  You can use this as a period of rest and reflection or use it to call on lunar fairy queens to bring a little magic to your life.

Baneful moons are a great time to work waning moon magic and secret moon rituals!  This is a great moon cycle for doing (or undoing) hexes, curses, and banishment spells.  This is where you have a strong desire to end old cycles so that you can make space for a new beginning.

It's the season of life that entails taking charge of your routines and rituals by ridding yourself of bad habits, toxic behaviors, and pattern history.  The baneful moon reminds us that where were are now is one step closer to where we're going.  

The waning moon is also popular for certain types of magic that tend to err on what would be considered the darker side of magic.  The dark magicks, if you will.  This kind of magic often gets a bad rap, but what magic teaches us is that life and magic are really just one big gray area!

This kind of magic includes everything from graveyard magic to shadow work!  Using the waning moon energy means having the power to destroy, dissolve, and completely annihilate whatever no longer serves you in your life.  This is what will make you become a soverign being, much like the work I do with the Morrigan when I work with her.

The waning moon phase also represents a time of transition and the in-between times with the fae!  The mischievous fey loves a waning moon.  It's a period of time where they can work secret spells and rituals in the earthy realm, without worrying about being sighted by a human in passing.  

This makes it a great time to practice faery witchcraft!  The kind of work you'd do with them depends on the nature of the spell.  If you wanted to work with an elf spirit, for example, for some trickery and mischief, you can do spells that revolve around elf magick.

You can play tricks on someone, place yourself in someone's blind spot (so they can't see you coming), or even use an invisibility cloak for those times when you don't want to be disturbed.  To work with the levels is to know that trees are magic and that the elves play a huge role in that.

In addition to that, the baneful moon is a playful moon!  It's a moon phase in which people tend to go inward, do journaling, meditate, and take a pause for some daydreaming and self-reflection.  It's the art of slow living at its best.

In other words, it's a delicious time to be alone, especially if you are a solitary green witch like me!  Much like Mercury in Retrograde, it has the ability to make you feel wistful and nostalgic for a life you never led.  

Or, maybe you did in a past life somewhere, long ago in a land far away.  This waning moon energy healing comes with the ability to heal childhood wounds and trauma, as well as past life and ancestral healing.

The strength of a waning crescent moon is in its moon energy healing!  This moon phase is designed to reach into your deepest, darkest places and surface them for healing.  You'll find yourself sitting in the darkness, with very little room to light the way.  

What this does, by narrowing your focus, is to force you to look at the skeletons in your closet.  This process is called shadow work, in which you'll access your darker self.  This can be exceedingly painful, but completely worth the effort.

Besides, the energy of the baneful moon will draw it out of you anyway.  The purpose of this moon phase is to recognize your flaws and accept them.  Then, work on them with all your heart and might!

Knowing all of this, how can use the waning moon to create powerful spells with potent magic?  Let's get into it!  

Waning Moon Magic: How to Craft Spells During a Baneful Moon

First of all, you need to decide what kind of spell you would like to make.  Banishing, hex, curse, binding, or the undoing of any of those.  You can also get creative with it!

To banish something means to get rid of it from your life and your line of sight.  This can be anything from bad habits, toxic situations, and poor communication skills, To remedy this, you might like to work with the Sun God Hermes to develop your throat chakra!

This is a powerful invocation!  If you want to banish someone, please make sure you 100% don't ever want to see or have interactions with this person again.  For situations you'd like to banish, just be sure to spend some time getting clear on what you want.  

Out of all spell types, I think banishing suits most purposes best.  It causes the least amount of damage or harm potentially down the line.  This is, of course, barring you magick responsibly.  Banishing is a great way to take the power back in your own life!

To bind something or someone is to stop it in its tracks.  I've done binding spells in situations where I wanted a neighbor to stop parking in my spot using a piece of paper and a freezer spell.  There are also stronghold binding spells you can do as well to make something a more permanent fixture in your life.  

To hex something is to put a curse on something or someone.  This is a curse that can potentially cause harm to another person and shouldn't be taken lightly.  You should only do a hex sparingly and very carefully.

For a curse, this is something that can become generational.  Cursing spells are where you set the intention to make someone pay for something they did.  It's a revenge spell with lasting effects unless a good witch comes along and undoes it.  

