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My Goddess Fortuna Good Luck Altar


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This is my Goddess Fortuna Good Luck Altar! This is where I create Goddess Fortuna prayers, poems, and where I generally come to worship her. I even created an altar category, where you can just click to see all the posts and dedications that I make for her as my patron goddess.

Goddess Fortuna is the Roman goddess of good luck, great fortune, fame, and stability. She became my patron goddess last year when I started writing about her. I felt an instant connection with her that I couldn't quite put my finger on.

What attracted me to Fortuna was her ability to take unfortunate events and situations and create rags to riches stories. I knew instantly that she would go to work on me, assisting me in creating a new story for myself.

I came from humble beginnings. I've had a really difficult life, always living below the poverty line, as I worked hard to try to take care of my three daughters as a single mother. I think Fortuna resonated with me because I knew she understood me, she is an extremely good listener, and she cares deeply about her patrons.

The one thing I always wanted in my life was to have stability, but in order to have that, she needed to create a tower moment and mini-tower moments to burn everything to the ground and start anew. This way, I could build a new foundation that was built to last.

If you decide to work with Fortuna, know that she will create powerful and profound change in your life! You will be pushed outside of your comfort zone, but at the end of the day, you will be transformed into something shiny and new.

Fortuna is someone who is reliable, someone you can always count on! Even though she is most known for being a bringer of good luck, Fortuna Goddess will be a strong, stable figure in your life.

Read About Goddess Fortuna

My Goddess Fortuna Good Luck Altar

My Goddess Fortuna good luck altar is dedicated with love to my patron goddess. She is the one who has been with me through thick and thin and everything in between.

This will be my place of worship! It is here where I will share what we have together, as our relationship has only grown stronger over time.

In addition to that, I will use this Goddess Fortuna Worship Altar to bring more good luck into my life! I've had a lot of bad luck in my life, but I'm starting to see, thanks to Fortuna, that even those things had to happen for a reason.

Sometimes, she has to clear the landscape that is your life in order to bring in better luck and more fortunate events. This is exactly what happened to me!

At first, I was confused, but then I thought about it. I asked her for change and transformation and that's exactly what she gave me. It just came to me in unexpected, sometimes painful ways.

There's a reason people say that change is hard. Change means working on yourself and that can sometimes be a painful process. If you decide to work with her, be prepared to be triggered at times.

She doesn't do this to cause you pain, but to get you where you need to be to become successful. She creates swift action that gets results. If you call on her, be prepared to be floored by the changes she will make!

Therefore, I encourage you to take the time to get to know Fortuna. There's not a lot of information out there. Most of what I've learned from her has been through personal experience and lots of prayer and devotion.

I want to be her rags to riches story. I want to be a daughter that she can be proud of. She has done so much for me and I love her dearly.

This good luck altar will act as a catalyst for good luck and great fortune in my life. It will create a feeling of warmth, comfort, and stability, which are the feelings that Fortuna invokes in me.

It will be a worship altar of fame, chance meetings, and golden opportunities. I feel like this altar will not only draw me closer to Fortuna, but to the other patrons that work with her or wish to work with her.

Feel free to use this altar whenever you want to look up a prayer or wish to feel inspired by the magic of Fortuna! I am blessing this sacred space with good vibrations and many blessings so that others can benefit from it too.

Have you ever walked into a church or a place of worship and felt a high spiritual vibration of peace and calm? That's how I want my good luck altar to feel. I want it to be a place in which people come to visit and lives are changed.

It's like being in the presence of God/Goddess. It's universal and fit for everyone, everywhere. It's a place where you will feel warm, safe, and loved by Fortuna Goddess and I will too.

Goddess Fortuna Aspects

There are many different aspects of Fortuna and I am going to include the aspects of her that I work with the most. If you choose to reach out to Fortuna, please know you can simply call on her by her name, unless you feel called to work with one of her aspects.

Fortuna Redux - Fortuna Redux is known for family, home, safe travels, and stability. I call on this aspect of her whenever I am feeling unsafe or unstable. I often ask her to protect me and my loved ones and our pets and plants, as well as our homes, cars, and belongings. In addition to that, I call on Fortuna Redux for safe and pleasant travels.

