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The Mini Witch's Guide to the Autumn Equinox and the Witchy Holiday Mabon

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This is the mini witch's guide to the Autumn Equinox and the witchy holiday Mabon! Mabon is the perfect balance of light and dark and everything in between. Today, we're going to talk about how you can celebrate the holiday with your personal connection to green witchcraft.

Long before I was ever a witch, fall was my favorite season! Every year, I would look forward to the seasonal shifts that would unearth new things in my life. It was as if I would be turning over every crisp fall leaf seeking answers to life's little mysteries.

Autumn has always been my favorite time of year because it feels as if everything is coming to a natural end and the fruitful harvest is ready to reap its reward.  This is the season of life that includes my favorite holiday Halloween, which has quickly integrated into the witch's holiday Samhain, where the veil becomes thin between worlds.  

This is the time of year where we get to kick back and finally enjoy the fruits of our labors.  We get to reap what we have sown.  It's a time and place where light and dark come into balance to create a world of enchantment all around us.  

I find this time of year to be especially potent, as the veil thins, allowing us to bridge the connection between the fairy realm and our ancestors.  This is a magical time to practice graveyard magic and do spirit work.  

There's a deeper connection with the spiritual realm, lending a voice to those who wish to reach us.  This could be anyone from a past life, an ancient ancestor from the dark middle ages, or a ghost passing by like a ship in the night.  

There's a mystery to the Mabon holiday like no other, with a thread that runs deep in history, celebration, and honor.  It's a wonderful time to be thankful for all we have, as we break bread with loved ones as we sit around the table for the holiday festivities.  

The Autumnal Equinox is a seasonal shift of life that will make you feel less alone, as you feel the energies of spirits all around you.  As a green witch, you may be able to connect on a deeper level with your herbs and plant allies, bringing them to life and lending them a voice that is authentic and true.  

This is a time period where you may be receiving more intuitive downloads, signs, and synchronicities so it's important to pay attention and to keep your energy open to the change and transformation of the season.  

You may find yourself going deeper in your spellwork, spending more time in graveyards, or hiking in the forest to hunt, gather, and forage for things.  This is because the weather has begun to change and cool down ever so slightly and you may be more inclined to frolic in the woods for a bit.  

The fall equinox brings with it the magic of mushroom hunting season and outdoor gatherings with fairy lights!  It's a time to gather around the table with family and friends and celebrate how far you've come and seek refuge in where you're headed next.  

The magic of Mabon lies in its power, hidden in plain sight.  There are many hidden gems to Mabon that conjures up stories and magic in witches everywhere, creating an enchanted collective memory.  

The Mini Witch's Guide to the Autumn Equinox and the Witchy Holiday Mabon

What are some ways you can celebrate Mabon and the turning leaves of the autumn season?  First and foremost, create a list of things you'd like to manifest this holiday season!  I recommend writing up to ten things and keep your master list taped up somewhere you can see it every day.  

On the night of the autumnal equinox, be sure to leave your list (a version of it) outdoors, either in the park or on your patio where the energy of the holiday will enhance its magical properties.  You can weigh it down with crystals and herbs or sprinkle it with graveyard dirt for a connection with your ancestors for a little folk magic.

This puts the magic of your fall intentions list out into the universe so the spirit can begin to go to work on it immediately!  Be sure to leave the faerie folk, ancestors, or the fall harvest goddess of your choice an offering to make your intentions happen even faster.  

Ancestors, in particular, need nourishment in order to perform a task for you!  I recommend leaving ancestor offerings of fruit, vegetables, an alcoholic beverage, or baked goods and honey.  An apple makes a simple, straightforward offering for your ancestors during rootwork.  

Apples are in season during the Mabon holiday season, making them perfect for ancestor altars and spirit work!  For fairies, they enjoy offerings of sweet cakes, honey, and sparkling gemstones.  

If you head into the forest for an adventure, it's a great time to gather items for a holiday feast with your ancestors, the fae, and the spirits that you work with during this time of transition and balance.  You can then use those same foraged items for your Mabon altar or autumn equinox celebration!

Channeled Song for the Autumn Equinox

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A Kitchen Witch Spell for Balance During Mabon Holiday

Head into the forest for a nature walk and hunt, gather, and forage for mushrooms, acorns, pinecones, and berries to make a plant-based meal at home.  Be sure to use a plant identifier app or a plant identification guidebook so that you don't gather up anything toxic and poisonous!

The point of this spell is to create balance, as Mabon stands alone in its balance of both dark and light.  As you go apple picking or forage for mushrooms, keep in mind the type of balance you'd like to have in your life.  

Is it a work-life balance?  A balance between marriage and motherhood?  Whatever the case may be, repeat your mantra for balance in your mind as you carefully choose items for your plant-based meal.  

I recommend eating the roughage diet for the Mabon holiday celebration, even if you celebrate as a solitary green witch. Your natural food items will be freshly-picked and organic, making way for that Mabon balance you so crave!

It's a time of ridding your body of impurities and allowing natural healing to take hold in your life.  Bring your foraged food items home and be sure to wash thoroughly before cooking.  

Then, bake, cook, or grill your meal for a festive holiday Mabon celebration!  There's something very special about gathering your own food.  It brings us back to our primitive healing nature and natural state.  

Eat your food with a glass of wine or fresh apple cider and be sure to give thanks to Mabon for your forest feast!  Repeat your mantra for balance as you eat your dinner and drink your wine.  You can do this alone or in a gathering!

3 - Ways to Celebrate Mabon

  1. Spend time in nature - Take a walk on the fall equinox to connect with the magic of nature and the fae that live there!
  2. Create a small outdoor forest feast - Invite a few friends and family over to celebrate the magic of fall with you or if you feel more comfortable, making it a witch's invite-only gathering, in which case, you can make it a potluck!
  3. Decorate with woodland-themed items - Visit a real pumpkin patch, add a string of fall leaf garland to your naturally shed deer antlers, or fill a faux animal skull with a fall bouquet of flowers!

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