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Why Ostara Is One of My Favorite Witchy Holidays

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 This is a blog post on why Ostara is one of my favorite witchy holidays!  It's a day of planting the seeds of your tomorrow and ushering in the warmth of springtime.  It's also a day where the veil is thin and you're most likely to see a fairy in your midst.

Ostara is probably the holiday I've celebrated the longest, with Imbolc running a close second with Saint Bridget.  Ostara is about new beginnings, springtime, and the vernal dawn before us.  The goddess Ostara is one of the sweetest goddesses I've ever worked with, as she always makes you feel bright, warm, and safe.

Why Ostara Is One of My Favorite Witchy Holidays

Today, I'll be writing down ten intentions, and with each seed, I plant in the ground, there will be an intention behind it, as it is my ritual every year.  This year, in addition to the seeds I plant for the future, I plan to add some herbs from the magical herbarium and dedicate them to Celtic Goddess Ostara!

One of my favorite things to do is to plant bulbs into the ground.  There's something raw and beautiful about their roots, waiting to anchor themselves into the graveyard dirt I added to the new beginnings ritual I created.  

This springtime, I have planted a bulb for my business, so that I can make it bloom and grow in another direction.  If you are feeling heavy-hearted or down, Ostara can wake you up and bring you back to life!  She's cheerful, optimistic, and has a spring in her step when she works with her witchy patrons.

If you ever feel depressed or low in energy, Goddess Ostara is your go-to girl!  She will ease the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety with her natural energy healing powers.  

I also find that Ostara is fast-acting, much like the sun!  She burns things off and she reimagines them in new and magical ways you may have never thought of before.

Because she is the goddess of the spring equinox, she is warm and inviting and quite lovely to be around!  Let's just say she lights up a room and is easy to work with.  Simply write a letter to the universe and address it to Goddess Ostara then bury it in the earth with a gemstone on top.

I find yellow gemstones such as citrine and bumblebee jasper pair perfectly with Goddess Ostara!  She loves yellow flowers and Easter eggs too.  She is very grounded, down to earth, and is an earth goddess in her birthright.

This makes Goddess Ostara the perfect goddess to call on when you want to do a spring cleaning and give yourself a makeover!  Be prepared though.  She brings good cheer and oodles of energy wherever she goes.  I absolutely love and adore Goddess Ostara!

Go ahead!  Light a yellow candle for Ostara or plant a seed with her.  She'll uplift your mood and energy as you go about your day!

Big Changes and Announcements on the Blog!

I also have an announcement to make:  I am opening an online school!  I am going to be doing a lot less blogging, as I am expanding my business to include herbal envelope spells, where you'll be able to work with me for some one-on-one coaching and spells.  I am going to be focusing my energies there, as there is only so much of me to go around!

As far as my newsletter, I'm still devoted to my newsletter subscribers and readers, and promise to keep moon and seasonal alive and well.  I'm working with Goddess Ostara to make these changes.  I am transforming my herbal envelope spells into a membership, where you'll be able to get a new herbal spell class to your inbox every month.  

I figured now is the perfect time to strike and make my move!  Spring equinox is the perfect time to muster up the courage to try something new, to take a new class, or begin a new project.  I thought I'd take advantage of this sunshine feel-good energy in the air.  

I'm really excited about making these changes, as they are much needed!  I'll be working on things behind the scenes and I'll be sure to get the blog up to par.  If you don't want to miss out on my monthly moon readings or any seasonal shifts and changes, be sure to signup for the moon and seasonal newsletter at the end of this post!

Thanks for reading, everyone!  Happy Ostara to all of you.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop me a line :)
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