Talisman: You can create a Goddess Fortuna Redux talisman by filling a mojo bag with an aventurine crystal (known for good luck, travel, and adventure), plus comfrey (safe travels), ginger (energy and great speed), mustard seed (for courage), and holy basil (to relieve stress). Leave it in your car, keep it in your purse, or stash it in your suitcase while traveling or to protect your loved ones.

Fortuna Venus - Fortuna Venus teaches you how to be lucky in love! She can help you with love and romantic relationships. She can assist you in love spells, helping you to meet new people and putting you at the right place at the right time to get asked out on a date. If you're married, she can bring back the spark to your marriage!

Love Spell: Take two rose quartz crystals and place them underneath your pillow in an envelope sealed with romantic herbs that match the personality traits of the person you'd like to have. For example, mustard seed for loyalty, damiana for passion and great speed, dill weed for luck, and catnip for physical beauty and attraction. Keep the envelope under your pillow for one complete moon cycle (28-days) and you'll attract the love of a specific person to you or someone even better!

Fortuna Publica - Fortuna Publica assists with fame and popularity!  She can help you to maintain a good image if you're in the public eye.  It's helpful to call on her for public speaking, social media, and making yourself more known and visible to the world.  What do you want to be known for?  What legacy do you want to leave behind?  Fortuna Publica will help you gain recognition and success in equal measure to what you can handle.

Fame and Recognition Candle: Take a yellow pillar candle and carve symbols of fame and fortune onto it such as an eye (for the public eye) or social media icons if you want to be Instagram famous or something like that.  Then, rub the candle in peppermint essential oil and roll the candle in herbs set out on separate plates.  Add, bergamot for money and success, allspice for a successful business or endeavor, basil for notoriety and attraction, and cinnamon for great speed and success!  Burn the candle for at least ten minutes each day until the candle has burned completely down and you'll begin to receive signs of fame!

Fortuna Equestris - Fortuna Equestris is known for the equestrian class, better known as "the equites" and their horses back in Roman times.  This class of people was the upper second class or the knights.  She is also known for horses and working with people who have an inclination toward horses.  What this means is that she can help you move up in status if that's something that's important to you.  She can also assist you in having stability right where you are and creating a strong work ethic and character-building within you.  

Stability Ritual: On the full moon, take a piece of brick or shingling from your household and place it somewhere hidden by the front door and fill it with good and fortunate things.  I recommend adding some personal effects to your brick or shingling such as a locket, a lock of hair, or an enchanted hair ribbon.  Remember to hide it in plain sight!  Then, add a horseshoe or lucky horseshoe symbol to your house piece.  Ask Goddess Fortuna Equestris to bring stability into your home life and let the magic begin!

Fortuna Muliebris - Fortuna Muliebris is a goddess who supports women and children.  If you are pregnant, she can assist you in childbirth.  If you are trying to conceive, she's a fertility goddess with a special love of children.  This means she'll happily help you bring a new child into the world!  She is also known for her cornucopia of abundance and fecundity, so if you're impoverished in any way, she's the goddess to call on.

Abundance Charm: Find your best piece of jewelry.  If it's something that has history, meaning, and significance, that's even better.  Then, enchant it by calling on Goddess Fortuna Muliebris a dozen or more times or until you feel something click.  Then, ask her for a sign that your abundance charm has been activated.  For example, you might find money on the ground or a butterfly might fly in your path.  As with all signs, you'll know when it comes to you.  Pray over your abundance charm anytime you feel worried about money and be sure to give thanks to Fortuna Muliebris!

Fortuna Privata - Fortuna Privata is best known for the luck of the individual.  To work with her, you must first form a personal relationship with her.  Create a ritual that you can do every day together.  If your entire life has been a series of unfortunate events, this is the aspect of Fortuna you want to turn to!  She can turn your individual luck around, create more golden opportunities and chance meetings in your life, and life will become a serendipitous adventure.

