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A Witch's Intuition: How to Use Intuition in Witchcraft

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This is a blog post on, A Witch's Intuition: How to Use Intuition in Witchcraft!  This is witchcraft based on energies, feelings, and thoughts, much in the way that spirit connects with us and uses its most authentic voice to steer us in the right direction.  

What is intuition? Intuition is that little nudge from within, that little voice in your head telling you to do something or sometimes warning you "not" to do something. This is the main way that our spiritual team speaks through us.

Intuition can also be described as an inner "knowing" that comes from within.  It acts as a guiding light in our life, leading us where we need to go.

 As witches, we use our intuition all the time, as we are intuitively led to certain kinds of witchcraft or spellwork that can enhance our lives.  If you happen to be an empath, you may feel a stronger resonance with your intuition, and this intuitive guidance is what allows you to feel your way through the world.

This inner knowing and guidance often come out through our thoughts, feelings, intuition and it's what allows us to grow and evolve in the craft.  Using intuition in your magic will make you a more powerful witch than you would be without it.  

In fact, it is this intuitive nudge from within that most likely led you to choose the path of the witch, whether you use that label or not.  It's a path based on energies, feelings, and emotions, as well as gut instincts that often override everything else.  

The empath and the intuitive witch often go hand-in-hand together!  This is the type of witchcraft where you follow your heart to where it takes you next in the craft.  

This is how we keep advancing and leveling up in witchcraft!  Without our intuition, we would remain stagnant.  It would be like a tiny flower that never really blooms.  

It's the intuitive downloads we receive from our angels, goddesses, and ascended masters that allows us to keep growing our knowledge base so that we can evolve as a witch, moving in and out of time and space.  Living this way allows for a certain amount of respect and trust in the universe.  It requires a childlike faith and understanding.  

A Witch's Intuition: How to Use Intuition in Witchcraft

What is a witch's intuition?  Every witch comes with a built-in intuition and the question I get asked the most is if intuition comes from within or from our spiritual team.  I believe it's both, based on my own real-life experiences with magic.  

As a magical person, you might be drawn to a particular branch of witchcraft.  Being drawn to something means our intuition is working.  We are often drawn to soulmates and people we've had past-life relationships with using our intuition.  

Again, it all goes back to our inner knowing or the intuitive nudge within.  It's what warns us when something is off or when we're in danger and gives us our survival instincts.  It's what kept many witches alive back in the day.  

Those natural instincts would assist the witch in memorizing their grimoire by heart and keeping secrets they would take with them to the grave.  Many witches back then would pass down spells and recipes through oral tradition in order to protect themselves.  

What about the modern-day witch?  The modern witch has more freedom and authenticity.  There's still a stigma attached to the word witch, which is the reason this label can become interchangeable, but for the most part, we can be ourselves in the world.  

Not only that, but we have resources and knowledge right at our fingertips with the digital age.  Many witches are led to become tech witches because they have a natural affinity for modern technology.  

The great thing about being a witch in today's world is that we still heavily rely on our intuition to tell us where to go next.  Maybe you are a beginner witch, but feel an inclination towards working with plants and herbs.  

You may find yourself being intuitively led to becoming a green witch.  Does this mean you'll be like every nature witch?  No, it means you'll develop and carve your own path.  

You'll choose your own holidays, your own patron goddess, and whether or not you want to work with the fae.  Whether you're a green witch or an eclectic witch, you get to choose what interests you, what passions to follow, and which kinds of spells light you up.  

It's about following that excitement and wonder and seeing where it takes you next.  What is around the corner for you?  What do you want to learn next?  

You'll lean into feeling what feels good to you!  This is one of the reasons why the green path is what lights me up.  I can use my intuition, which I heavily lean upon, to create the life I want.  

We often end up becoming a witch because we want to change something in our lives.  We acknowledge something isn't working and we want to find a way to empower ourselves.  We do that through the creation of powerful spells that effect change through our emotional landscape.  

Our emotional landscape is directly linked to our intuition!  You might find yourself tuning into the lunar cycles and planetary alignments through astrology or using the tarot to seek the truth.  

 A witch's intuition is connected to the gravitational pull of the moon and its during these moon phases, we find ourselves feeling extremely sensitive and withdrawn.  The moon guides us, it becomes an old friend to us that's always around when we need them.  

When performing tarot readings, we tune into the depth of our intuition to bring forth messages that are honest and forthright, giving information that will help the querent make the right decision in any given situation.   The tarot provides clarity and truth-seeking.

Even the spells we do come from a place of inner guidance and knowing.  It's the herbs we choose, the tools we use, and the spirit helpers we choose to work with during a full moon that makes the difference.  All of these things, whether we're aware of it or not, come from our witchy intuition.  

Lunar Witchcraft: Intuitive Moon Readings

Have you ever wondered why you're attracted to specific moons or astrological seasons?  This is your intuition leading you somewhere!  Perhaps there's a message in there somewhere for you.  

As a lunar witch, I'm always attracted to the moon cycles and the shifting seasons in astrology.  Every now and then, I come across a planetary shift or a moon phase that stands out to me.  During those times, it feels as if that moon is calling to me as if it were made for me and me alone.  

