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Meet Saint Expedite: Great Speed, Urgent Matters, and Miracle Healing


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Meet Saint Expedite: Great Speed, Urgent Matters, and Miracle Healing!  There are some situations in life that are time-sensitive where you need quick relief from your situation.  In those cases, I have the perfect saint to call on to get you through a crisis and bust through procrastination almost instantly!

I started working with Saint Expedite a couple of months ago and I must say, this saint works extremely fast!  He's best known for his ability to bust through procrastination instantly, making him the perfect deity to call on when you're stuck in a rut or have trouble finding the motivation to complete a project.  

Over the weekend, I called on him to help me finish the new online school I was creating, and he came through with flying colors. While I still have miles to go before I sleep and courses that I'm working on behind the scenes, I was able to get my site up and running within a day!

What makes this a miracle is that I've been unable to focus on my online school since I bought it back in March. I kept struggling with self-doubt and the burden of responsibility, as a lot of work goes into starting something from scratch.

This isn't the only time that Saint Expedite has come through for me with great speed in urgent matters. It wasn't that long ago that I did an urgent spell to get a new DSLR camera, as my camera had broken over the summer out of nowhere.

While I didn't receive the DSLR camera (yet), I did receive a camcorder that is YouTube ready for my business! Not only that, I received it within less than two weeks from crafting the spell with St. Expedite. When I say he works fast, I mean it.

With Saint Expedite, his only caveat is that you must tell others about the miracles he creates for you! This gives him an opportunity to help more people with matters that are urgent based on your testimonial about his miracle workings.

If you have an urgent matter that needs fast action then Saint Expedite is the saint for you! He loves helping people and making a difference in the world. Not only that, but he doesn't mess around.

He's all about fast action and getting results! He takes each and every prayer, spell, and incantation to heart and goes to work on it immediately. If you're in a situation where you feel overwhelmed by the work you have to do, he also makes a great friend.

He gives you the motivation you need to complete paperwork and projects and meet deadlines. He's great for busting through ruts and procrastination, much like the swift action of Archangel Michael!

Meet Saint Expedite: Great Speed, Urgent Matters, and Miracle Healing

If you'd like to start working with Saint Expedite to create miracles in your life, You can start by incorporating him into your morning letters to the universe.  These are distance energy healing letters meant to connect you with the spirit helper of your choice.  

Once you've written to him, you can burn, bury, drown, or blow the ashes of your letter into the wind.  It's up to you!  The most important thing is taking the time to write to him about your urgent matter, whether it be starting a business or paying your rent next month.  

Another way to build a relationship with St. Expedite is through your spell work!  Create a Saint Expedite spell using herbs, tarot cards, and gemstones.  I find using the fire element really pairs well with him, so maybe create a burning incense or candle spell that works for the purpose of your spell.

If you choose to use a candle spell, I recommend using orange or red as your base colors for urgency, heat, and fire!  Dress up your herbal candle spell with cinnamon essential oil (fast-acting!) then add sweet-smelling herbs and carve your intention with a knife.

If you're just getting into herbal witchcraft, you can always explore the magical properties of herbs using, The Magical Herbarium for Herbal Witchcraft!  I am always adding new herbs and plant allies to the list, including their astrological correspondences.

If you're a beginner at witchcraft, I can always do a spell for you with my herbal envelope spells!  Just request Saint Expedite and know that I always use herbs that bring great speed to your situation.

He's a multipurpose saint who can literally help you with anything!  I've found he can be quite helpful and kind in situations where you need money to pay for bills, rent, and household expenses.  

Saint Expedite is a miracle worker!  He can reach in and heal situations with great speed and urgency.  He takes your situation very seriously and will always come through for you.

Therefore, he can really help you with anything!  Whether your urgent matter involves health, spirituality, business, money, or matters of the heart, Saint Expedite will always be there for you.

If you really want to show Saint Expedite that you mean business, you can always make him an altar!  He's minimalist and likes the colors blue, orange, and red, much like that of an urgent flame.

For a Saint Expedite altar, simply add his picture, maybe a few candles in his favorite colors, and perhaps a cross or rosary bead necklace.  He likes things to be clean, minimalist, and simple.

Calling on Saint Expedite For Dating, Romance, and Relationships

I've even gone so far as to ask for his help with my dating life.  In this case, I didn't get the results I wanted.  I have noticed a lot of interest from men, but I'd like them to be bolder and ask me out.  

In cases where you want to work with Saint Expedite on your romantic love life, I recommend not doing a spell to manifest a specific person, though it's okay to do one where you manifest a phone call or text message from a specific person.  

I decided to go to the source and ask Saint Expedite why he won't work on a specific person and his answer may surprise you.  First of all, divine timing is something that came to mind.  

There may be something brewing for me that I am completely unaware of and limiting myself to a specific person creates rigid thinking.  That particular person may not be right for me or the timing may be off.  All I know is that divine timing was his answer for me.  

The second part of his answer was free will.  Each of us has free will and using energy to try and force someone to do something before they're ready or at all is counterproductive.  Therefore, it's better to do a love spell that includes a small group of people with the qualities and features of the person you have a secret crush on.  

This really helped me to switch gears on my love spells overall and especially when working with Saint Expedite!  With a smaller pool of men, he's able to reach in and choose the one that would be bold enough to ask me out on a date and put in a solid effort.  

I plan on trying this new method given to me by Saint Expedite today and hopefully, I'll be back with an update soon!  I will say he definitely gets people to notice you where maybe they hadn't before.  He knows how to make an entrance!

Working With Saint Expedite for Procrastination

If you are in urgent need of motivation or busting out of old habits and routines, this is where St. Expedite works the fastest!  This seems to be his wheelhouse.  You'll most likely see results the same day.  

All it requires from you is sitting down at your desk and writing if you suffer from writer's block or setting out your art supplies to start painting.  Whatever the hold-up is, he asks that you begin by setting things up and initiating the project, and he'll propel you forward with great speed!

I was able to complete my new online school within the span of a day!  This was after months of dragging my feet and making excuses for myself.  He even brought great joy and passion to my project, which has made me come back for more!

Everyone needs help sometimes and with Saint Expedite, you'll get the help you need fast!  I recommend giving him a call today.  He'll be waiting to hear from you with bells on.  

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