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Why the Root Chakra is My Favorite Chakra

root chakra activation with a bright yellow caterpillar against yellow flowers in the springtime in Florida

This is a blog post on why the root chakra is my favorite chakra! You might be surprised to discover that it's associated with the fairy realm, stability, warmth, comfort, and home.

These are just a few of the reasons why this grounding chakra stands out to me! This is the perfect chakra to activate when you need to ground your energy after performing a green witch spell or a full moon ritual.

Along with the root chakra being connected to the fairies and elementals, the reddish-orange chakra is also associated with rootwork and working with the ancestors.  This is because both the fairies live on the part of the astral plane that is physical.  

As a fairy shaman, I work with the root chakra the most.  The root chakra allows you to keep one foot on the physical earth while dipping your toes in the realm that is closest to earth on the astral plane.  That realm is also known as the fairy realm or the land of the fae!

What this means is that it has the pure potentiality to assist you in doing rootwork, earth magic, and working with herbs and plant allies on a deeply spiritual level.  As a green nature witch, this is the chakra that you'll want to gain access to on a regular basis.  

The root chakra became my favorite chakra when I began spending more time in nature after a traumatic event!  After that, it was as if my third eye had opened and my root chakra vision became larger than life.  

Suddenly, I could see things I hadn't been able to see before.  For example, I could see faces in trees and the gnomes or tree elves that lived in them.  I would see glints of fairies out the corner of my eyes and sometimes would pick up on the face of a gnome, pointed hat and everything, inside a tree hollow.  

Trees are magic!  Trees hold the divine secrets of the earth, as well as ancient wisdom.  Working with the root chakra energy healing also means working with tree spirits.

This is because the root chakra holds a special connection with mother earth.  The gnomes, faerie folk, and elves all live there.  The earth goddesses I work with on a regular basis live there too.  Many of them are fairy queens with special abilities and sacred gifts.  

I invite you today to spend more time in nature!  Spending time with mother earth will assist you in slowing down, smelling the roses, and enjoying the little pleasures life has to offer.  

With the root chakra in a full alignment, you'll feel more calm, centered, and balanced.  You'll be able to handle any wrench that life throws into your plans.  It will also create grounded, stable energy within you, that makes you feel more at home with yourself.

When the root chakra becomes out of alignment, you'll experience problems with the home, safety, money problems, and more!  It can really wreak havoc on your life when this chakra is not balanced and stable.  This is why grounding your energy on a regular basis is so vitally important to the lifestyle of a green witch.

 When the root chakra is balanced, you'll feel a feeling of calm, stability, and well-being.  The money will be flowing, the home will become a refuge and safe haven from the world, and your sense of safety is increased.  

I love the root chakra and the root chakra loves me!  This is one of the mantras I use on a daily basis, especially when I'm taking an enchanted walk in the forest.  It gives me a feeling of well-being and safety.

Why the Root Chakra is My Favorite Chakra

Here are some of the reasons why the root chakra is my favorite chakra!  The lower chakra anchors me to the earth while helping me to keep my footing in the fairy and ancestral realm for a magical day.  There's not a day that goes by where I don't play with everyday mundane magic.

Connection to Ancestors - The lower chakra creates a link from our earthly realm to our ancestors.  Believe it or not, they are much closer than we think they are.  They live on a physical plane of existence close to the earth, giving us a backstage pass to their powers and infinite wisdom.  

Connection to the Fairy Realm - The root chakra creates a direct passage to the fairy realm, giving us access to the nature spirits.  As I see it, the root chakra is a fairy portal in which we can slip into the land of the fae effortlessly.  

Rootwork - The chakra that lies in the pelvic area holds a direct link to practicing rootwork and becoming adept at it.  Rootwork is about working with the entire plant.  The seeds, the stem, the petals, everything.  With rootwork, you waste nothing!  Rootwork is about getting to the root of the problem using spellwork.  

Earth Magic - If you want to practice earth magic, which is magic using the earth element, then you need to work within the confines of the root chakra magic.  Earth magic means using tools and natural resources derived from mother nature.  This includes working with crystals, herbs, and plant allies in your green witch magic.

Herbal Magic - The art of herbal magic is in its direct route to the root chakra!  Herbal magic is where you work with herbs and plant allies in your spells.  You work with herbs and plant life for both their medicinal properties, as well as their magical properties, making it an essential part of your craft.  

Folk Magic - Folk magic, also known as graveyard magic, is best known for its connection with the root chakra and performing rootwork to cure a problem using a spell.  Folk magic is also associated with working with ancestors and doing spirit work with the dead.

Hedgewitchery - Hedge witchcraft is the perfect example of bringing the root chakra to work with you!  For a hedgewitch, the home is where her magic lies, and she uses her hedge of herbs and plant spirits as a shield of protection.  In turn, she uses those same herbs and plants to ride the hedge and walk between worlds as a shaman by flying the hedge, which is a form of astral travel.  The magical home of the hedgewitch is anchored to the earth through the root chakra, that way, they can keep one foot on earth and one foot in the astral realm.  

Archangel Ariel - The Archangel Ariel is my patron archangel, meaning she holds a sacred space in my heart and in the root chakra, where she grounds my energy into the earth realm.  She inspires me to spend time in mother nature and to perform hiking spells and nature altars there, thus grounding and activating my energy at the same time.  

The Roughage Diet - The root chakra is associated with the roughage diet, which is a nature-based diet.  It's not uncommon to forage for mushrooms and natural food items when you work with the root chakra energy healing.  You might find yourself craving root-based vegetables that come from the ground, like kinfolk-style carrots, potatoes, and mushrooms.  Try the magic of the roughage diet to keep your root chakra in check!

