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Meet Goddess Morrigan: Shadow Work and Dark Magic With the Morrigan


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Meet Goddess Morrigan: Shadow Work and Dark Magic With The Morrigan! If you are looking to embrace your dark self and dig deeper into the dark magic of your witchy grimoire, then this is the goddess you want to work with.

I've been in a dark place lately, and when I find myself in this position, that's usually when the magic of The Morrigan appears before me.  It is common for her to come to us during times of darkness and trouble.  

Much like the fool tarot card, she is a goddess who will aid you in facing your fears and embracing the darkness.  She is here to grant you sovereignty and personal power and strength.  

I've noticed that Goddess Morrigan will show up when you need her the most.  For example, she came to me to warn me of the suicide of my high school best friend back in January and recently showed up when I was feeling completely hopeless looking for a new place to live.  

What I love about her is that she is like a quiet fire building from within.  I feel like she watches you and waits for her perfect moment to swoop in and transform you.  

There's something subtle in the way she works, bringing about powerful change and transformation.  She, much like her bird animal familiars, can come when there's an impending death or the end of something.  Like the end of an era, she comes in to create calm in the storm.

The Goddess Morrigan is a Celtic triple goddess who works with three separate goddesses all-in-one.  She is quite powerful and it's always an honor to be called on by her.  She is known as the phantom queen because of her shapeshifting, warrior goddess ways.  

Meet Goddess Morrigan: Shadow Work and Dark Magic With The Morrigan

If you'd like to start working with The Morrigan, it requires showing up every day for her in some small way.  It could be a quick prayer or leaving an offering for her in gratitude and thanks.  

There may be long stretches of time where absolutely nothing is happening, as you wait to hear from her patiently.  That's okay.  Just know that Goddess Morrigan is in the background watching you, waiting for her moment.  

She's subtle in how she comes into your life, but make no mistake, she is a powerful being!  She is known for her ability to get to the heart of the matter.

With the Morrigan, you can always count on her digging deep.  She knows that beneath every fear lies the power and strength to quietly overcome it.  This is what allows her to take shape in different forms in your life.  

Goddess Morrigan is made up of a goddess-head of three different aspects of herself, each of which brings something different to the table.  As a shapeshifter, she is able to work with you on different aspects of your life by moving in and out of form.  

I have found that I've learned something from each aspect that makes up the goddess-head that is the Morrigan goddess.  You have the luxury of working with Goddess Badb, Goddess Macha, or the Goddess Nemain.  

There's even an aspect of herself known as Anu, also known as Danu, which is connected to the Goddess Dana, queen of the leprechauns.  The different aspects of Morrigan Goddess have been disputed by scholars, but I would lean into first impressions when working with her.  

For example, not everyone agrees that Morgan Le Fay is an aspect of Goddess Macha, which makes up the positive or light side of the Morrigan.  For me, she resonated right away.  I knew there was an instant connection there and felt strongly called to work with this herbal ancient queen.

It was the same for me when working with Anu, which was Danu, also known as Dana, the Celtic Goddess who governs the leprechauns.  I felt an instant connection with this aspect of herself and understood it as real.  

The truth is, none of us can prove our findings, but it's important to trust your initial first impressions and gut instincts when working with this controversial goddess.  She is many different things to many different people.  

First and foremost, she is a dark triple goddess known as the bringer of death and transformation!  Her animal familiars are birds of death and decay.  The crow is the bird that best represents the Morrigan.

It is often said that Morrigan Goddess will shapeshift into a crow as a harbinger of death and destruction.  She likes things to lie flat so she can bring in new life and a powerful feeling of sovereignty to her patrons.    

The magic of the Morrigan lies in trust.  She wants her patrons to believe in trust when all hope is lost.  She aids them in finding a newfound faith and sense of discipline.  

If you'd like to work with the dark goddess, I recommend reading up on her and doing lots of research!  In addition to that, it's important to build your own personal experiences with her, slowly over time.  

Do you feel the calling?  Read, What It's Like to Be Called by the Morrigan: Celtic Faery Goddess to get started.  This will set things in motion and assist you in building a deep relationship with this enchanting goddess.

Working With the Goddess Macha Aspect of The Morrigan

Working with the Goddess Macha aspect of the Morrigan is like working with the brighter side of her energy.  She's got a loving, comforting, earth goddess kind of energy to her that makes you feel warm and safe.  

I also love the fact that even with this sunny, optimistic side to her personality, there's still a shadow aspect.  Every rose has a thorn, as they say!

For the most part, I find her to be very nurturing, much like the empress tarot card in the tarot deck.  She tends to work with herbal remedies and has a high threshold for pain.  

This means if you ever find yourself in a painful emotional situation, she will take on that burden for you.  All you have to do is surrender the problem over to her and let it settle in.  She will concoct some sort of healing remedy for you that will ease the signs and symptoms of your problem.  