Mini-Clover Good Luck Altar: Purchase or grow four-leaf clovers in a pretty pot outside your front door.  Be sure to add items to the soil to personalize the luck of the individual.  This can be your favorite herbs, a heart-shaped locket, or a lucky gemstone that speaks to your heart (jade gemstone makes a great choice).  Be sure to treat it as an altar, adding a new item for luck every new moon phase to keep the home fires burning so to speak!

Fortuna Salutaris - Fortuna Salutaris is known as the bringer of health and well-being!  She can assist you with everything from eating a more plant-based diet to bringing more yoga poses into your life.  She's also a goddess of purification, meaning she can help you with juicing and detoxing things from your life that are unhealthy.  She's great with creating routines and breaking bad habits and addictions.  

Holistic Health and Wellness Spell: Take a whole lemon, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a sprinkle of ginger, and cucumber slices and add them to your water once a day for thirty days.  Stir well!  Each time you make your drink, ask Goddess Fortuna Salutaris to bless you with an abundance of good health.  Watch the magic happen.  You'll begin to notice a change in your overall health and well-being.  You might switch to strictly organic produce or switch from coffee to tea.  It will be little tweaks and changes over time that will be noticeable to you.  You'll even begin to get compliments on your glowing new look!

Fortuna Huiusce Diei - Fortuna Huiusce Diei is best known for the power of the present moment and making things happen now.  She can assist you in counting your blessings and work to grant you a more positive mindset.  She's the goddess you call on for daily blessings.  If you are in an urgent situation, she is a wonderful goddess to call on as she works with great speed to get the job done.

Daily Blessings Mantra: Repeat, "I am lucky, blessed, and fortunate" throughout your day.  Make it a habit to say it when you wake up in the morning and once more at bedtime.  With time, this belief will be instilled in you and you will really be lucky, blessed, and fortunate!  This is the mantra I use daily.

Goddess Fortuna Prayers

Sometimes I use prayers that I have found during my research on Goddess Fortuna, but recently, I felt inspired to create my own.  I plan to add more prayers with time, as I have different connections with the different aspects of Fortuna Goddess.  

At home, there are times when I get on my hands and knees by my bed and pray to her.  During these times, I pour my heart out.  I don't try to say anything fancy, I simply come to her humbled and true.  

On a nature hike, I often talk to Fortuna in my mind, as I walk through butterfly meadows and fairy gardens.  I find that it's much easier to hear goddess when I'm in the hygge style heart of nature.  

Then, there are times when I just want to sit down and read my prayers to her, solidifying our bond and deepening our special relationship.  For those times, these are the prayers I've come up with.  I hope they find you at a time in your life when you need it the most.  

Each prayer is blessed with the love and goddess energy of Fortuna!  Each prayer is written as a love note to the great divine that I know her as.  Enjoy! xo

A Prayer For Stability in the Home and Family

Great Goddess Fortuna Redux, 

I call on you for stability in my home and family life!  I call on you to be a strong foundation in which to build structure in our daily lives.  

Fortuna Redux, Please bless, heal, shield, and protect me and my loved ones and our pets and plants and homes, cars, and belongings!  Oh Fortuna, pour your blessings onto us with great fervor.  

Fortuna Redux, Help us build a life worth living and a strong family unit filled with great love and care and happy memories!  Remind us each day why we love each other and how each person in a family makes a whole unit.

Fortuna Redux, fill our kitchen with an abundance of healthy food and generations of family meals!  Fortuna, fill our kitchen with modern conveniences while still retaining the old ways.  

Fortuna Redux, fill our family room with togetherness and warm, happy memories!  Bring to life each picture, each magic moment, each sound of laughter.

Fortuna Redux, fill each child's bedroom with a burst of sunshine, optimism, and an abundance of creativity, fond memories, and the stuff that sweet dreams are made of.  Give our children childhood magic, Fortuna Redux!

Fortuna Redux, fill our marriage bedrooms or single rooms with love, passion, and genuine respect and kindness.  Fortuna Redux, fill our heads with gentle sleep and peaceful dreams as we go to bed each night.

Fortuna Redux, fill the air all around us with good energy and real-life magic that comes from someplace deep within!  Bring us together in love and unity, Fortuna Redux!