Of course, logically, I know that isn't the case.  The moon is for everyone.  Yet, there's a resonance with certain moon phases that really pop out to me!

As a witch, you'll be intuitively led to lean into moon phases that resonate with you.  You might find, much like myself, that you enjoy all the moon phases but every now and then there's one that really grabs your attention.  

Trust that instinct!  This is your intuition leading you somewhere good and you'll most likely find a message in the energetic blueprint and personality of the moon.  

This is how I do all my free intuitive moon readings!  I approach each and every moon phase with a unique take on the situation.  This is because no two moons are alike.  

When I sit down to write my intuitive moon readings every month, I never know what I'm going to say or what messages will come out.  I start writing and let my intuition guide me to the moon messages for the collective.  

As an intuitive witch, live your life by the moon!  The moon is a feminine, receptive mysterious energy that is heavily based on our intuition.  In addition to that, you can spend time with the moon tarot card and the high priestess tarot card in the tarot card deck to focus intent on building a stronger intuition!

Tarot Witchcraft: Using the Tarot to Build Intuition

One of the most stellar ways to build your intuition is by using tarot cards!  Even if you're not quite up to giving tarot readings yet, you can spend time with the energy and essence of the cards to see what pops out to you.

When I do a tarot reading, I channel songs and use the imagery on the cards to see what pops out to me in a reading.  This is a great place to start, even for beginner witches.  

You can use the imagery on the cards to help dictate the meaning of it.  I often see what kind of imagery pops out to me in a given reading.  It's not uncommon to notice the little details and hidden gems in a tarot card.  

When that happens, it means it's your intuition leading you somewhere.  See where it takes you.  What details pop out in the card that you never noticed before?  

Another thing you can do is use your feelings and emotions to fuel a tarot reading.  What feelings are you picking up?  Which card or set of cards is giving you that feeling?  

If a specific feeling or gut reaction is being presented to you in a reading, it could be your guides trying to grab your attention!  It's important to trust those feelings and to say them aloud to the querent, even if they don't make sense to you.  

I can't tell you how many times I spoke up about an event surrounding the reading, only to find out it resonated with whoever I was reading for.  Part of being intuitive is trusting yourself.  We have those intuitive feelings in our gut for a reason.  Trust your gut!

You can also use your tarot cards to feel the meaning of the card to get to know it better.  Sometimes, even though I know the meanings of the cards by heart, I lay in bed and just hold a card up and look at it.  

Then, I say aloud all the meanings of the card and what it means to me on a personal level.  This is another great way to build your intuition up and make it stronger.  Not to mention, it will make you a better tarot witch too!

Choosing Herbs, Crystals, and Plants Intuitively

One of the best ways to increase intuition is to start choosing spell ingredients using your intuition.  I choose herbs, crystals, and plants as they call out to me in order to build a spell that works!

Sometimes, I'll be in the store and a certain plant calls out for me to buy it!  This happened to me recently with a basil plant.  

Other times, I'll intuitively know within an instant that I'm supposed to purchase a new herb for me to work with.  This happened to me recently with comfrey and in the past with the damiana herb ingredient.  

Another time, I needed nettle tea to use in a spell, so much so, that I had to get in the car and run to the store to get it for the spell I was concocting.  Anytime this happens, I never doubt this intuitive nudge from within.  I end up going with the flow and it ends up being the right choice.  

In the same vein, I am sometimes intuitively led into the forest for an enchanted walk with Goddess Rhiannon.  While I'm there, she'll often lend a hand in helping me find natural ingredients for my spells.  Things like tree bark, mushrooms, mint leaves, and tiny acorns all get scooped up for my next spell or moon ritual!

The same thing happens to me with gemstones too!  I'll be watching a video or reading a book and suddenly, I'll have a strong impulse to purchase a gemstone I hadn't really thought of before.  When that happens, it usually means there's something about the metaphysical properties of the crystal that's needed in my life.  

You can start using your witch's intuition by scouting out spell ingredients that resonate with you.  You can start by going on a forest walk or by taking a walk around the neighborhood.  

Which plants, flowers, or trees are calling out to you?  Take note of it or pull out a pair of scissors and take a plant cutting home with you!  It's fun to go on mini adventures around your local park or neighborhood!

Let Your Intuitive Feelings Lead the Way

Part of being a witch means letting your intuitive thoughts and feelings lead the way!  I believe this voice comes from within.  On the other hand, I do think it's important to take stock of the spiritual team that's trying to guide us in our daily lives.  

We have spirit guides and angels all around us.  Spirit works within us and outside of us.  It uses signs and synchronicities to guide us and show us the way.  

Sometimes they are there to warn us of impending danger or upcoming events, but most of the time, they are there to help keep us on the right path, whatever that may be for us.  

As a witch, it's important to let your feelings, thoughts, and emotions be a guide for you!  Think of them as a mini guidebook that connects us with the spiritual source of all things.  

It is in those things, those in-between spaces, where we find ourselves and become a better person.  It's what guides us to craft a better life using our witchcraft spells and resources.  It's how a witch can feel her way through the world and yet still be part of it!

Hi, I'm Laurali! I write about moon magic and seasonal shifts and all things faery. about me


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