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Working With Archangel Raziel For Tarot Readings, Psychic Abilities, and Intuitive Downloads


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This is a blog post on working with Archangel Raziel for tarot readings, psychic abilities, and intuitive downloads. You might find that working with the angel of mysteries sparks a journey into the unknown, answering questions you've never even thought of before. When this happens, you can know that Raziel is at work within your life!

Archangel Raziel is an angel that I often turn to when I need instant yes or no answers to something.  It's not uncommon for me to write a letter to the universe addressed to Raziel, only to find myself receiving intuitive hits before I even finish my letter.  

You can even write down a bunch of questions on a piece of paper and go over them with Raziel, question by question.  The question will be answered with an intuitive download, meaning you'll just suddenly have a clear "knowing" of something.  

I have found the angel of secrets to be both reassuring and incredibly bright when it comes to matters of the spiritual realm.  Raziel is literally the "keeper of secrets" giving him both a high priestess and hermit tarot card vibe.

I've been working with Archangel Raziel for many years.  He was there at the beginning of my dark night of the soul experience more than ten years ago and he was there when my kundalini awakening took place.  It's important to note that Raziel, like all angels, doesn't have a particular gender.  

I will say that Archangel Raziel comes across as a masculine, older gentleman kind of energy for me.  He has a long beard and an old soul look of wisdom that reminds me quite a bit of the hermit tarot card in the tarot deck.  

The Sefir Raziel is incredibly easy to work with, as long as you have begun some kind of spiritual journey.  He will often come to you when you are going through a dark night of the soul experience, a shamanic journey, astral traveling, and will stay with you throughout a kundalini awakening.  

The angel of the rainbow light ray will be there to help you develop your spiritual gifts so that you can eventually share them with the world through public speaking and spiritual teachings.  Eventually, the student always becomes the teacher and when that happens, Raziel will be there for you!

I often turn to angel Raziel for assistance with increasing psychic abilities, dream premonitions, and finding the right set of crystals to overcome a problem.  This angel literally holds the key to everything you've ever wanted to know about the tree of life, which makes perfect sense, as he is the angel of the kabbalah too.

When you are ready to move to the next level, Archangel Raziel will be there for you!  He will bring clarity, clear thinking, and intuitive insights to everything he touches.  He will work to access your crown chakra and third-eye chakra so that you have complete access to the akashic records.  

I work with Archangel Raziel all the time!  Since working with him, I've moved to the advanced level in my yoga kundalini awakening, advanced level witchcraft, and have reached the professional level status when doing tarot readings.

If you need an angel to advance you in your spiritual teachings and to connect you to the Other Side, Raziel is definitely the angel to turn to!  You'll be learning new techniques and receiving intuitive downloads all the time.  It's like a faucet of spiritual information that you can't turn off so be ready for that.  

Working With Archangel Raziel For Tarot Readings, Psychic Abilities, and Intuitive Downloads

One of the things I do every morning is read my tarot cards for the day.  I always call on Archangel Michael to protect my readings, Archangel Raziel to deepen the spiritual meanings and messages of the reading, and for my spirit guides and guardian angels to bring through the highest, clearest messages of love, light, and truth.

What does Archangel Raziel bring to my tarot readings?  First of all, he deepens the spiritual meanings and messages behind the reading.  This can come in the form of a song, an image that pops into my head, a poem, or a phrase.

I've also noticed that he helps me to notice the details on the tarot card image so that I can find further meaning to it.  This is perfect when doing a "pictures only" tarot reading where you already know the card meaning like the back of your hand and you want to use the images to deep dive into it further.  

I find that details will pop out to you, almost like jumping off a page.  Also, colors tend to bring a certain element to readings with Archangel Raziel too.  If you're looking to get into the tarot, call on Archangel Raziel to begin!

In addition to that, I also ask Raziel for assistance with my psychic abilities.  I like to always be improving.  Recently, I realized that I was relying on my tarot reader too much and not trusting my intuition enough.  With Raziel by your side, he will always be there to point out things to you!

Once I noticed, I knew it was time to rely solely on my own intuition for a while, lest I become stumped by something.  In that case, I'd return to my tarot reader to clarify what I need to know.  Raziel points out flaws so that you can be forced to grow as a spiritual person.

Building intuitive abilities are mostly about trusting yourself and the universe.  It's listening to the voice within, in the still frame corners of your mind.  If you can master that, you can then gain access to a new layer of understanding.  

I've also been working with Raziel to advance my witchcraft.  In the past year, I moved to the advanced level, being that I've technically been a green witch since 2013.  

When I first began, I'm pretty sure I skipped some of the elementary steps involved with learning the craft.  I dug right into the esoteric stuff and began learning in earnest.  When twenty-twenty rolled around, I knew it was time to fill in the gaps and I enrolled in the Traveling Witch Academy with Avery Hart.

This was encouraged by my spiritual team, with Raziel leading the frontline!  If you want to learn how to develop your psychic abilities, understand dream premonitions, or even work with lunar magic, the angel of esoteric knowledge is the angel for you.  Let him work wonders and magic in your life!

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