Fortuna Redux, bless our family with opportunities for togetherness!  Bring us together in love and heart.  Bring us together as one family, one unity, one solid structure that can be built to last throughout all ages and time.  

Thank you, blessed be, and so it is, so mote it be Goddess Fortuna Redux!  

A Prayer for Money and Abundance

Great Goddess Fortuna Muliebris,

I call on you for money and abundance!  I call on you for cash assistance, healthy meals for nourishment, and blessings in our daily lives.

Fortuna Muliebris, fill our savings accounts with bundles of money, invest in our businesses, and fill our bank accounts and wallets with a cash flow that is neverending.  Keep the money flowing like a river into our hearts and into our lives, Fortuna Goddess!

Fortuna Muliebris, distance us from money troubles, help us pay our bills and rent, and never let us go hungry or homeless.  Assist us in our daily bread, Fortuna Goddess!

Fortuna Muliebris, delete our lack mentality and scarcity mindset.  Remind us that we all deserve to live luxurious and abundant lifestyles, in whatever way that means for us.  Steer money troubles away from us, Fortuna Goddess!

Thank you, blessed be, and so it is, so mote it be, Goddess Fortuna Muliebris!

A Prayer for Good Luck and Great Fortune

Great Goddess Fortuna Privata, 

I call on you for good luck and great fortune!  I call on you to bring about a string of fortunate and lucky events into my life.  

With the winds of change, turn the wheel in my favor!  Fill my days and nights with chance meetings and golden opportunities.  Give me stories I can tell my grandchildren, Fortuna Goddess!

With the scales of justice, bring fairness, balance, and light into my life!  Bring all good things in equal measure.  Look favorably upon me, Goddess Fortuna Privata!

With the turning tides, turn luck in my favor Fortuna Goddess!  Bring fortunate events and happy occurrences my way.  

Let each day be filled with serendipity, the energy of aventurine, and the good luck symbols of hope, luck, and great fortune.   Look favorably upon me, Goddess Fortuna Privata!

Goddess Fortuna Privata, bring me luck!  Goddess Fortuna Privata, bring me great fortune!  Goddess Fortuna Privata, bring me all good things.  Send only good people into my life.  People that I can count on and depend on.  Let the wheel turn in my favor, Fortuna Goddess!

Thank you, blessed be, and so it is, so mote it be, Goddess Fortuna Privata!

A Prayer to Be Lucky in Love

Great Goddess Fortuna Venus, 

I call on you to make me lucky in love!  I ask for a love that time will stand still for, one for the books, and one for the ages.  I want a love story I can tell my grandchildren about, so they can know what great love is and aspire to have it for their future selves.

Goddess Fortuna Venus, bring me a great love!  Bring me a love that is loyal, kind, considerate, and true.  Bring me a love that is stable and strong that will grow and blossom like a flower garden throughout eternity.  

Goddess Fortuna Venus, bring me a great love!  Bring me a love that is filled with passion, romance, attraction, and an exchange of energies.  Bring me a great lover who will worship my body and love me with all his heart.

Goddess Fortuna Venus, bring me a great love!  Bring me a love that is filled with friendship, partnership, happy memories, adventure, and laughter.  Bring me a lover who will make each and every day an adventure and a fond memory to hold as a locket in my heart. 

Goddess Fortuna Venus, bring me great love!  Bring me romance, friendship, partnership, and devotion.  Bring me the kind of love people write stories about, the kind of love that is golden and hinged with honor and respect.  Bring me great love, Fortuna Venus!

Thank you, blessed be, and so it is, so mote it be, Goddess Fortuna Venus!

A Prayer for Daily Blessings

Great Goddess Fortuna Huiusce Diei, 

Bring us this day our daily blessings!  Bring us great aid from our worries and cares.  Act upon our problems with great speed and bless them.  

Fill each day with blessings, Fortuna Huiusce Diei!  Fill each day with love.

Fill each day with warm, happy memories, Fortuna Huiusce Diei!  Bring us relief from our daily struggles and pour your wishing well of healing waters upon us.  