This is exactly what happened to me!  I did a tarot reading which revealed someone put a curse on our family long ago.  It was a woman whose heart was broken by one of my ancestors and she did it in an emotional rage.  

Since then, she has been stuck here on the physical plane as a ghost.  Today, I did a spell to undo or break a hex or curse then set her free to go into the white light of the holy spirit.  She had been punishing herself for putting the spell out into the universe, as apparently there were a lot of consequences to her actions during the duration of her life.  

This is exactly the kind of spell you can do during a fading moon!  It's a great time to practice spirit work, folk magic, and steep yourself in rootwork with your ancestors.  You can clear bad energy from the bloodline with ease and grace!

Waning Moon Goddesses And Moon Angels

During the waning moon, you might enjoy working with dark goddesses!  Dark goddesses include Goddess Kali, Goddess Hecate, and the Morrigan.  Of course, there are many more goddesses out there, but these are the ones I work with the most.

Dark goddesses often get a bad rep but why?  They are all about female empowerment, recovering from abuse, and working with survivors.  They burn things down so that they can be built back up again.  

When it comes to bad habits or repeating relationship patterns, sometimes there's only one way to break them.  That way is through working with dark goddesses!  They will destroy what no longer serves you with heels on.  

Lunar deities pair well with the baneful moon too!  Many people think those moon goddesses will only work with you during a full moon or during new moon magic, but that's simply not true.  A moon goddess will work with you during any lunar phase.

Moon goddesses include Goddess Aine, Goddess Rhiannon, and Goddess Isis!  Again, there are many more out there, but these are the ones I work with the most.

There's also a specific group of angels called moon angels you can work with for extra protection during a moon cycle.  For this camp, I highly recommend calling on the feminine moon energy of Archangel Haniel for a boost of moon magic!

You can add an angel or goddess to your sigil magick spells to add an extra punch to the potency of your spells.  You can even work with them in an effort to start building a closer relationship, by writing letters to the universe for distance energy healing or by creating a nature altar and dedicating it to the deity you would like to work with.

This not only adds an extra layer of protection to your baneful moon magic spells but adds an additional boost to your spellcraft arsenal!  Goddesses are especially powerful and their energy tends to feel like a surge of energy or a rush of excitement.  Imagine putting that kind of energy into your spells!

Waning Moon Herbs And Poisonous Plants

Herbs and poisonous plants that pair great with the baneful moon are listed in the magical herbarium for herbal witchcraft!  I also recommend working with Goddess Hecate, as she is not only the goddess of graveyards and doorways but the triple goddess of witchcraft.

Hecate specializes in herbs and poisonous plants!  She can teach you all about them and how to work with poisonous plants safely.  

One of the things I've come to find about working with her is that she really helps you to build your intuition when it comes to crafting herbal envelope spells.  These are the nature in an envelope spells that contain fresh herbal ingredients, as well as adds the element of surprise when you open your herbal envelope at a later date to find charms, blessings, and secret surprises!

Sometimes, I will purposely leave an ingredient or two off of the listings on the envelope so that I can be surprised later on!  This usually jogs my memory.  I would never recommend doing this if, for example, you have anything poisonous at work in your envelope.  

In this case, I would say never open the envelope again or if you do, wear gloves and take precautions!  Working with deadly plants can stop someone in their tracks from causing you harm and destruction.  It can also do everything from stop obsessive thoughts and thinking to remove negativity from your household.  

As you can see, working with the waning crescent moon magic is all about the removal, destruction, and elimination of toxic people and situations.  This is the moon phase in which you can clear space for new things and dream up strategies that will help you in the future.  

That being said, here are a few plants and herbs that pair perfectly with this lunar cycle!  Use them when called to or not at all.  You'll find some herbs are not really an herb at all, but that doesn't make them any less important to the work you do.

Graveyard Dirt - An herb that isn't really an herb.  Dirt found in graveyards.  I use graveyard dirt for any type of love spell, money spell, or spell where I'm trying to increase something during the waxing moon.  Also, I use it for banishing and binding spells + hexes, and curses during the waning moon.  Pairs well with dark goddesses such as Goddess Kali or Goddess Hecate!