She is quite gentle in this aspect, as she tends to be a nurse, a mother, and a school teacher.  If you are interested in learning things, especially anything herb-related, Goddess Macha is your girl!

Working With the Goddess Badb Aspect of The Morrigan

Currently, I'm working with the Goddess Badb aspect of The Morrigan, as she shows up with a quiet yet fierce warrior goddess energy.

I chose Goddess Badb to work with because this is a time in my life where I need to get things done fast!  I have noticed that she shows up to take control of things and lead you into the battlefield to win the fight.  

She can do things like push back deadlines in an emergency and transmuting darkness into the energy of love and light.  I like her because she, much like myself, wants to be heard.  This is why she often shows up to me screaming in the background with her flaming red hair.  

She also works on your behalf to be furious for you, in cases where you've been wronged.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, says Goddess Badb!  She's awesome at shapeshifting, shadow work, and working with poisonous herbs.  

She's absolutely not afraid of working with the dark, shadow self.  In fact, she laughs in the face of fear which can be helpful in scary, life-changing situations.  

Working With the Goddess Nemain Aspect of The Morrigan

Working with the Goddess Nemain aspect of the Morrigan means getting ready to face your fears and embrace the darkness.  She's another battle warrior goddess of the Morrigan, who incites fear in the heart of others.  

If you are in a revenge scenario, this might be the perfect goddess to call on of the goddess-head!  She can help you by getting rid of toxic people and dangerous situations in your life with great speed.

Goddess Nemain works great with doing shadow work and working on your dark self, as she embraces the darkness and finds it the right place to be.  In addition to that, Nemain will assist you in powerful banishing, binding, and hexing spells!

If someone gets in the way of your dream, she's the goddess you most want to turn to!  She will use the energy and essence of the crow to turn the tide in your favor.  

She's also great to call on if you are in a court battle or a real-life battle, like say a military person would be.  In these cases, carrying crow imagery as a talisman blessed by Goddess Nemain will work wonders to protect you.

Goddess Nemain also works great in protection spells and spells where you feel a need to put up boundaries with others.  She's a powerful protector who will fight the battles of everyday life for you!

Working With the Goddess Anu Aspect of The Morrigan

Like I've mentioned before, Nemain and Anu, are the aspects that make up the Goddess Morrigan that are interchangeable.  What I mean by this is that it's disputed by scholars and historians.  

I personally believe that both can be true, based on my own real-life experiences working with the Morrigan.  The Goddess Anu aspect of the Morrigan Goddess aligns with the Macha aspect as well, since she is indeed a fruitful Celtic goddess of the land.  

What's different about her to me is how she is portrayed, as well as a subtle body of energy that is separate from Nemain.  To me, she reads as someone who is prosperous, which lends support to the Danu or Goddess Dana aspect of this Irish goddess of the leprechaun people.  

As we all know, leprechauns are known for their ability to manifest money, gold, and imports.  I see this aspect ringing true when we lend credence to her stories and mythology.  

I do indeed see Goddess Danu as Anu and believe they are one and the same.  To further explore this, I invite you to visit this aspect of the Morrigan and see how she rings true!

Working with the Goddess Anu aspect of the Morrigan means opening yourself up to abundance and earth magic!  She is wonderful to work with if you have a lack mentality and need assistance in bringing more riches and prosperity into your life.  

You can also work with her to gain a backstage pass to the leprechaun folk. This will bring a fun, lighthearted approach to the workplace and making a living.  

What Goddess Morrigan is Known For

I think it's safe to say, Goddess Morrigan is best known for being a harbinger of death, shape-shifting, transformation, beauty and glamour magic, and transformation.  I recommend taking your time and exploring all the different facets of the Morrigan, as she has many faces and names.  

The Morrigan is known for her ability to take difficult situations and bring peace, calm, and serenity to them.  She's most interested in taking the people she works with and transforming them into sovereign human beings.  

There's something powerful about this goddess that I can't quite put my finger on.  I know every time I work with her, I feel an increase in power and strength, giving me the courage to carry on.  

In addition to that, I highly recommend working with crow animal spirits and imagery.  This will warn you of impending danger and deepen your spiritual connection with her.  

If you'd really like to show her you mean business, create a Goddess Morrigan Worship Altar!  You can place crow emblems and imagery on your altar, as well as dark bird feathers and animal bones.  She loves it when people get creative in her honor!

Honoring the Morrigan is like honoring that dark, shadowy part of yourself buried deep.  It's important to unearth different aspects of yourself, even if it isn't all light and fluffy.  

With Goddess Morrigan, know that she is always watching you once you make a connection.  She's watching to see what you are doing, where you are going next.  

Even if she never becomes your patron goddess, she's still a powerful friend and ally to have!  She works spells with poisonous plants and screaming rants, all while silencing your inner critic and building your confidence in a profound way.

I don't know about you, but there's something very comforting and reassuring about that.  It's nice to know this deity will always and forever have your back :)

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