Hi, I'm Laurali! I live in a tiny, seaside fishing village in Florida where I nurture my plants, go hiking in the woodland, and wear flowers in my hair.


A meadow of wildflowers bathed in golden light with bees
Golden Hour inspires the magic to bloom
Features for clean living, ethical fashions, and sustainable gifts by Everyday Laurali Star!  I blog a lot, so I have a few wildly popular features that you'll love and adore that are geared towards taking a slower approach to life.

If you're into the LOA like I am, you might like my wishlist posts on how to instantly manifest what you dream of from thin air.  This is a very fairy-like quality to have!

Learn how to wear slow fashions and all about vegan beauty with my wearable nature feature!  I like working with natural beauty and botanicals to create cute fashion accessories from the natural materials of the earth.

Celebrate the seasons of life with my seasonal posts that follow seasonal shifts and changes!  Here's a sweater weather magic spell for manifesting a seasonal change.

Ready to go plant-based vegan or try your hand at a zero-waste lifestyle?  Be sure to check out my sustainability posts to learn how to nurture and care for mother earth.

Want to get to know me better?  Read my currently posts to find out what's new in my life.  It's kind of my journal for what's new in my life as well as all my hopes and dreams.

Speaking of journals, be sure to check out my nature journal for updates about observations on the nature spirits and life in the woodland.  It's a magical realism nature field guide you won't want to miss!

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