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Welcome to Moon and Seasonal! It's a free newsletter filled with moon magic and seasonal shifts by Everyday Laurali Star.

Every month, you'll receive free moon readings for every moon phase of your life! In addition to that, you'll receive exclusive content to celebrate the seasons of life with witchy holidays and equinox celebrations for everyone.  

For more than five years, I've been sending intuitive moon readings to my family through text messages.  I've received a lot of positive feedback and word of mouth through family and friends this way.  Now, you can receive this same exclusive, one-of-a-kind content right to your inbox every month!

You might enjoy reading about my sacred, mother-daughter rituals and secret family traditions to get started!  My family is what kickstarted my moon and holiday traditions and at ELS, I can't help but feel my readers are friends who are like family to me.  

This is a close-knit, small-town community.  With every email that comes to you, you can hit reply and spark a conversation with me and tell me how the current moon phase has been impacting your life, mood, and thoughts.  The planetary alignments affect everything!

With Moon and Seasonal, you'll learn how to weather the storm each month.  Every moon phase will bring you closer to the truth or another part of your spiritual journey.  The planetary shifts and alignments bring us closer and closer to our most authentic self.  

With the moon and seasonal newsletter, you'll learn how to live your life by the moon!  At ELS, I'm all about celebrating the little things in life such as equinox celebrations or a leap year. 

There's nothing better than wearing flowers in your hair for Beltane or foraging for mushrooms on a fall equinox to deepen your relationship with the faerie folk.  Whether you're a baby witch just beginning your spiritual journey or a high priestess with an advanced degree in spirituality, there's really something for everyone here!

You might enjoy reading Sweet Moon Diaries, a moon journal that I keep with impressions, moon rituals, and moon goddesses for every moon phase that comes into play.  It might even inspire you to keep a moon diary of your own!

Moon and Seasonal Readings

  • Exclusive content that is one-of-a-kind and has only been seen by family and friends before!
  • Intuitive moon readings for every full moon and new moon
  • Get a full moon rescue remedy every month!
  • Moon magic and seasonal shifts
  • Access to me, Laurali Star, by hitting the reply button on every newsletter you can spark a conversation with me!
  • Witchy holidays and equinox celebrations
  • Learn how to live your life by the moon
  • Moon rituals, moon goddesses, and moon guidance!
  • Mercury in retrograde getting you down?  Grab the Mercury in Retrograde First Aid Kit!
  • Build a relationship with the moon and learn how to honor her distinct personality for every moon phase of your life
  • Access to past issues in the archives
  • The latest blog posts
  • Learn about the magical healing properties of every astrological season.  Get Scorpio season to get started.
  • Oh, and did I mention it's free?  It's 100% free just for my newsletter subscribers!

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Please know that all of my intuitive moon readings are timeless, meaning they never go out of style.  There's information in each issue that can guide you in building your life around the moon with ease and grace!

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Moon Magic and Seasonal Shifts

Signup to get free moon readings with the Moon and Seasonal newsletter! Celebrate the moon phases with me every month, as well as witchy holidays and equinox celebrations. It's fun!