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How to Be a Green Witch: Herbal Spells, Plant Allies, and Hiking Magic

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This is a blog post on how to be a green witch with herbal spells, plant allies, and hiking magic!  Following the green path is like that Robert Frost poem, you'll be taking the road less traveled.  This is the path you take when you want to carve out your own way of doing things.

Even though being a green witch is a label, it's a label that's interchangeable, as it incorporates bits of folk magic, hedgewitch magic, and fae magic.  In addition to that, green magic pairs well with animal magic, which uses the energy and essence of a creature to be incorporated into your spell.

This is the magic that I practice as a solitary green witch and I absolutely love it!  If you've always felt protective of mother earth and a kinship to the nature spirits, green witchcraft might just be the path for you.  

Taking the green pathway can sometimes be a lonely one.  However, it's a path that's full of many surprises and treasures untold.  The green witch, much like the hedgewitch, tends to practice on the outskirts of society.  

We are the witches working behind the scenes to solve problems and help people at a distance.  This is because many of us are empathic and perhaps introverted, meaning it's very easy for us to pick up on the energy and feelings of others and hold it as our own.  

In order to protect ourselves through magical hygiene practices, we often practice alone versus in a group setting.  If we do covens at all, we would only practice in a coven of one or two people.  Nine times out of ten, we go it alone!

Being a green nature witch means aligning our free time with an outdoor setting.  It's not uncommon for us to make our way into a winding forest road, as we take field trips into the butterfly meadow to collect plant specimens and give offerings to the tree spirits.

If we're not hiking the forest floor, we might find solace in our own backyard oasis by practicing plant therapy and potted plant spells.  Inside our homes, you'll find windowsill herb gardens and rows of dried herbs hanging from the ceiling rafters and lining our spice cabinets with great pride.  

We love our herbs and plant allies and they love us in equal measure!  There are times, we may even find ourselves building a terrarium spell from scratch or trying our hand at carnivorous and poisonous plants.  

I found my path quite by accident long ago.  I was already practicing green magic and didn't even know it.  It came into my life in such an organic way that I didn't even realize at the time that I was a green witch.

In fact, that's how it happens to most of us!  One day, we're just strolling along and tada!  We come to the realization that we are walking the path that was meant for us all along.  

What is this green path?  How can we find it?  Let's talk about what brings many of us to the green witch pathway.

How to Be a Green Witch: Herbal Spells, Plant Allies, and Hiking Magic

For some of us, it is serendipity in how we come to the green path and make our mark.  For others, it can mean years of wandering through witchcraft until we find the thing that resonates with us the most.

In this case, that thing being green witchcraft!  It often starts with childhood magic and nostalgia.  If we look back on our lives through the lens of a child, what do we see?

For me, the green nature witch was within me all along!  I remember singing to the rose bushes as a child, knowing they were alive and they could hear me.  

Even though I spent most of my childhood in and out of hospitals for severe asthma, nothing could stop me from rock climbing and hiking in the desert canyon where I grew up in the Mojave desert of Southern California near the Salton Sea.  Everything was alive in the desert and I would speak to the golden barrel cactus as if it were my friend. 

As I grew older and moved away, the firefly season of Kansas, where I lived for two years of my life as a teenager, was my escape from the hardships of the world.  Catching and releasing fireflies was the same as catching and releasing my worries and cares.

When I moved to Florida at the age of eighteen, everything I did was in the briny air of the sea!  There were magical kayaking adventures and snorkeling trips.  I'd swim with the stingrays as a trusted friend.

As a fully grown adult with adult children and grandchildren, my comfort lies in the wake of the forest, as a canopy of leaves and flowering trees protect me.  The biggest hint to becoming a green witch is watching your own transformation unfold!

Look back on what kind of child you were.  What kind of outdoor activities did you like?  Did you believe in fairies?  Did you talk to trees?

Did you make spells out of mud, twigs, and leaves?  If so, you may have been born a green witch and it's possible your lineage goes back to herbal witches in your family tree.  

I found out not too long ago that some of my ancestors from the late middle ages not only had psychic abilities but were gifted in herbal witchcraft!  This was exciting to hear, as it means that a love of plants, animals, and herbs comes from someplace long ago.  

Are You On the Green Path?

If you think you are on the green path, you most likely are.  If you've discovered this article, then I would say there's a pretty good chance you're a natural witch.  

Really, at the end of the day, the only person who can really answer this question is you!  If my childhood experiences resonated with you, it may be that you've had some fairy encounters or experienced a magic moment in nature.  

It may be that you are a green witch!  When I wrote about my life as a faerie shaman and reiki healer, I had many people reach out to me that had many of the same experiences I had as a child.  Sometimes something clicks!

Walking the path of a green witch isn't always an easy one.  It took me years before I was able to say it aloud.  Sometimes, it's our past life experiences that make it hard for us to step forward and speak our truth.

In my case, I had at least one past life as a high priestess witch where I was burned at the stake and persecuted.  That past life memory kept me from being able to come forward as a green witch for a long, long time.  

Now, I want to shout it from the rooftops!  I want to tell the whole world about who I am because I'm proud to be me.  There are still some people I hide from in plain sight, certain family members that are religious, that I know won't accept me for who I am without ridicule.  

But, for the most part, I am comfortable in my own skin and proud to be a green witch.  You can be too when you feel ready.  When you're ready to embrace green witchery, just know that you have a friend in me.  Thanks for reading, friends! xo

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