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Using Shadow Work in Green Witchcraft: Your Dark Half


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This is a blog post on how to use shadow work in green witchcraft and get in touch with your dark self! It's time to bring out another side of you, that part of you that lives in the dark recesses of your mind. This darker shadow self is necessary for your personal growth as a witch.

As we begin our journey into green witchcraft, we're often told not to waste our time with dark magic. There's something taboo about crafting hex spells and banishing or binding people from your life. As you grow as a witch, you begin to turn toward the dark side of things.

We might start out with working spells during the baneful moon phase. This is the time period where the moon is waning in energy, making it the perfect time to do curses, banishing spells, and binding spells. It's also the perfect moon phase in which to do shadow work and getting in touch with your dark self!

We begin to realize that the dark half of ourselves is just as important as the light side of things! We can't have the light without the dark and vice versa.

What is shadow work?  Shadow work is where you work on the dark, recesses of your mind.  It's where deep, dark secrets hidden in your psyche come out to play.  

Our shadow self can be found during astral traveling and transcendental meditation and what you see isn't always pretty.  I faced my shadow aspect head-on recently and I was disgusted by what I saw.  

I saw myself in the astral realm in the middle of a graveyard with my headstone engraved.  I was screaming and bleeding at first, but by the time I left, I could tell parts of myself were healing and being integrated.  I began to look less ugly and more like myself.  

The shadow self, once you meet him or her, is different for everyone.  Some people have shadow selves that aren't so horrific looking, while others have a shadow self that is gory.  The important thing is not to let it frighten you when you meet it.

You might be surprised by what you see, but don't let fear overcome you.  Meeting your shadow self is an advanced-level witchcraft technique that requires going within.  

Always be sure to ground your energy afterward!  This is important because you don't want to bring back any space junk or debris with you from the astral plane.  You don't want any malicious spirits to follow you home upon returning.

Once you open the door, you'll want to make sure to shut it once your integration is complete.  This is why taking an animal familiar with you on your journey is so vitally important!

Even when you visit the fairy realm, you want to be sure to close any fairy portals behind you.  We have to keep our world and our energy separate for astral visits and flying the hedge with hedge witchcraft.

If you don't feel ready to meet your dark self yet and this is all new for you, that's okay too.  It's better to wait until you're prompted by the universe.  You'll know when it's the right time for you!

The important thing to note here is that you are getting to know your darker half and you're forming a relationship with him or her.  You can do that by creating a shadow work journal and casting dark magic spells that resonate with you.  

It's about taking control of your life and inciting personal power from deep within.  You might have to face your fears, as well as some ugly things about yourself, but you'll be better for it.  Let's dive into how you can get to know your shadow self, shall we?

Using Shadow Work in Green Witchcraft: Your Dark Half

To begin working on your shadow self, write down some ugly truths about yourself.  I'm talking about your deepest, darkest secrets that you wouldn't even want your best friend to know.  

It's better to get them out in the open so you can work on them.  We can't fix something if we don't acknowledge its existence in our life.  The first step is admitting what your problem is.  

You can keep this in a private shadow work journal and keep it hidden where no one else can see it but you and your spiritual team.  This will give you something to look back on to see your personal growth over time.  

The next step, which is completely optional, would be to tell all your dark, dirty secrets to a dark goddess.  I'll be touching on a few of these dark triple goddesses throughout this article to help you get started.  

All you have to do is head into your local park for a nice, long hike and pour your heart out.  You can do this in your mind, that way, a passerby won't hear you spilling your guts, so to speak.  

Sharing your darkest secrets with a goddess is the quickest way to connect with a goddess!  They are very much about, I'll show you mine if you show me yours.  

The goddesses won't judge you or punish you for any secrets you share with them.  They don't use it as fuel for the fire.  They will simply listen and step forward to try to help you in any way they can.  

What this does is begin the healing process!  This is your first step towards embracing your shadow self and integrating it into your daily life.  

There's something healing about releasing a secret that no one knows in a healthy environment where you don't fear judgment.  We all have things in our past that we're ashamed of or would do differently.  

Some things that might come up for you might be addictions (drug, alcohol, gambling, sex addictions, etc.), dark secrets of the past, a bad past-life experience, fear-based thoughts, and ego-based emotions.  Opening up to a goddess acts as a catalyst for change and transformation!

Dark goddesses, in particular, are well-known for change, transformation, and destruction.  Sometimes the old way of doing things has to be brought to a natural end so we can build it back better.  

Confronting a problem head-on with a goddess brings healing and closure to the issue.  It may be triggering and painful for you, but it's the only way to get in touch with your darker half.  

By now, you might be thinking, why would I want to get in touch with my shadow self?  This sounds painful!  You want to embrace your dark half in order to become a more experienced, well-rounded green witch.  

Once you begin to let things unfold, you might begin to have a penchant for working with poisonous plants or performing spells that create boundaries and protection around you.  Perhaps you'll open yourself up to breaking hexes passed down from your ancestors or you'll develop a passion for graveyard magic.  

You never know where this path will lead you!  You could end up healing childhood wounds and trauma or developing a close, personal relationship with a spirit who has passed on.  

The important thing is to let this dark magic take you where it wants to go!  It's not about the destination, but rather the journey to becoming fully and completely you.

Dark Goddesses For Shadow Work

Here is a list of dark goddesses I recommend working with to get started!  Dark goddesses are different than light goddesses in that they veer toward the dark side of things.  They have no fear and are all about personal power and inner strength.  

In addition to working with goddesses, as you advance, you might encounter new spirits along the way.  It's not uncommon to make friends with a poisonous plant and make it your plant ally.  You might find yourself doing spirit work at your favorite graveyard or working with the dark fae.  

Whatever your poison, I believe you'll gain a lot of knowledge and wisdom from doing shadow work!  You'll manage the unpleasant things in life with tools and resources you didn't know were available to you before.  

For example, maybe there's someone you need to banish from your life, but before doing shadow work you didn't know that was an option.  I'm here to tell you it absolutely is and you should experience it yourself when a situation calls for it!

Without further ado, here are your dark goddesses!  Use your witch's intuition to guide you.  Does anyone on the list resonate with you?  Trust first impressions!

Dark Goddess List  
I hope this small list is helpful in your journey into discovering your secret, dark self!  Remember that working with goddesses is completely optional, as not all witches work with the goddess-head.  Find what works best for you!

Shadow work can be scary, but extremely helpful in removing caveats from your life.  This can be anything from a lack mentality (which can interfere with money magic) to a past-life regression you are in dire need of healing from.  

Even if you're not at the intermediate or advanced level in your craft, you can still gain something from initiating your experience with the shadow self.  This is where healing happens and takes root, and you'll grow together with all parts of yourself fully integrated, like putting mosaic tiles together to create a picture.  

Take your time with shadow work and don't do anything you are uncomfortable with until you feel ready.  The universe will be there to prompt you forward to take the next step when it's time!  Thanks for reading, friends! xo 
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