Homespun Magic - Generally speaking, the lower chakra is associated with keeping a roof over your head, making you feel safe and secure, and assisting you in paying your bills on time!  It's also the chakra meant for making you feel warm and loved, as it is associated with family.  It's the chakra you want to keep healthy, as an out-of-balance root chakra can cause familial problems and unexpected household expenses and setbacks.  

The Root Chakra for Home and Family

The root chakra is best known for its association with home and family!  This is one of the many reasons why the lower chakra is my favorite.  My family members are my best friends.  

If family and friendships are important to you, this is the chakra you most want to keep in gear.  It keeps the household running while simultaneously creating peaceful relationships in your life.  

The lower chakra effects things like your ability to put food on the table and keep a roof over your head.  It can make a deep impact on your relationships with family members or the roommates who live with you.  It can aid you in making a house a home and creating an ambiance!

In my opinion, it is the most vital chakra for keeping your household expenses in check!  It keeps the home fires burning in relationships and can add passion to your sex life, as it sits in the pelvic region, and is associated with the sex drive and sexual desires.

I recommend visualizing the root chakra like a fireplace burning in the pit of your home, in the heart of it.  Try to do this visualization at least once or twice a week.  See the flames in the fire and feel the warmth as the fire grows.  

This will keep the root chakra healthy and in alignment with your highest self.  Whenever you have trouble with anything money or household-related, you can always call on the Ariel angel to keep things running smoothly!

The Root Chakra and Archangel Ariel: Angel of Nature and Fairies

It's important to keep a healthy root chakra!  To keep your root chakra in tiptop shape, you might want to work with the Archangel Ariel for a natural remedy and energy healing.  

You can do this by cleansing and activating the root chakra with Archangel Ariel.  This nature-based angel is a powerhouse for keeping a healthy root chakra and can be quite helpful when you need to ground your energy after performing a spell or enchantment.  

After performing any kind of spellwork or having a magical day, I often call on Archangel Ariel to ground my energy.  Otherwise, my energies can become scattered and I can't sleep that night.  Doing spellwork soaks up a lot of energy, creating an imbalance in the root chakra.  

Therefore, it's important to call on the angel after crafting spells to ground your energy into fine cinnamon and nutmeg powder.  Speaking of spices, I would also recommend working with cinnamon, nutmeg, and sage powders to ground your energy.  

Below, I've included an overnight spell that can work on a metaphysical level to cleanse and activate the grounding chakra while you sleep and dream.  This spell may induce dream premonitions or a connection to the fairy realm or the ancestors while you sleep.  

Ground Your Energy Overnight Spell With Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Sage 

You can place your herbs into an herbal envelope spell or mojo bag for overnight healing.  Be sure to add some crystals to your spell bag or envelope and put your intention into it.  Keep it under your pillow every night for healing and grounding while you sleep.  

Cinnamon:  Cinnamon spice is fast-acting, adding great speed to your grounding energy spell!  Cinnamon also creates a grounding atmosphere in which to sleep, as it eases your mind from worries and cares.  One of the things cinnamon can assist you with is easing your mind about money troubles while you sleep, creating a prosperity mindset.  It's an open, expansive herb for energy grounding!  It even creates a worry-free zone when it comes to your love life and relationships, all of which are things that can keep you up while you are trying to sleep.  

Nutmeg:  Nutmeg creates a warm, inviting energy of safety and relaxation into your life.  Nutmeg is a lucky herb, creating feelings of groundedness as a daily staple in your life.  It's a great herb to have around during the holidays and is great for traveling to faraway places to visit long-distance friends and relatives during the winter holidays.  Nutmeg herb also has the potent power to eradicate any ill feelings during the holiday season, making you more grateful for what you have and who you have in your life.  

Sage - Sage is the ultimate protection herb!  It can be used to put up boundaries and protection, which will deter any lingering spirits from interrupting a peaceful sleep.  In addition to that, sage grounds your energy, and it banishes, binds, and hexes things if you wish it to.  This makes sage powder a powerful ally to ground your energy and align you with the root chakra while you sleep.  Sage can be used in baneful moon spells, where the moon is decreasing in its energy instead of gaining momentum.

Root Chakra Gemstones 

Garnet - Garnet is known for manifesting your dream into reality using the physical, earthly realm.  It's also known for its potent passion power in the bedroom when you feel your sex appeal is on the fritz or when you feel like you've lost your spark when it comes to your career and work.  

Red Jasper - Red Jasper gemstones are known for their grounding, healing properties, making them the ideal crystal for hiking magic!  In addition to that, red jasper is known for kundalini awakenings and twin flame relationships, making it the perfect crystal to work with during a spiritual awakening.  

Black Obsidian - Black Obsidian is great for grounding your energy while simultaneously protecting it!  This proves to be especially important if you're an empath.  Empathic people are extremely sensitive to other people and their environment, often picking up the energies of others.  The black obsidian will soak up the energies from toxic people and toxic situations, keeping things in balance for the magical person.  On a side note, the obsidian crystal must be cleaned regularly!

Black Tourmaline - Black tourmaline is a root chakra cleaner!  It will regularly clean and clear the energies in the air, as well as transmute negative or dark energies into love and light.  It's a powerful friend and protector of the base chakra!

The Magic of the Root Chakra

The magic of the root chakra is that it keeps a well-balanced lifestyle for the green witch!  It keeps things running smoothly and assists you in the practical magic of daily living.  

With time and practice, you'll be able to access the root chakra for healing deep emotional wounds and trauma, as well as to bridge the connection between the earthly realm and the fairy realm.  Being a nature witch means working with the elementals to create new patterns in your life.  

The root chakra is my favorite chakra as a green witch!  It makes so many things accessible and easy for me to find, whether it be finding natural resources or creating my next magical remedy.  Thanks for reading, friends. xo
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