Fill each day with magical moments, Fortuna Huiusce Diei!  Bring us good things to smile upon and to make each day golden and bright and worth remembering.  

Thank you, blessed be, and so it is, so mote it be, Goddess Fortuna Huiusce Diei!

A Prayer for Fame and Recognition

Great Goddess Fortuna Publica, 

I call on you for fame and recognition!  Let the sun shine down on me with golden light, creating a halo effect all around me.  

I call on you to be well-known for something!  Let me make my mark on the world and be that one person who makes a difference.  

I call on you to be beloved!  Let my days be filled with followers, admirers, and adoration that comes from a place of authenticity.

I call on you to be known, to be heard, to be seen, to be beloved by everyone all around me!  Let me do some good in this world and let some good be done to me.  

Thank you, blessed be, and so it is, so mote it be, Goddess Fortuna Publica!

A Prayer for Status and Power

Great Goddess Fortuna Equestris, 

I call on you for personal power and strength!  I ask that you would bring out the best in me, the good in me, and that it would be seen, heard, and recognized by all.  

I ask that you would make me a powerful force to be reckoned with.  I ask that you would give me clout and good standing, Fortuna Equestris!

I ask that you would place me in a position of power where I can do more good than harm.  I ask that you would give me authority and publicity, Fortuna Equestris!

I ask that you would place me on a pedestal, making me beloved by everyone, by all who meet me.  I ask that you would grant me the wisdom to become a great leader and to rule with love, Fortuna Equestris!

I ask that you would bring me great honor and respect in my community.  I ask that you would grant me the power to make positive changes in my own life as well as the lives of others, Fortuna Equestris!

Thank you, blessed be, and so it is, so mote it be, Goddess Fortuna Equestris!

A Prayer For Holistic Health and Wellness

Great Goddess Fortuna Salutaris, 

I call on you for holistic health and wellness!  I call on you for health, safety, and well-being.  I call on you to treat me as an individual and as a whole person.  

I call on you for natural remedies!  Whenever possible, I ask that you would assist me with remedies derived from nature that could fuel my body with perfect health and a sunshiny, optimistic attitude.

I call on you for rich, nourishing foods!  Whenever possible, I ask that you would assist me in choosing plant-based meals and foods that are rich in nourishment to fuel me throughout my day.  

I call on you to bring more yoga poses into my life!  I ask that you would protect my body and limbs and nourish them with the power of body movement and connection to the spiritual realm.  

I call on you to for perfect health!  I call on you for perfect health in my body, mind, spirit, soul, and heart.  I call on you for the integration of the whole person that makes up me.  

Thank you, blessed be, and so it is, so mote it be, Goddess Fortuna Salutaris!

My Goddess Fortuna Holiday

I chose September 27th out of an assortment of Goddess Fortuna celebrations.  For some reason, that particular date instantly resonated with me.  I would later find out that this was a day in celebration of Goddess Fortuna Redux, and that's when it clicked with me.  

I was looking for stability and comfort in my life.  The kind you have when you know you and your loved ones are safe and they have all the creature comforts one could need.  Goddess Fortuna Redux was the goddess aspect of Fortuna that most resonated with me.

On September 27th, I plan to do a little something for her each year.  Maybe I'll bake her a cake.  Maybe I'll plant a tree for her, as trees are magic, and symbols of stability and longevity.  

Whatever I end up doing, it will be my celebration of her status as my patron goddess!  She is my main goddess.  She is my everything and all.  

I wanted a day that could be just for the two of us, a tiny celebration of life's little moments.  I wanted to create warm and happy memories with her, as Fortuna has been a golden light in my life.  

With time, I may develop a ritual with her, something we do together each year.  Goddess Fortuna is my patron goddess, my best friend, my protector, and my comfort in life.  

Yes, there are times when she pushes me beyond my comfort zone, but it is in those experiences where I've drawn closer to her.  Thank you, Fortuna, for being you!

With time, I hope my Fortuna holiday celebration grows.  I pray for a deep, lasting friendship and connection with her.  As my bond with Fortuna deepens, so will my good luck altar grow!  Thanks for stopping by, friends. xo

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