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Hi, I'm Laurali! I live in a tiny, seaside fishing village in Florida where I nurture my plants, go hiking in the woodland, and wear flowers in my hair.


It is Said That Dragonflies Bring You Good Luck + Signs and Synchroncities
It is Said That Dragonflies Bring Good Luck
Personal Questions:

1.)  Where are you from?  I'm originally from Indio, California in the Palm Springs area.  My playground growing up was the Mojave Desert and the Salton Sea.  I've been living in Florida since 1995 and it's always going to have a special place in my heart.  It's where I've raised my kids.  It's where I grew up.

2.)  What do you do?  I work from home as a blogger and faerie shaman.  I also sponsor ethical companies, where you can shop for natural, organic vegan bath and beauty products derived from nature.

3.)  What do you like to do for fun?  Honestly, almost anything involving nature.  I love taking nature walks, mushroom hunting, and talking to my pet plants.  I guess you could say I'm a crazy plant lady.

4.)  Are you married or single?  Single!  I am looking for love though or at least open to the idea of it.  You can read about what I'm looking for in a husband here.

5.)  Where do you live?  I currently live in a tiny, seaside fishing village called Ozona, Florida.  It's a mere hop, skip, and jump from the ocean!

Faerie Shaman Questions:  

1.)  How did you become a faerie shaman?  You don't just become a faerie shaman. It's a gift you are born with.  You can read more about it here in great detail.  I will say that all shamans hear a calling and go through an intense period of self-reflection and spiritual growth.  It's like the school of life hits you with a lifetime of ancient wisdom and knowledge all at once.  What most people learn in an entire lifetime, the shaman must learn in a period of a decade or less.  Each healer has a unique growth spurt spiritually.  You can read about how I transformed from a caterpillar to a butterfly here.

2.)  What does a faery shaman do?  We heal people energetically.  Sometimes it's by cutting energetic chords, grounding energy, and clearing chakras.  Other times it might be more intense than that, like taking a fragmented soul and putting it back together again, piece by piece.  I am a Celtic faerie shaman, which means that I have ancestral roots in it.

3.)  How do you make money as a faerie shaman?  I make money through sponsorships and affiliate links by working with ethical companies that are either locally grown, vegan-friendly, or never leather!  As a spiritual teacher, I'm also working on teaching classes in the nearby future.

4.)  How do you know if you've been called to be a shaman?  The experience is different for everyone, but there is a definite calling.  It has taken me many years to even admit that's what I was to myself.  It's basically like a coming out experience, where you worry about acceptance from society, friends, and family members.  Eventually, the calling will get so strong, that you'll be forced to acknowledge it out loud.

5.)  Do you see nature spirits?  I am sentient, meaning I feel fairies, angels, and sometimes earthbound entities when they come around.  Each fairy, angel, and ascended master has a very distinct energy and I can easily distinguish and tell the difference between them.  I can also see them in my mind's eye, have vivid dreams or premonitions, and see sparkles and flashes of light.

6.)  What do the nature spirits look like?  The pure fairies, which are usually devas, are ancient and come in original form.  They look both ethereal and insect-like at the same time.  I've also seen gnomes, which look surprisingly like what you would imagine.  Fairies, like humans, come in all different shapes and sizes.  They come from different races and groups.  The older ones look more insect-like and pure.  The tree spirits or dryads have a dry look about them, rough and bark-like.  That includes the gnomes.  Flower fairies are tiny and light and airy.  They are probably the prettiest fairies, as they look like a flower that has legs, arms, and wings.  Mermaids are quite stunning to look at as well.  They have a sheen and usually have sparkling bronzed skin and hair that comes in bright colors like autumn red and burnt blonde.

7.)  Are you legit?  This is a fair question.  Trust me, no one would come forward as a faery shaman unless they actually are one.  We face skeptics, family, friends, loved ones, and society.  It's not something you do lightly.  So, yes I'm 100% legit.  This is the gift I was born with and I want to use it for good.

Fun Questions:

1.)  What's your favorite season?  Autumn all the way.  You can read about it here.

2.)  If you could meet anyone, who would it be?  Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts.

3.)  What's your favorite song?  The Suburbs by Arcade Fire.  Such a nostalgic song!

4.)  What's your favorite movie?  Practical Magic.  What can I say, I'm a romantic.

5.)  What's your favorite book?  The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen.

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