Notes:  For more on how to get your own graveyard dirt, you might enjoy reading, Getting Into Graveyard Magic and Spirit Work!  Learn the difference between graveyard dirt and grave dirt.  Also, graveyard dirt sits with my other herbs and spices in the kitchen.  It's kind of an all-purpose herb that isn't really an herb at all.

Sea Salt - I use sea salt for baneful moon spells such as banishing and binding spells!  Working with sea salt has a cleansing, healing energy around it.  It's a great way to protect and clear your space!  One of the easiest ways to use sea salt to clarify your home space is to leave bowls of sea salt around your home.  They will clear the air of negative energy and disputes.  

Notes:  Sea salt pairs well with dark goddesses for the dark or new moon or the waning moon!  You might like to make friends with Goddess Hecate or Goddess Kali Ma to compliment your home salt remedies and spells!  I also find that sea salt energy clears the air and diffuses dark energy with ease and grace.  It helps people to forget what they were fighting over in the first place.

Nettles - I use nettles when I need clarity on making a decision about something!  Consider nettles to be the pro-con list of the herb family, as she can easily be made into a tea for reading tea leaves and fortune-telling.  When in doubt, use nettle herb to help you find your way!

Notes:  Nettle pairs well with white quartz crystal and apophyllite crystals!  Nettle can also be used with herbal goddesses such as, Goddess Hecate, who happens to be the queen of herbal witchcraft!  Just like nettle tea, Hecate can help you make a decision when you're at a crossroads in life.

  • Belladonna (deadly nightshade) - A witch's herb for flying the hedge, dream journaling, astral travel, visualization, and divination in tarot and tea leaf readings.  Extremely poisonous!
  • White Oleander - An herb that can be used for banishing baneful spells!  This includes hexes, curses, banishing, and binding spells.  Extremely dangerous, toxic, and potentially deadly!
  • Hemlock (Poison Parsley) - A poisonous plant with deadly properties!  Poison parsley is known for creating paralysis in a situation used in baneful magic.  This could be anything from a bad habit or addiction you'd like to get rid of to keep a person from moving towards you.  It stops something or someone in its tracks!

There are obviously far more than I've listed here!  I am still working on building my herb compendium and organizing it in a structure that will help my readers gain easy access to the herbs and plants I work with.  For example, I may add garlic, black pepper, and sage to this list sometime today as well.  

As a witch, you should always use your instincts when it comes to the herbs you'd like to work with.  There are herbs and plants that will agree with you and some that won't.  I talk about this in my blog post on animism, if you'd like to understand this concept more.

Waning Crescent Moon Magic

This is a time period where you can do everything from rest if you've been doing a lot of exhaustive spellwork lately or a period to elevate your lunar magic to higher levels of development.  I always gauge this by how I'm feeling throughout the lunar cycles.  

I've had time periods where I didn't feel up to doing any spells and that's okay too!  I use those reflective periods to study herbs and do research on future spells.  The baneful moon is a great time to self-reflect and to figure out where to go next in life.  

These periods of rest and relaxation only make coming back to your spells even more potent and magical!  So, it's never a bad idea to take a break if you need to.  However, if you feel like using this as an active period to practice herbal witchcraft, read tarot cards, or put a binding spell on someone, then by all means go for it!  Just never go into it blindly.  

You can even use the magic of the waning crescent moon to develop your skills as a lunar witch!  You may find that you have a penchant for the moon witchcraft that is a hidden talent and natural ability of yours.  

You can start with something simple, like creating waning moon water and drinking it the next day for full potency!  You can even use baneful moon water to water your poisonous plants to add an extra layer of magic.  

Waning Moon Tips And Uses

  • Removal
  • Release
  • Banishing
  • Dissolve
  • Destructruction
  • Binding
  • Undoing and reversing spells
  • Rootwork and ancestry
  • Graveyard magic
  • Poisonous plants and disagreeable herbs
  • Dark goddesses
  • Moon angels and dark angels
  • Lunar goddesses
  • Stop something in its tracks
  • Healing childhood wounds and trauma
As you can see, there's a lot of potent power you can get out of a waning moon!  If you have Scorpionic energy in your chart or tend to err on the dark side of life, this moon is the moon for you.  Even if you're merry sunshine, you'll still be able to utilize the waning moon for creating sacred space in your life.  Happy baneful moon, everyone!

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