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Working With Plant Allies for Plant Magic and Plant Healing


A DIY ladder plant stand with succulents, monstera plants, and aloe vera plant babies

This is a blog post on working with plant allies for plant magic and plant healing! With the release of Plants By Laurali, my new shop, just around the bend, I figured now is the perfect time to start a conversation about my plant friends.

Today, I want to talk about the benefits of working with plant spirits and how they can act as a first aid kit, healing you on a deep, emotional level. This form of healing is better known as plant therapy and it can do everything from alleviating the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety to assisting you on your journey into shadow work.

Why this works?  Plants make people happy!  They just do.  Working with plant life provides you the umbrella of their healing, shielding, and protection.

This makes them a great asset in plant magic spells!  You can use them for natural remedies, herbal spells, and during moon rituals, as every plant has an astrological correspondence.  

You can even keep plants as pets!  That's what I do.  I used to have a bearded dragon lizard that died several years ago and after that devastating loss, I decided plants were a better option for me.  

You can meet my pet aloe vera plant to get a feel for what it means to be a good plant parent.  I've had Matilda, my pet aloe vera, for ages!  She goes with me every time I move house.

Plants make wonderful pets, as they keep the air clean and create an atmosphere of serenity in the home or workplace!  I find that keeping a plant in every room really maximizes their feel-good energy and positive vibes.  

If houseplants aren't your thing, you might enjoy creating plant terrariums.  I create plant ecosystems that act as a catalyst for my spellwork and natural healing energies.  In addition to that, I add in gemstones, moss, acorns, and other magical herbal ingredients that can be found in the magical herbarium for herbal witchcraft!

Plants like aloe vera are well-known for their healing properties!  You can apply aloe vera gel to scrapes and sunburns for topical healing or use them to mend a broken heart.

Aloe vera plants are also known for anti-aging and beauty spells!  The aloe vera plant health and wellness beauty spa can steer you in the right direction if you are interested in learning more about that.

You might find that certain plants resonate with you.  You might be drawn to them using your witch's intuition.  If that happens, I would trust your inner compass.

Even though I've been working with basil herb for years, I never really had the plant.  Recently, the basil plant at the local grocery store started calling out to me.  This particular plant wanted to work with me on a deeper level!

This might happen to you.  You might be in the garden department or at your local plant nursery when a certain plant speaks to you!  Always trust your gut instincts when it comes to plants.

Plants are intuitive living creatures that enjoy working with most humans, even if you don't initially have a green thumb!  Plants are there to guide you as a student in the school of life.

Working With Plant Allies for Plant Magic and Plant Healing

Working with plant allies will teach you a lot about patience, care, and understanding!  They bring out an earth mother goddess side to people like no other.

When you become a plant keeper, you learn how to have more compassion overall.  They really do have a healing, soothing effect on the human species.  

Why this works:  Plants have magical healing properties built within them and they come with a built-in nature spirit!  This means they are ensouled and ready to mingle with you.

One of the things I'll be teaching about in my new online school is how to do potted plant spells and wearable planter spells.  By transplanting your new plant ally into a pot with fresh soil, herbs, and personal effects (hair, lockets, love notes, etc.), you'll be able to build a deep, personal relationship with your houseplant.  

This is downright magical because you'll be able to create a bond between you and your plant while simultaneously crafting a green witch spell.  How awesome is that?  

It's the same kind of energy you would put into making a terrarium plant spell.  Terrarium spells allow you to put time, love, and energy into your spell while maintaining a tiny ecosystem.

Always use your intuition when working with plants!  You can sing to plants, talk to them about your problems, or even write them love notes or poetry.  Plants love when you put energy into their mini world!

They will appreciate that you made the effort!  I'm a big believer in talking to your plants, just like you would talk to your gemstones.  Plants have a way of coming up with creative solutions to your problems.

If you feel uncomfortable talking to your plants initially, you can start by playing music for them.  Plants love music!

All spring and summer, I worked on my patio, playing my plant therapy playlist that I created.  I used my intuition to build my song list and my plants responded in kind.  My whole garden is teeming with life!

Since I'll be moving to a new home soon, my plants need a refresh.  We have had a long rainy season here in Florida and I need to weed out all my plants, add fresh organic soil to their pots, and find homes for some of my baby aloe vera plants.

The good news is that my plant allies always know that I'll come back around to take good care of them!  Just like humans, they have different seasons of life.

To make a plant ally, start by spending time alone with it!  If you don't feel comfortable speaking to your plant ally out loud, speak to her in your mind.  Plants speak to us through our thoughts, feelings, and intuition.

This might especially prove helpful during the upcoming Pisces full moon and Neptune energy on the 20th-21st!  This moon falls under a water sign with Neptune adding intensity to it.  You can use these dreamy, receptive energies to work with plants!

During this moon phase, you'll be able to hear your plant through your feelings and dreamy emotional landscape.  I recommend working with water plants during this time.

Some great water plants for the Pisces full moon include water lilies, java moss, cattails, arrowhead, and pickerelweed!  These aquatic plants work great for indoor water gardens and ponds.  This is a great way to get in touch with the element of water.

Working with the plant spirits is really about working with their soul and essence.  Plants are helpful for medicinal use, as well as astrological correspondence and magical use.  It all starts with you!

Where is your intuition leading you?  Which plant resonates with you?  I would recommend starting there and building your way to a house filled with plants and love!
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