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Green witchcraft magic and working with herbs and plant magic!
Welcome to my little world! I'm Laurali and I live in a tiny, seaside fishing village in Florida where I live life as a solitary green witch. In case you were wondering, butterflies are my spirit animal and you'll find them woven throughout my blog like a flower on the vine.

As you'll soon come to find, being a green witch is really just an umbrella term for the kind of witchcraft I do. In my world, labels are interchangeable, as one day I might spend my day at home riding the hedge as a hedgewitch and another day heading to the beach to practice sea witchcraft. Green witchcraft is a story of herbs, gemstones, plant allies, and flower fairies!

A story as old as time, I've been practicing witchcraft for nearly a decade! You might enjoy my journey into green witchcraft series to learn how to begin your journey as a baby witch. What I love about witchcraft (besides everything!) is that it's always fun and interesting and there's always more to learn!

Speaking of more to learn, did you know that this blog has been blessed? I put a blessing on this blog so that it brings charms, blessings, and secret surprises to whoever encounters it and stops by for a read! There are secret, hidden places in Everyday Laurali Star that act as a goddess worship altar, a fairy offering, and a gateway to the fairy realm.

Meander through the blog and take a forest bath or walk barefoot in the grass for some earthing! Spend time exploring each moon phase with my moon and seasonal newsletter, where you'll receive a free intuitive moon reading every month. It's fun!

At the heart of everything I do, I love working with herbs and plants! Crafting herbal spells and herbal spell remedies brings me a sense of calm, peace, and belonging. 

On the fence? That's okay too! Learn how to create a DIY herbal envelope spell on your own terms then convert it into an herbal remedy.

Green Witchcraft Magic

  • Herbal Witchcraft: Learning how to work with herbs using the magical herbarium for herbal witchcraft!
  • Graveyard Magic:  Learning how to work with the magical properties of graveyard dirt and doing spirit work!
  • Hedge Witchcraft: Learning how to build an office/garden during astral travel and working within herbs, trees, and plant life!
  • Sea Witchcraft:  Learning how to work with sea magic, how to create a sea witch altar, and working with sea goddesses!
  • Lunar Magic:  Learning how to work with the lunar cycles to craft powerful spells and moon magic intentions!
  • Tarot Witchcraft: Learning to embrace your path as a powerful tarot witch and tarot reader now and in the future!
  • Faerie Witchcraft: Learning the art of faery Wicca and working with the faerie folk for elemental magic!
  • Rootwork: Learning how to work with your ancestors, practicing graveyard magic, and past-life regressions!

Life As a Solitary Green Witch: Daily Life

In my life as a solitary green witch, my day begins with a cup of coffee and a letter to the universe!  I write letters to the angels, fairies, goddesses, fairy queens, and fire-breathing dragons and burn them in my cauldron.  This helps me start my day with some instant energy healing!

Next, I do vinyasa flow yoga every single day with Goddess Parvati!  She's the goddess of yoga and changes and she's always inspiring me to take my yoga poses to the next level.  

As the day goes on, I go on daily hiking adventures in the woodland!  It is there that I create green witch altars, speak to nature goddesses, and ground my energy with a woodland photoshoot.  It's in these walks in mother nature where I clear my head and canoodle with the nature spirits.  

When I get home, I spend time in my sacred space as a hedgewitch, crafting herbal spells and remedies for friends and family.  It is here where I meditate in my tiny backyard oasis, do outdoor yoga, and spend time with my plant friends!

I often will end my day with a bay leaf and gemstones under my pillow, as well as a lavender sachet to help me sleep.  Make a wish!  Bay leaves can make your wish come true while you sleep.

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