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How to Work With the Fool Tarot Card Energy

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This is a blog post on how to work with the fool tarot card energy!  The Fool lands at number zero in the tarot card deck and is a major arcana card, making it trump all of the minor arcana in any given tarot reading.  It's a card of full potentiality and a journey into the unknown.  

Lately, I've been working with the fool tarot card myself, in order to take on the energies and essence of the card and its meaning.  When this card shows up in a reading, it means a fresh, new beginning is just around the corner for you!

The Fool's journey is a brave journey into the unknown.  When the fool, begins his journey, he must take risks and move forward without fear.  He might have some fear under his belt, but in this case, he faces it head-on without hesitation.  

I often get the fool card for how others see me.  What this means is that people see me as someone who is childlike and maybe a bit innocent and naive at times.  They could even see me as a small person, which makes perfect sense because in real life I am a tiny person.  

The fool tarot card as a person is someone who is brave, bold, a risk-taker, and someone who rolls the dice on life to see where it will lead them.  This is a person who looks at the world with fresh eyes, like that of a child.  

Whenever you need a sprinkle of fresh energy in your life, the fool card would be the perfect card to turn to!  It represents fresh energy, a new beginning, taking risks, and the potential of something.  

It's a magical card to get when starting a new relationship with someone fun and exciting or starting new creative endeavors and projects!  He makes everything sparkle and shine, as he brings in new opportunities to grow as a person.  

When you need to put on a brave face, the fool is the guy you want to call on!  He has a way of making you want to jump at opportunities that come along and face your fears instead of running away from them.  In fact, he knows nothing of fear.  

If you're looking for a change or just want to get started on some spring cleaning, this is the card you want to work with!  He will bring out a side to you that's imaginative, brave, and true.

How to Work With the Fool Tarot Card Energy

To work with the fool tarot card energy, I always recommend rifling through your many tarot decks and finding the fool card with the imagery that speaks to you.  That's when you know that you've found the tarot card you want to work with.

You can use the fool card in sigil magic spells by placing the tarot card beneath your sigil for activation.  This is just another way to activate your sigil while bringing the energy of the card to it.  In this case, it will bring in energy that is fresh and new.

You could even use the fool card to take on the personality traits of the fool tarot card as a person.  Just like when I do free moon readings every month and you begin to take on the personality of whatever phase the moon is in, you can do the same with tarot cards.  

In addition to that, you can use the fool tarot energy healing to create new opportunities for yourself!  Having a dry spell in the dating department?  No problem!

The fool can bring in fresh dating opportunities for you that make your love life become active and fun.  It can even work to bring golden job opportunities your way or help you be brave enough to go back to school or start a new job.  

Another way to work with the energy and essence of the fool tarot card is to work with Archangel Raziel for tarot readings, psychic abilities, and intuitive downloads.  Tell Archangel Raziel that you specifically want to work with the fool tarot card to bring out the best in you.

You can also write a distance energy healing letter addressed to the fool card in order to engage with his energy and gain feedback.  I've worked with the hermit tarot card and the queen of wands tarot card in this way and it packs a punch!

Writing a letter to the fool tarot card allows you to embrace his childlike energy and begin anew!  You'll be able to tap into any messages he might have for you, as well as to replicate his life-force energy in your own life.

You might find yourself starting a new diet, moving to a new home, or asking out the love interest you've been too shy to talk to before.  He has a way of making people be bold and brave!

The Fool Tarot Card As a Person

Let's talk more about what the fool is like as a person and how he can be beneficial to your life.  When starting anything new, the fool card can make a great addition to creative projects and making big changes in your life!

He is the potential of everything.  His energy is malleable and can be used to make anything come to life that has once been stagnant or stuck.  

As a person, the fool is somebody who puts himself out there and makes himself visible to the world.  He's not afraid to be seen or heard.  At number zero, he is best known for aiding someone in taking a leap of faith!

You can work with both the fool card and take a leap of faith with Goddess Aine when you need a huge confidence boost!  They will both work together to create a strong sense of motivation within you.

If this is something you struggle with, working with the fool tarot card can help!  The fool works on intrinsic motivation and finds inspiration from new and adventurous things.  

He's the type of person that's always looking for the next challenge or adventure.  He lives in the moment and can teach you how to live that way too.

He can be someone who is funny, carefree, childlike, innocent, and at times a bit foolish. This can get him into trouble sometimes, but it's also the same reason people love him.  He is also an Aries, making him a fire sign with a heart of gold!

This is someone who never means to hurt people but accidentally opens his mouth and inserts his foot.  He's the type of person that can be careless and this can sometimes be seen in a negative light.

Overall, his youthful, invigorating energy can be fun and challenging!  This is the kind of person you want in your life when you need to shake things up.  

The Fool's Journey

The fool tarot card journey is the hero's journey!  If you are beginning your own hero journey, whether it be a spiritual kundalini awakening or a dark night of the soul experience, this is the card you'll want to be by your side.

What I like about working with the fool tarot card is that he will help you face your fears!  He can help you take a few gambles in the game of life, which is sometimes necessary for spiritual growth.  

I'm about to dive into my next fool tarot card journey, as I will be moving to a new home soon!  As of right now, I have no idea where I'm going to end up, as I haven't found a new place yet.  The fool is assisting me in facing the unknown with ease and grace.

That's how the fool's journey's always are.  They often start out with very little clarity, except a little voice in your head prompting you to go for it!

It's that leap of faith that you have to take, no matter how dark things may appear on the surface.  If you need help with overcoming challenges and facing fears, I recommend working with the fool tarot card today!  You never know how things will end up, but you can always count on landing in a better place than you were before.
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