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What is Animism? Where Every Plant, Gemstone, and Flower Comes With a Built-In Nature Spirit

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What is Animism? Where Every Plant, Gemstone, and Flower Comes With a Built-In Nature Spirit! Have you ever wondered if the rocks you collect or the flowers that you pick have a soul? Today, we're going to cover the topic of animism and why it's so important to practicing witchcraft.

 Animism is the core belief that every rock, garden gnome, and grain of sand is ensouled.  This includes everything from computers to all of their individual parts.  Everything has a soul, but many such souls are sleeping.

To be honest, you don't want to go around waking up the soul of everything in your house and belongings because things can get quite noisy and it's completely unnecessary.  Some things, such as living houseplants and a goldstone dragon gemstone are already awake, alert, and ready to go!

So, why would you want to wake up an inanimate object such as a car, computer, or even a coffee cup?  Most of the time, you're not going to want to do that, but I have seen people name their vehicles when they have a close relationship with them and/or create an attachment to a specific object in their home based on nostalgia.  

In those cases, you might want to activate or wake up the soul of the object you are working with!  How to do this?  Just touch the object and ask it to wake up!  That's all you have to do.

Thus far, I have awakened my yoga mat, an enchanted vintage mirror, and stuffed animals.  Often times when we do this it's because we would like to bless the object and bring it to life!

In my case, I do thirty minutes of yoga every single day.  Therefore, my yoga mat is someone I decided to wake up to bring more blessings and enchantment to my daily vinyasa flow yoga practice.  

When thinking of waking something up, be sure to consider usefulness.  What is its use-value to you?  Do you have a personal relationship with it?  Would you name your object to give it a distinct personality and meaning?

These are things to think about as we go along in our journey into animism.  The concept of animism lies in the belief that every plant, gemstone, flower, and herb comes with a built-in nature spirit!  In this case, we're talking about the elemental faerie folk who have a place in everything in our world.

Even manmade stuff is still derived from nature.  Natural materials will often take a new shape and pick up energies, as well as transform over time, but that doesn't mean it is without a soul.  

As you will see, this is very much the contrary!  Everything, every part of us, every part of the world comes ensouled and it's up to us to connect with the living, breathing life force all around us in a responsible way through our life as a magical person.  How cool is that?

What is Animism?  Where Every Plant, Gemstone, and Flower Comes With a Built-In Nature Spirit

The core belief of animism is that every living thing has a soul, including inanimate objects that you wouldn't think could spring to life.  Again, unless the item is something awake and living, nine times out of ten it will not need to be awakened.  Would you want to be awakened for no particular reason?  

No!  It would probably make you grumpy.  Always keep in mind that you shouldn't wake something up unless you have a specific reason for doing so.  

Another thing to keep in mind is not to wake something up and immediately start asking for favors!  Talk about pissing off the soul of something that was sleeping and didn't want to be bothered or awakened.  There has to be a good reason behind it and you must go into it with gifts and offerings!

For example, I feed my yoga mat with my daily yoga practice.  That is how I honor her and maintain our relationship.  Since doing this, my practice has reached the advanced level and I never miss a practice, even on my worst days!

For stuffed animals, I have awakened a pink unicorn with a rainbow tail that belonged to one of my granddaughters.  I awakened her to both bless and protect my granddaughter and she was happy to do so.  In this case, because she's a unicorn, unicorn symbolism would apply here.  

For my vintage mirror, I awakened it so that I could use it in photographs and spellwork.  I call her my enchanted mirror because she can be used to reflect bad energy back to the sender (hexes and curses, etc.) and is perfect for glamour magick spells.  Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

I also awaken the enchanted ribbons that I wear in my hair through color magick!  I use ribbons in my hair several days a week, and when I do, I make sure to awaken the ribbon so that I can both bless, enchant, and bring her to life!

This not only brings magic throughout my day but throughout my lifelong relationship with my hair accessories!  Being a witch means developing relationships with things you never thought you would and that's part of the charm of using animism in your witchcraft.

In the past, I've awakened a tiara to use as a spirit wand to walk between both worlds.  It's always good to wake up an object to bring with you while astral traveling or while walking a shaman journey.

As you can see, there are many uses to animism and it is at the core of all witchy beliefs, even if you don't follow the Wiccan religion and want to go solo like me.  With unwakened objects, I tend to use this method sparingly and always give thanks and gratitude afterward.  

For awakened souls, such as houseplants and flower bouquets, I always leave gifts and offerings.  For example, if I go happy herb hunting in the forest, I'm not just going to take plant clipping, I am going to leave plant offerings and gifts.  This is because I am taking something from a living, breathing being of love and light and it's important to respect that.  

There's a reason many green witches become vegan or vegetarian, as looking at it from the point of animism, it changes how you feel about animals and the food you eat.  It makes you more intuitive and sensitive to the plight of animals everywhere.  You'll become more aware and enlightened about animal cruelty and how it is prevalent in our society as a whole.  

For more on this, you might enjoy my vegan starter kit!  I take a more spiritual approach to the vegan and plant-based lifestyle that I think you'll love.

What about objects like tarot cards and books?  I feel like literature and tarot cards are alive and well.  They fall under the category of an awakened spirit that may simply need a good magical hygiene cleaning.  

There's a reason you need to cleanse and consecrate your tarot card deck before beginning tarot readings!  Tarot cards pick up spiritual debris while being created, shipped, and delivered to a future fortune teller.  Therefore, a good cleansing is always in order!

But, make no mistake, tarot cards are very much alive and awakened with spirit energy and essence!  It just needs a good scrub before use, a quick blessing, and you're ready to become a tarot reader.

On the other hand, with books and reading, I automatically feel their ensouled energy.  Think of it this way: Books are written by people and will usually pick up the energy and the essence of the book author to some degree.

In addition to that, the author brings the characters, places, and story to life through world-building.  Therefore, this makes the book an already awakened soul by the time it reaches you and into your heart!

You can use both books and tarot cards for crafting magical spells!  You might like to read about Goddess Morgan Le Fay for more on Arthurian lore and legend and how you can apply the concept of animism to literature.

Working with animism springs your spells to life!  If you know and believe that your spell is a living, breathing soverign being, you'll have more faith in its capabilities and hidden talents.  

For example, whenever I create an herbal envelope spell from the magical herbarium for herbal witchcraft, I go into waking up herbs by talking to them!  I treat them with respect and I work with their level of agreeableness and disagreeableness.  Not every plant or herb is going to want to work with me and I accept that.  

Just like you wouldn't force someone to be your friend in real life, the same can apply to herbal spells and plant magick!  Building a lasting relationship takes time and energy.  In some cases, the plant, herb, or flower may never want to work with you and you have to decide if you should push a relationship or not.  

In the case of gemstones, they tend to be more fickle with people and who they go home with.  If you've ever lost a crystal from your bra or pocket while hiking, it means you have a jumper in your hands.  This particular crystal decided to part ways with you for its own personal reasons.  

Maybe it's to find a new home or a different kind of caretaker.  Maybe it just means somebody else needed the tiny amethyst gemstone terrarium you made more than you did and the gemstone could pick up on that.  Whatever the case may be, crystal healers go where they want to go!

What is animism?  It's where every plant, gemstone, and flower comes with a built-in nature spirit!  It's the cornerstone of all witchcraft, from hedge witchery to sea witchery.  You'll never look at life the same again and that's a good thing! 
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